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Message board dissapearance

I’ve changed the message board to an old one I used to use for this site until I figure where the usual one’s dissapeared to.

Non-Crimea news.

If you’re short on time you can probably just skip this post but The Hot Puppies, the latest band out of Aberystwyth, have managed to blag themselves a space on the Radio 1 website with a couple of downloadable demos and a whole page on the band. I’ve mentioned them before so I thought I’d mention them again, the Aber connection is the only reason, the music is strange, but visit the page anyway.

Crimea update at Drowned In Sound.

An update on The Crimea has been posted on the Drowned In Sound website about the upcoming Peel Session, a new band member and some more gigs. Nothing new to regular visitors, but you can view the article here if you think it sounds interesting.

Hells Kitchen on John Peel.

The Crimea’s new best friend John Peel advertised the band’s upcoming Peel Session last Wednesday by playing Six Shoulders Six Stone (aka. Hells Kitchen) which strangely enough is the sixth different song by the band to appear on the radio. Click on [More] to see a tracklisting of the show.
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Gig review.

Another review, this one of from Twisted Revolution of The Crimea’s gig at Dublin Castle on 01/10/02. Click here or [More] for the review.
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LWOA review in Honk mag.

Welsh magazine Honk has a review of The Crimea’s current single Lottery Winners On Acid in it’s latest issue. You can read a copy of the review online at their website here or by clicking on [More].
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Owen posts at

Owen’s posted a message over at on the band’s current activities. Highlights include a list of the tracks recorded for the Peel Session (L.W.O.A, Opposite Ends, Who Knows and Forgotten), a possible trip to the USA in March and a new single in April.

Peel Session update.

The Crimea’s Peel Session is to be aired on John Peel’s Radio 1 show at 10pm on Febuary 5th 2003. Visit the Peel Show’s page here.

Site updates.

Just a load of site related updates, and a little bit of info from Owen Hopkin.
Photos from the Crimea gig at Glasgow Barfly in November have been added, thanks to Lucifer.
A diray section has been added but at the moment it just looks like a big Crimea gigography. Check it out here.
A quick guide to various incarnations of the band has been put in the ‘Who are The Crimea?‘ section.
The shop has been updated, there’s no more WBMS&W albums but there’s some very cheap James Dean-esque promos.
The Crimea should be playing somewhere in Surrey University on Febuary 11th, I’ll have more deatils on that soon in the gigs page.
Finally, the news from Owen is that “the search for a guitarist is going well” and they’ll “know by next Wendnesday who the fifth member is going to be”. A game of ‘spot the new Crimea member’ may well be going on in Surrey in a few weeks.

Lottery Winners single sold out.

According to sources close to Channelfly (owners of The Crimea’s record lable) the Lottery Winners single has completely sold out. The news was posted on Popex here. No doubt they’ll produce some more soon, so we can all buy a second, or in my case, sixth copy.

Kernel Krok returns.

The Kernel (Davey MacManus for all you newbies) is playing a solo show at The Windmill this Sunday. More details on the gigs page.

More pictures and review.

Well I wasn’t going to mention this but seeing as how half the band and their girlfriends have emailed me about it, there’s a review of The Crimea playing Cardiff Barfly on 23/11/02 up at the Playlouder site here. While I’m at it I might as well mention some extra pictures of the band that Tina McClelland has added to her site here and there’s an extra one of Owen on the Aber Arts Centre picture page.

Radio play updates.

Who Knows was apparently played on XFM’s Music:Response show yesterday evening and the band may be recording a session for the show aswell. I also just found out that John Peel’s top tip for 2003, which was broadcast around new years day, was Lottery Winners On Acid. That info’s from John Peel’s message board here and here.

Updates – Mags and Peel.

Rock Sound has a short interview with The Crimea on page nine of issue 44 of the magazine. It’ll be out until the end of the month, but you can get a back issue from or just check the press clippings section for the whole article.
The Fly also has some Crimea news in the form of a small review of their Lottery Winners single on page 47 of the latest December 2002 / January 2003 issue. You can pick up a free copy at your local Virgin Megastore of Barfly music venue.
John Peel has either been bribed by, or really, really likes The Crimea. They’re set to record a Peel Session for Radio 1 on January 16th, which should be broadcast at a later date. Lottery Winners On Acid also features as one of his reccomended songs from last month in his record box, and currently one of his most important tunes from the Radio 1 Alt record box. Click [More] to see what other songs he likes.
A gig has been planned for February 28th at The Borderline in London, check the gigs page for more news on that.
Site updates – I’ve been busy adding stuff on the band from magazines to the press clippings page, and some more pics to the other pictures page. There’s also a couple more links to other sites, and a new band for you to check out.
General rumours – Davey may or may not be in Austrailia on holiday at this very moment .:. The band are continuing thier search for a new lead guitarist, posibly to make their first appearence at the Borderline gig .:. Craig from thinks there’s a new single coming next month, though I’ve heard from a good source that he just made that up.
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