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White Russian Galaxy was just played on SBN radio but it was the old Klutzville version again which lots of you will have heard already.

MP3s and gig news.

Music: ResponseThe next bunch of MP3s are up and available for download. Lottery Winners On Acid and Fred Flintstone were played live on XFM’s Music: Response show on 27 March 2003. They’re slightly better quality than the Peel Session recordings so get over to the downloads section and have a listen. You can also still get the song that Davey likes to call “It’s raining financial advisers”. Forgotten will be available for the foreseeable future as the band have asked me to keep it up on the site.
Two new gigs have been confirmed. The Crimea play at The Windmill in Brixton this Sunday (4th) and at The Borderline in London on Tuesday 20th May. Make sure to check the gigs section for information on all future gigs for the band.
Owen Hopkin has said that there will definitely be a 7″ vinyl to go along with the White Russian Galaxy CD single although at the moment it’s not known whether they’ll be selling any merchandise at future gigs like they did during the LWOA release tour.

New gigs.

Seven new gig dates in June have been added to the gigs page, including the new Glasgow gig now on Sunday 15th June at King Tut’s.

No Glasgow gig & merchandise and WRG updates.

White Russian Galaxy.Owen from The Crimea has e-mailed me to say that the advertised gig at Glasgow Barfly on March 24th is NOT going to happen, but the band will be up in the city sometime in early June. He also gave me an update on the Crocketts merchandise he’s selling. The Great Brain Robbery album and the Nintendo Fallacy EP have both sold out, but you can still get these through various online second hand record shops. Check out the shop page for all the merchandise still available, and the gigs page for updates on new gigs.
The band have been mentioned in a music news section of the BBC Wales website. It’s all in Welsh so I can’t translate it all for you, but it mentions the new single and some stuff about Welsh member Owen Hopkin. To read the article, click here or on [More], and if you speak the language and can send me a translation I’ll stick it up on here for everyone.
More White Russian Galaxy updates, a couple of sites have the release date for the single as May 12th, but most still say May 19th. And SBN student radio station have now got the single on their B playlist. Click here to listen to the station online and click here or on [More] to see the current playlist B.
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The Crimea in Scotland.

If you missed The Crimea last time they played way up north, this may be of some interest to you. The Barfly website has The Crimea listed as playing Glasgow Barfly on Saturday 24th May at 8pm. More details will be put up on the gigs page when I get them.
Crimea website has a new, if slimmed down, version of the site up and running. All the content has gone apart from a nice photo taken by Tina McClelland and a little message board.
New website Crocketts Tab Center has added keyboard tab for Lottery Winners On Acid and will soon have guitar tab for Crocketts song Survival Of The Prettiest. They’re still low on Crimea tab though so get over there and help them out.

Crimea news @ DSP.

Do Something Pretty Fanzine has posted news on their site about The Crimea’s upcoming tour and single. You can view the article here.

White Russian Galaxy update.

Yesterday I mentioned Colin Murray had said the White Russian Galaxy single release date would be June 2nd. Well I’ve just had a look at the Opal Music and CD Zone websites and they’ve both got the release date as May 19th, but that that’s not all. Along with the White Rusian Galaxy CD there also looks like being a limited edition 7″ vinyl record to go along with it. Good news for everyone who doesn’t like or can’t afford CDs. Both site currently have both items up for pre-order with the vinyl at just over ?2 and the CD for around ?4. If you need it, the catalogue number for the CD is DD2008CD and DD2008 for the vinyl.

Competition winners & Radio 1.

