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Another Crimea track on R1? Who Knows…

The ever present John Peel did what he does best on Tuesday evening, and played another Crimea track. This time it was Who Knows, and you can view a tracklisting of the show by clicking [More], or click here and skip to 01:50:00 to hear the beggining of the song on a recording of the show. As always, the recording will be gone in a week, so have a listen a.s.a.p. if you want to hear the song.
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XFM appearance.

Music:ResponseA quick reminder for everyone to listen to XFM radio’s Music:Response show tonight. It starts at 7.00pm and The Crimea will be performing a live song at about 8.00pm. Tune to 104.9FM in the London area, listen online at the XFM website, or turn to the XFM Radio channel on digital TV (channel 891 on NTL Digital TV, 864 on Sky Digital) or on digital radio.

Flyer, cards, review and R1.

A flyer is available for download to get you in ?1 cheaper at the Crimea gig this Friday evening at The Borderline. Look on the gigs page for the download and more information on this and any other upcoming gigs.
A Crocketts We May Be Skinny & Wirey style card deck is up for sale on Ebay here. I’ve only ever heard of one person who owns a set, so it’s a nice collectors item. The price is currently ?2.86 with four days left, and if you buy it you’ll get a James Dean-Esque 7″ record too.
A review by Jonathan Birch of The Crimea’s gig at the 45 Club on the 22nd has been put up in the reviews section here.
Pictures I took of the Radio 1 Exposure Tour in Aberystwyth have been put up at There’s pics of The Keys, The Hot Puppies and Gabrielle 25 but don’t go expecting any masterpieces.

It’s all happening…

The Crimea have just played their first two gigs this year, and who was to fill the position of lead guitarist but none other than the first female band member since Hannah provided some vocals back in 1995. Giving away more than Owen wants to, Julia Parker (or Julz if you know her) has said that she’s part of the band unless she has “a huge row with anyone”. What can I say other than Kick Ass.
XFM are bringing in the band to record a few songs for the Music:Response show on Thursday 27th of this month. One song should be broadcast at around 8.00pm, and I’d listen to the rest of the show incase they decide to play anything else. You can hear XFM on 104.9 FM in the London area, through digital TV and radio or online via the XFM website.
The next series of Cable TV, available through BBC 2 Wales, will be featuring The Crimea as guests on one show. There’ll be more details posted about that later, as soon as I get ahold of some.
The Independent newspaper has given the upcoming Crimea show at The Borderline this Friday the top spot in it’s ‘Five Indie’ish Things’ gig listings for the week, putting them ahead of both the Athelete and Hell Is For Heroes gigs.
Site regulars will have noticed that the normal message board has dissapeared again. If anyone spots a decent type board that can be used as a permanent replacement, then let me know at
I’ll end with something that has nothing to do with The Crimea, as on Thursday evening I was in The Crocketts’ home of Aberystwyth, just at the right time to see three other local bands The Keys, The Hot Puppies and Gabrielle 25 do a gig for the Radio 1 Exposure Tour. There’s a review of the whole event here, and fuck me does Andy’s Records have a lot of Crox CDs for sale :o ).

More Mailing List Stuff

Mailing ListMore Mailing List Stuff
Click [More] to see the new guitarist finally revealed, and some details about another radio appearance.
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Peel Session review.

A review of Wednesday’s Crimea Peel Session can be found here, and includes details on how to listen to a recording of the show.

Important Surrey gig news.

If you’re planning on going to the Crimea gig at Surrey University Studen Union on 11/02/03 and you’re not a member of Surrey University, please read the important gig details on the gigs page.

Latest News.

The Crimea’s Peel Session will be aired TONIGHT on John Peel’s Radio 1 show, which runs from 10.00pm until midnight, and the four recorded songs will probably be spread out between the show. You can listen online via Radio 1′s website but if you miss it, you’ll still be able to hear a recording of the show on the site and I may get it on MP3 and let you download it from here. More details on that later.
Bombay Sapphire Coma made it’s radio debut on Peel’s show last night; I’ve almost lost count of the number of Crimea traks he’s played now. Until next Tuesday, you can click here to hear a recording of the show, the song starts at about 1 hour and 39 minutes in. Instead, you can download the song from the MP3 page, and have a look at the show’s traklisting on the Radio 1 website here, or click on [More].
Staying with Radio 1, and Davey’s not the only MacManus to be inhabiting the station’s studios. His sister Annie also produces the Colin Murray show, on just before John Peel’s.
And you’ll all be pleased to know that the old message board is back. Re-visit it at
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Mailing List News

Mailing ListMailing List News
A quick update from The Crimea before a proper update next week. Click on [More] to see the message.
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Crimea info on Radio 1 website.

John Peel’s Radio 1 website has been updated with info on bands performing in session this week, which includes stuff on The Crimea who will be on the show on Wednesday. Click here or on [More] to see the what Radio 1 have to say about the band. The Crimea are also mentioned in a webchat that took place with Radio 1′s newest presenter Colin Murray, where he says that a track called Isobel (Opposite Ends) is ” just blindin’ “. Click on [More] to see the rest of the comment.
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