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Crimea sites and Single set-back.

After half a year of waiting, I’m no longer the only updated Crimea/Crocketts site on the web. Two more have recently arived, and one of them looks very nice indeed.
The Crimea Yahoo Group
Yahoo! has another crox related group, this time it’s the Crimea in the title. A nice alternative for anyone annoyed with the old message board’s loading time, and you can add your photos of the band to the site. There’s only six members so far, so get over there and sign up.
The Crocketts Archive
Ok, this site’s been up a while, but it’s no longer the Crocketts archive, and is now based around The Crimea. And is it ever a good looker. The band may finally adopt an official site out of this one, and then I can fade into the background again. And the Woman magazine article can make a comeback too. You can visit the site through the above link, or through the shorter address of
Single Set-Back
Thanks to the new Crimea Yahoo! group, someone’s been telling everyone about a drunken chat he had with Owen Hopkin. Apparently Owen told him the new single will be out on the 25th :o ( but it will be available in most good independant record shops around the country. If anyone in Leeds or York fancies getting their hands on the single, I’d suggest camping outside Jumbo Records/Track Records all night on the 24th as I personally will be buying every copy I come across.

LWOA on the SBN playlist.

Ok, Popex has been saying it for ages, and now I finally know what it’s going on about.
The Crimea are on the SBN playlist!!! To be exact, Lottery Winners On Acid is on the C playlist for the week beginning 28th October 2002, meaning radio play throughout the country on many a student radio station. Click on [More] to the see the playlist for 28/10/02, or to see the current playlist, click on the following link…
Visit to get more info on SBN, and to listen to SBN radio online.
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Lots of updates.

Gee, have I ever been a lazy boy. So, Kerrang! magazine is out NOW with a nice review of The Crimea in. It’s in the Live Reviews section, and there’s a nice big picture of Davey and Andy, while they’re given 4 out of 5 for the reviewed gig at Dublin Castle on October 1st 2002. It really is a great review, so get a copy now, it’ll be in shops until this Friday. If you miss it, click here to see the article.
Tina Mcclelland has finally uploaded her pictures of The Crimea to her site at They were taken at the Black Lion in Salford on September 16th 2002 where the band were performing for the ITC Unsigned event. There’s a large review of the gig in the reviews section, and a small review of the same gig at the Honk – Welsh Music On-Line site. Click here for that review, or click on [More].
Lucifer’s been shipping out copies of ‘Woman’ magazine to a few lucky crox fans. Included is a very intresting article on Owen and his girlfriend taking part in an ‘I Love You, But I Don’t Love That’ section involving certain items of clothing owened by the two. I’ve had orders not to reveal it, but if you can get ahold of the September 9th issue of the magazine, offer as much as you can. It’s worth it.
Last of the updates is that Owen’s emailed me about dates when they tour the country to support their new single release. As expected, they’re only playing the Barfly venues so far. Currently there’s five gigs that should be happening, and possibly another in late November. Keep checking the gigs page as I get more details on each show.
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Kerrang review.

A quick note to say that the issue of Kerrang! magazine with a live review of The Crimea in is released tomorrow. Go and buy it.

Latest news.

Lots going on in the past week.
Two more gigs coming up, one’s tonight, the other on the 23rd at Camden Barfly.
The latest e-mail from the band has an expected release date for the new single. See the post below.
Owen’s girlfriend sent me an official Crimea logo and the new single cover, both of which she designed. Look on the main page for them.
Acording to Popex, The Crimea are on the SBN Playlist. Something to do with them getting played on the radio.
And… I think that’s all. Bye bye.

Mailing List Latest

Mailing ListMailing List Latest
Click on [More] to see whats up in the land of crock.. um.. crime… uh..
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Today’s the closing date for the competition. Only about 6 entries so far.
Nim sent me her pics of the Rummers gig, so I put them up. I wrote a little review too. It’s crap. And on the reviews page.
There’s two more gigs coming up. The first is this Sunday, 13th October at The Windmill in Brixton. The second is on Wednesday 23rd October at Camden Barfly.


Aberystwyth. What a town. There’s a review and pictures up of the Rummers gig, and it was bloody great.
A couple of guy’s were wondering whether I really loved the Crox or just had a lot of time on my hands to make this site. Well I really just have a lot of time on my hands, but I still really like the crocks.
Joe’s drawn a picture of me so I’ll put it up soon, with a nice one I have of him.
Finally, barely anyone’s entered the competition. Surely the answer’s not that hard. Look at the Who Are The Crimea? page.