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Crimea sightings.

The Crimea are popping up all over the place in the press, including this weeks Kerrang! magazine and on the PlayLouder site here (something to do with the ITC event). And you may just have time to see em play in the Witchwood tonight. But you’ll have to be quick. So what are ya waiting for, run run run to The Witchwood. Quick. Quicker… or you’ll miss them. Well, there’s always Aberysytwyth tomorrow night.

Monarch photos from Elodie.

Elodie’s photos of the Monarch gig have been added.
Can someone enlighten me as to why three of the Klutzville mp3s have been downloaded about 70 times each, and yet Opposite Ends has been downloaded 370 times? I know it’s the best song but cumon… I’m gonna have to take it down if it gets any worse.

The Crimea @ Radio 1

The Crimea have a tiny little mention on the Radio 1 site. *yey* They’re in the news page of the Welsh Alternative session page, mentioned in the ‘In The City’ bit and in the ‘News in brief’ section. If you can’t be bothered to go to the link below, this is what it says:
The Crimea are Davey Crockett and Owen Hopkin, formerly in the Crocketts, and they play one of their first gigs at Barfly Cardiff on 7 September.
Also mentioned are The Keys, better known as Murry The Hump.
To see what all the (minor) fuss is about, click this link


There’s a competition up for signed versions of the two 1939 Returning CDs. There can only be one winner, and you’ve got till October 8th to give yourself a chance of being that person. Details of the comp can be found by clicking the [More] link.
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ITC radio.

If anyone’s near Manchester tonight, tune into 106.2FM to hear ITC radio. I’m not sure, but they may play clips of the unsigned bands playing, in which case The Crimea may turn up on your radio. And if they do, make sure you record it onto tape. Or you could just go to the gig. It’s free. Yey. Goodnight.

Site updates.

I’ve put up something about the Monarch gig on the review page, so far there’s no picture with it.
Someone asked me to put up Davey’s TGBR song meanings from for them, so as it’s the one thing I actually have from the site, they’re in the info section.
And I’ve been trying to redisign the main page as it’s getting a bit cramped. I didn’t succeed. So if anyone wants to do it for me, feel free. Remember it has the menu bar at the side.

Cardiff photos + Stuff.

Photos from the Cardiff Barfly gig are up, thanks to Elodie.
If anyone sees themselves in a photo and wants their face blanked, just email me about it.
For anyone who hasn’t heard, Davey’s given up drinking because he doesn’t like forgetting stuff. The side affect is that there’s no more jumping around.
Davey keeps changing the names of songs, even the band can’t keep up with the latest titles. Dunno what the hell I’m gonna do, maybe just make a list of aliases, and make up my own names.
I need a disguise, if anyone has a spare bunny costume, I may stand out less.
Anyone notice what Joe had written on his left knuckles at The Monarch gig?
And.. uh… I hate loads of people looking at what I’m writing. Fuck off. All of you. Ha. Bye bye.

Monarch photos.

The photos I took at The Monarch last night are up on the photos page. Others should be coming next week. Would anyone like to take over a Crimea fan site?


Turns out lots of people were trying to find me last night, if just to see how much of a looser I am. In which case they shouldn’t have been too dissapointed. That’ll teach you not to go searching for random web people. But would whoever it was that told everyone who I was please not do it again. It’s starting to get like going to school. Not something I wanna be doing too much.

The Crimea @ The Monarch

So much to do, so little time….
Went to see The Crimea last night, so I’ll write something about it as soon as I can. Also got a few pictures, they’re better than the last ones I took at The Enterprise. Other people are sending some too. Thankyou. And if anyone wants to send a proper review, e-mail me about it.
There’s also photos of the Cardiff gig coming v. soon, and someone’s offerd to send photos of a load of other gigs.
Oh, and there’s a little cometition coming up in about a week.
Bye bye.

The Crimea @ Ruffworld.

The Ruffwold site has some information on the ITC event, which The Crimea are playing at. They have a whole page on the band here and there’s info on the gig, along with a nice photo of the band and some streaming audio of Who Knows, now called White Russian Galaxy. If you can’t get it to play, click on [More] and follow the instructions.
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Lyrics from Joe.

Well as I’m so bad at this figuring out lyrics stuff, Joe’s helped me out :o ) thankyou. Click [more] to see the email he just sent me.
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Site stuff.

Once again I’ve messed up this news page, sorry for anything that’s not working. I backed up the settings but it’s gonna be two weeks before I can get at it, so you’ll just have to make do with white pages and broken links for the meantime.
Lyrics to Milk & Honey have been added in the unreleased demos lyrics page, though I shouldn’t have bothered as there’s not much there that makes any sense.

Reviews are back.

Ok, I thought they were slightly intresting, so I’ve put back the reviews, though slightly eddited. There’s also some more band for you to check out on the other bands page. And hello Joe Udwin who’s put a comment on the site about Owen’s name spelling. You aren’t thinking of growing your hair by any chance are you?