DaveyThe winners of the CDs full of Crimea radio session tracks are Martin Hough, Craig Nunn and Sam Barker. The CDs have been posted and should arrive with you soon. Sorry to everyone who entered and didn’t win, check out the downloads section for some of the tracks which were on the CDs.
Bethan And Huw’s Radio 1 show website has some details and updates on The Crimea in the news section. Click here or on [More] to see the article. They’ve also added the recording of the rest of the Aberystwyth University Exposure Tour gig. To go along with headliners and ex-Murry The Hump band The Keys, you can now hear support bands and Aber locals The Hot Puppies and Gabrielle 25. They’re all worth a listen and as I was around the Uni at the time, I wrote a review of the gig which you can read here.
Staying with Radio 1, last Tuesday (15th April) Colin Murray played The Crimea’s new single White Russian Galaxy at the end of his show. You can see the tracklisting for the show here or by clicking [More] and if you’re quick you can hear a recording of the show here and skip to 1 hour 50 minutes to hear the start of the track. If it sounds at all familiar, that’ll be because it was exactly the same version as the one year old Klutzville Promo EP version. Now I’m not saying it’s the version they’ll eventually release, cos surely they wouldn’t release a song with band members as different from the current Crimea line up as The Crocketts line up was, would they? Well you might just have to wait till the release date to find out, which according to Colin Murray has moved to June 2nd. As they say, good things come to those who wait.
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Updates – Honk Magazine, gigs, and more.

Honk MagazineHonk Magazine’s website has an article on The Crimea recently posted on their website. Turns out the record deal they signed was with Nuxx, a spin-off from Warner-Chappel. There’s also some info on new guitarist Julz and something about a new album, so check out the article here or by clicking [More].
Gig News As revealed in the latest mailing list message, The Crimea are about to undertake a nationwide tour with The Basement, around the time of the White Russian Galaxy release. Also, if you’re going to the Borderline gig this Thursday, there’s a flyer up for download to get you in for ?6. There’s info on all that and all the tour dates so far on the gigs page.
Owen Hopkin has apparently written an article in the latest issue of the NME. It should be on page 61 and is about getting signed in the music industry. I’ve not got a copy yet but I’ll put up more details if and when I get them.
A new Crimea/Crocketts website has opened up. Crocketts Tab Center is a collection of Crocketts and Crimea tab from around the web, especially Crocketts Tab and Crocketts Musicpage. They need more tab though, so get over to and give them some support by submitting any guitar, drum, bass or keyboard tab you can think up.
The Cable TV show featuring The Crimea was show last night on BBC 1 Wales, and the band played a live version of Fred Flintstone. If you missed it, it’s on again tonight at 9.15pm on BBC 2 Wales.
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Mailing List.

Mailing ListMailing List News
The much awaited second tour looks to be all planned out. Click [More] and be happy. Unless you’re Scottish.
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Kerrang! Weekender festival details have been posted on the Drowned in Sound website and show The Crimea as playing on the Big K! Stage between 1.30pm and 2.00pm. If you’re going, make sure to take loads of pics and send me scans of them to put on the website.
The Drowned in Sound website also insists on continuing to treat the MP3s on this site as their own, even after I asked them not to. With all the extra files I’ve got up, there’s already been a few too many downloads from the site so I’ve had to move the Utopia MP3 to a different folder. If you have a download manager and were in the middle of downloading the song, you’ll need to restart the download through the link on the downloads page.
The Cable TV show on BBC 2W featuring The Crimea is also available in England through Digital Satellite on channel 961 and in Scotland and Northern Ireland through Digital Satellite channel 962. Thanks to Lucifer for mentioning that on the previous post.

More MP3s and Cable TV appearance.

Lottery Winners On AcidA month before the new single comes out, you can now download the Crimea’s Peel Session version of their last single Lottery Winners On Acid. Also available is the final song from their Peel Session, Forgotten. They’ll be there until April 22nd when some tracks from their Music: Response session will replace them. As well as these, I’ve put Fred Flintstone and Opposite Ends MP3s from the Klutzville Promo EP back up now I know neither of these will be on the next single.
The airing date of The Crimea’s appearance on Cable TV has finally been announced. The BBC 2W website has the date as Tuesday 15th April at 21:15, and says this about the show: Stuart Cable returns for some cosy chat with David Dickinson and Edith Bowman, plus music from The Darkness and Crimea. You’ll need BBC 2W, available in Wales, to view the show, so if anyone there would like to record the show for me I’d be really grateful, and could get some shots of the show up on the site.
New photos of the band have been added to the site. There’s some of them during the Monarch gig on March 25th, some old Crocketts photos from their appearance at the Day At The Races festival in Donnington in 2001, a couple of extras added to the index page of the Rummers gig photos and various things added to the other pictures section.