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Saturday’s gig cancelled.

Owen has again asked people not to go to the show at the Spice Of Life on Saturday. He hasn’t said why, but I’m assuming they won’t be playing there. So don’t go. But there is one at The Enterprise in August which I might have told you about before.

A new Crocketts site.

Heads up, there’s a new Crocketts site on the web.
The Crocketts Archive @ is pretty new, it was only put up today, but it looks kinda good. And they have a link to my site right at the top of the page :o ). There’s not much else to mention about it because apart from a guestbook, there’s not really much there yet, and I dunno what will be there. What kinda stuff would you put in a Crocketts arcive? If you think you know, send in your random Crocketts stuff to I’m sure he’ll apreciate it.
Oh and Elodie says she’s NOT a mad vegetarian french girl.
Coulda fooled me.

New photos.

If you visit the pictures section you’ll have a nice suprise. Thanks to Elodie the mad vegetarian french girl there are some pictures of the Kernel Krok gigs on the 2nd and 16th of July, along with some nice French captions. I’ll either figure out what they say, or just add my own. Anyway, you can see the staring Dan replacement known as Andy, and you can also just see the new Jesus, Geoff.

No electric gig?

The following is from an email by Owen regarding the gig on the 27th:

We’re pretty pissed off about the publicity with this gig, to be honest.
We’re not definitely playing. It won’t be ‘The Crimea’ if we are.

I don’t know if you know anyone else who’s planning on going to the gig, but I’d appreciate you spread the word that it isn’t wise to buiy tickets for this gig if they want to see us. Get tickets for August 6, if you want, just don’t buy for the Soho gig. Not yet.


So there you have it folks, don’t get your hopes up about that gig, but do go and see them on the 6th if you can.

More news on the new gig.

Apparantly small flyers were handed out last night with the following information:
‘the Crimea’ playing at Spice of life Cambridge circus Soho on the 27th July
Thankyou D1939 for that and why didn’t they hand out stuff 2 weeks ago :o ( i want a flyer :o (.

An electric gig?

The Crocketts could be playing an electric gig on July 27th, somewhere in Soho, acording to a post on the message board. Also mentioned is stuff about the gig last night. There was no Orgazmic :o ( but there was 1939 Returning and Bluster Boy, and a new song called Blow Job. Click on [more] to see the post.
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Another crocketts gig.

The Crocketts, or rather Kernel Krok, or posibly the Next Door Niggers, have added another date to their acoustic gigs at The Enterprise in Camden. They’ll be playing on the 6th of August, along with Jay Smith, Dom Taylor and David Celia. Another change is that the doors now seem to open at 7pm instead of 7.30. More details can be found at the Barfly Camden website, or by clicking here.

CD’s have been sent.

I’ve just send out CDs for everyone who asked for one. They sound loads better quality than I was expecting. Which is cool.

CD’s are ready.

I’ve finally got everyones orders for my bootleged CD’s together, and I should be making them tomorrow, and hopefully sending them to you on Monday.

Owen: more gigs?

Below is from an email from Owen, in reply to Jons email to Owen about more gigs. It looks like the gigs may still not happen, just like all the Klutzville ones, but if they do, I’m gonna have to start saving loads of money to go.

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Move of host completed.

I’ve finally finished moving everything to the new site. I’ve even got an error page just like the one on All I need now is the dan harris is a cunt picture. Send reviews and pictures of the enterprise gig to me and I’ll put them up on the site. Oh and I found someone selling coppies of Welsh Bands Weekly issue 9 with The Crocketts in. I’ll put a link up in the shop page in a day or two. Thats all for now. Good night.

Up at last.

I’ve spent the last hour getting all the old news stuff put up, and the past day re-designing the site. And now it looks fucking sweet. And Ady’s sending me pics of the gig :o D Now I’m tired so I think I’ll go to bed and do more stuff in the morning.

Owen posts on Bleedmusic board.

Hello Folks
Owen – 4 Jul – 01:49:32 PM

Sorry about the wait for merchandise. All the orders I got in initially will finally be in the postal system today (Thomas Bond and James Tomlinson’s orders will be the last to go). I received a few cheques fairly recently (within the last two weeks or so), and they’ll be going out next week once we finally move house. Everything’s gone out first class (except for one really big order, which went out Parcelforce), so people should have started getting their orders by now. Everyone else will probbaly get them tomorrow/saturday? Let me know if things start getting late.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gig. It was a good laugh and we can’t wait ’til the next ones. There are ‘proper’ ie ‘electric’ gigs afoot. I’ll drop everyone a line when we know the score a bit better.

Don’t know what the hell this staying over business is about. The only people who came back to our house after the gig was me, Jeff (bass player), Jamie (our steaming house mate), Joe (other housemate) and Davy after he got trashed in a kebab shop.

See you later


4th July

If anyone’s been, and I believe a few people have, is up and running. I’ve decided to keep the main domain as the Crocketts site, so far I’ve got an index bar, the main page, the shop and a nice new news page, powered by Greymatter, that you’ll all be able to add comments and stuff to. It’s gonna take a while to move everything, which means I’ll be spending less time on this site.
As for Tuesday, I still dunno how I managed to get myself there in the first place, let alone having half of The Crocketts sit down next to me. If anyone was concentrating through the whole thing, send me a review and I’ll put it up on this site.

2nd July

2nd July
Today’s the day.

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