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Cancelled gigs.

Just incase you got your hopes up, The Crocketts are not playing at The Boat Race, or rather they may be but it’s not the real crocks, and don’t bother turning up at the Dublin Castle unless you just wanna wander around Camden all night.
If you’re confused, I had a couple of unconfirmed gigs up on the gigs page, but the one in Cambridge isn’t The Crimea, although it is someone called The Crocketts who have nothing to do with The Crimea, and the one in Dublin Castle in Camden isn’t happening. So don’t go to either.
Although do go to one of the Barfly venues in London, Cardiff, Sheffield or Glasgow when The Crimea tour them in November.

Guess who’s back? + Mailing list update.

Mailing ListLong Live The Crimea
The Crocketts are all but back to they’re (almost) chart topping ways, with new members, new gigs, a new name, and a single and tour coming up.
Clicking [more] will make you a very happy Crimea fan.
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New stuff.

The Crocketts are playing at The Boat Race in Cambridge, but it may or may not be the real Crocketts, I don’t see why they’d change their name again.
I added more links today, some reviews and some more sites. And while I was looking for new sites, I came across a band called Borcyn, a welsh band existing from 1993 to 1997. And guess who their drumemr was? Owen Hopkin. There’s some links to info on them in the new Other Bands links page. Thats all folks.

Updates and competition.

The news page has been fixed, and the archives page is working again.
Everyone’s fucked off to reading/leeds, they better make sure they see The Moldy Peaches.
I’m going to see The Crimea on september 11th :o ).
And I’ve got a little competition for you all, well i’ve got the prizes sorted out, not much but what do you expect for nothing. I just need to wait for the right time to start it.


The Utopia mp3 link is now working, after someone kindly informed me that it wasn’t.
I’ve added lyrics for the Host (Live At Morfa Stadium) CD.
More info on Joe – He looks nothing like Jesus, he’s got really short hair, he’s a nice guy and he’s always in a good mood. According to Elodie he is anyway.
Oh and, contrary to what is being said on, although I do have up to date news, the other site doesn’t have me as a webmaster, so get yourselves over there.

Hello & good morning to Joe.

Well, news travels fast, and The Crimea have dropped Geoff in exchange for one of their flat mates, Joe. I should have a picture of him soon, but at the moment all I can tell you is he’s 6ft7 , 20 years old, dark hair, and is believed to be single.
Most of that info’s from Violent Heaven’s Crocketts Club.

New bass player.

Rumour has it that The Crimea have a new bass player again. Dunno anything else, Geoff could have left, or they could be a fivesome. Either way it’s only eighteen day’s until they play again, and I should know then what all this is about. I just hope Andy doesn’t leave, he’s funny, and I wanna see some jumping on keyboards :o ) .


If you’ve noticed a lot of stuff’s gone missing from the site, it’s not an accident. Someone just got a liiitle mad at me for some stuff about them on the site, so, as I can see more people getting mad at me if the site was left how it was, I’ve taken off anything involving anything other than The Crocketts and any personal views off the site, except from on this news page. It may all come back in time though.
Hopefully the world is now a happier place and this site will stick around for a while longer. looks like it will have a load of content when it’s done, so head over there. The one thing it looks like it won’t have is a lyrics section. Maybe I should just go back to being The Crocketts : Song Lyrics and be just that, a lyrics site. People take too much notice of all this talking and reviewing crap.


I’ve finally got back from Coventry and got myself together.
All the photos from tuseday’s gig are up in the photos section. I’ve finished my review of the nights happenings and it’s up in the info/review section. The gigs have been updated, so far there’s 2 confirmed electric gigs. All I need to do now is think of a new name for the site.
One last thing, Owen really does read this site alot,… hi *nervous smile* :o S. If you get a check from me through the post, just kinda share it out with the band. I started a little business venture on behalf of your fans. There’s no frogs involved, but it still generates a bit of cash, and… well… I promised I’d send the money on to you.
:o ( when is Holly gonna come and make a new site so this one goes back to being underground, and I don’t have to explain stuff to the crox, and none of you have to read all this shit. I want Holly back :’(.

Last Night’s Gig.

Sorry for no really recent updates, I’m stuck in coventry with no way to update the site, apart from the news section.
There’ll be a proper review up soon, along with some very nice pictures of the nights happenings.
If anyone else would like to send me photos (mainly because mine are pretty bad) or a review, contact me at , just don’t send any photos there, I’ll send you an alternative address for them.

A mystery guest.

Click on [more] to view an email I recieved from Owen, detailing what crock stock has sold out, and something about a mystery guest.
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The Crimea @ Cardiff Barfly

Further searching has found that The Crimea are headlining a gig at Cardiff Barfly on September 7th at 7.30pm with The Way and Silversea as support. Its another gig I’ve heard nothing about, but if you wanna buy tickets, they’re ?4 in advance and can be puchased here. Ticketweb says it’s an 18 plus show, but you could probably get in even if you’re not.

The Crinea?

On September the 11th of all days, an unknown band going by the name of The Crinea will be playing at a place called the Camden Barfly.
Now this may not seem too intresting at first sight, but acording to Ticketweb, they’re actually “Crinea (ex Crocketts)”. Turns out The Crocketts either have a fourth new name, or someone’s got really crap spelling (Davey?). The barfly website has them as headliners, with Kidd Dynamo and Left Front Tire as support. Tickets are ?5 in advance and can be purchased here, but I’d wait until Owen mentions something. For the moment I have the show up as an unconfirmed gig on the gigs page, but I’ll change that if I here more about the gig. Also, if anyone is in Camden Barfly @ The Monarch in the mean time, there’s a few posters advertising the gig that would make nice little bedroom decorations. Not that I’m suggesting anyone goes nicking any. Or that you send me a scan of said nicked poster. That would just be wrong.

The Crocketts morph into The Crimea

Anyone on the Crocketts mailing list should, well, be reading this. Click on [more] to find out why I’m extremely happy. And by the way, the new name is now The Crimea.
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I got some more photos from Elodie, they’re in the kernal krok @ the enterprise 26.07.02 album. I’ve also put in the proper photo for the on something promo, and I put some nice borders around stuff on the first page. Only 5 day’s left till the next gig, and I might even be able to go. If anyone else is going, take a camera, take loads of photos and i’ll put them on the site. That’s about all for today.