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White Russian Galaxy artwork, MP3s and a competition.

White Russian GalaxyThe art work for the cover to The Crimea’s latest single White Russian Galaxy is now available for viewing. It’s anyone’s guess who the person on the front is, according to the band it’s just a photo they found on the bassist’s bedroom floor. At least the b-sides for the single have been confirmed, and it’s old Crocketts track La Sinoco and newcomer and crowd pleaser Girl Just Died taking up the two spare places on the CD.
The MP3 fest has begun, starting with Fred Flintstone and Isobel from the Radio 1 Peel Session up for download for the next two weeks. If you don’t want to wait for the rest, there’s a little competition running to get a copy of all the XFM and Peel Session MP3s burnt onto audio CD. Click [More] for the extra info on that.
The band have been confirmed to play at the Kerrang! Weekender on Sunday April 13th. It’s the first festival appearance for The Crimea so if you want to attend, you can buy tickets at and find out more information on the festival from the Kerrang! website.
Do Something Pretty fanzine have written a review of the DiS Vs DSP gig featuring The Crimea among others. Check out the whole review here or just read the Crimea bit by clicking on [More].
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Mailing List.

Mailing ListMailing List Mail Out
Worth a read to find out what the next single’s b-sides are going to be. Click on [More] and all will be revealed.
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Barfly flyer.

A flyer is available for the Crimea gig at Camden Barfly tomorow evening which will get you in at a discounted price of £5.00. Click here for the flyer and then right click on the image and click Print Picture.


I forgot to mention the review of the XFM session. It’s on the reviews page here and there’s also a transcript of the interview here.

Updates… at last.

So I’m sat here listening to the first Crocketts song I ever heard, and I figure it’s time to let you know what’s been going on for the past three years since then. Well, it feels that long anyway. Sorry for all the promises of an update, hell, even Owen got in before me with the mailing list. So here you go. Updates, at last.
White Russian Galaxy. Formerly titled Who Knows, the much awaited second single from The Crimea was announced on Friday through the mailing list. It’ll be released around the middle of May, and it’s coming out on the Double Dragon record label, which is yet another label I can find no info on. If you ask me, it’s just another name Davey made up for a joke, and he’s currently producing all the CDs in his bedroom, along with everything else that goes on in there.
MP3s. The stuff you’ve all been waiting for, MP3s of the John Peel and XFM radio sessions are now available on the downloads page. Currently there’s only interview and talk stuff, but all the songs will be available at some time. I’ll probably put up two tracks every couple of weeks, starting in about a week, so keep checking the site for updates.
All the links pages have been updated. There’s not much new but at least you won’t be sent to any non existent websites.
A publishing deal has been signed by Davey & Co. with Warner/Chappell Music, bringing the band much needed cash for a second set of clothes. Thanks to website local SR, you can click on [More] to find out the difference between a publishing and record deal.
The Crimea playing at The Borderline.More gigs are lined up for the next couple of months, including one this Thursday, which is part of the Drowned in Sound fanzine vs. Do Something Pretty fanzine night. As always, check the gigs page for more info. Both the DiS and DSP websites have more info about The Crimea on them, and the DiS site even has a link to the Utopia MP3 on this site to promote the band to their readers.
New photos have been put up on the site. There’s three promo shots taken of the band by Tina McClelland on the main page, and photos of the lads and all new lass playing at The Borderline have been put up on the pictures page.
A new update on the Peel Session in February. Turns out Davey’s guitar skills weren’t quite as good as they seemed, as it was actually a session guitarist they’d bought in for some extra help before gaining Julia Parker as lead guitarist. Julz is now settling into life with The Crimea, and looks to be staying with the band for as long as she wants, though continues work with her own band Project Winterhaven.
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Mailing list.

Mailing ListThe Mailing List
Click [More] for details on the band’s new publishing deal, and the title of their next single.
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Updates soon?

Yeah, I know, you’re still waiting for more updates. And I’m still sorry for making you all wait, but I’ve finally got a load of school work out of the way, giving me time to do some stuff on the site. If all goes well there should be a big update by tonight. There’s also a couple more gigs coming up, check the gigs page for info on them. As Fred Flintstone would say, Yaba Daba Doooooo…

I’m lazy.

Dunno if I’ve said it before, but I’m lazy. Sorry for the delay, and you’re gonna have to keep waiting a while, but there really will be a review of the XFM session and some MP3s of radio interviews up on the site soon. Also coming soon should be some more pictures, an update from Owen is just around the corner, and if this is your first visit to the site, don’t believe the main page. Julz is staying in the band, although she continues her work with her other band Project Winterhaven, who have just put up a new MP3 on their website.

Latest news.

From what I’ve heard of last nights gig, it looks like there was a fame filled crowd with Frank Skinner and the lead singer and bassist from Ash turning up to show their support for The Crimea. I’ve already been promised a review of the gig and should have it up soon.
If all went well yesterday The Crimea should have signed a new publishing deal, if Davey’s comments during the bands XFM appearance are to be believed. Now all they need is a new record deal and they can finally take over the world :o ).
Talking of the XFM interview, sorry I haven’t put much up on the site about it yet. Hopefully there’ll be a load of stuff in the next few days.