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The Crimea in session on XFM.

The Crimea are finally in session for The Works with Clair Sturgess on XFM this monday. I think it’ll be some recorded tracks they did just after they played live on Zane Lowe’s Music: Response show, so tune in between 9pm and 11pm on June 2nd for a nice single release present.

Peel and single release.

John Peel is repeating The Crimea’s Peel Session tonight on Radio 1 between 10pm and 12pm, incase you missed it last time.
There’s only three days left till the single release. I got hold of a copy a little early and although it’ll not be too new to Crocketts fans, I’m sure the new Crimea fans will love it cos it’s great. Oh and, make sure you check in here on the 2nd for an alternative free MP3 version of the single.

Buy WRG at Townsend Records.

Townsend RecordsThe official stockists of White Russian Galaxy, Townsend Records, are finally taking pre-orders for the CD (containing WRG, Lasinoco and Girl Just Died) and 7″ (containing WRG and Lasinoco). You can pick up either version at for ?2.99 inc VAT and ?1.50 p&p (single item) or ?2.00 p&p (both items). They’ve also still got the Lottery Winners On Acid single and Davey’s Unamazing Disgraces short stories and poems book for sale.

Crimea reviews and news.

Radio 1 Session In WalesTake a trip over to Radio 1′s Session In Wales website and you’ll spot a familiar face. Click on the picture of Davey’s face (courtesy Tina McClelland) and it’ll take you to Huw’s Choice. There you’ll find a short review of last Friday’s gig in Cardiff Barfly and if you go to the bottom of the page and select the page for 15th May, you’ll come to a review of the White Russian Galaxy single. If you can’t be bothered clicking that many links, click [More] to read both reviews on this site.
Do Something Pretty Fanzine has news on the band’s tour up on their news page.
The Crimea are listed as playing the Beautiful Days festival in Devon on August 16th. More details on the gigs page.
If you’ve wondered about the availability of the limited edition 7″ of the new single, Opal Music says there’s only going to be 1500 copies made, but most shops who’ve been asked say they’re going to be stocking it.
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Borderline flyer.

Just in time for tonight’s gig at The Borderline in London, there’s a flyer up to get you into the show for ?6.00 instead of the usual ?7.00.


The Crimea on Cable TVIn the middle of updating the whole site, I’ve just got time to give you an update on what’s happening with the band…
They’re in the middle of the WRG release tour and there’s a review and photos up of their recent appearance in Sheffield.
Tonight’s gig at the Borderline was previewed in last week’s Independent, take a look at the article here.
A scan of the Crimea article in The Fly is up on the press clippings page, with a version signed by the band while in Sheffield.
If you missed the Crimea’s Peel Session, don’t worry because it’s being repeated on Radio 1 on Thursday May 29th.
The ever changing is now a popular Crimea discussion forum for all those unimpressed by the simple message board on this site.
Screenshots of the Cable TV appearance are available thanks to D1939. Davey, Joe and Andy played an acoustic version of Fred Flintstone and I have a typically bad MP3 and video recording of the show, though I’ll still try and find some way making them available through the website.

WRG pre-orders.

White Russian Galaxy is now available to pre-order through for £3.99 or through for £2.99 where you can also pre-order the 7″ vinyl version for £2.29. And the single’s just been added to the XFM playlist.

Small WRG update.

A small update tonight before something bigger in a couple of days. White Russian Galaxy was played on Radio 1′s Session In Ireland for the first time last night, and there’s a tiny review of the Crimea at the March DiS Vs DSP gig on Linenoise. To save you the trouble of clicking the link, it says “I sat through The Crimea’s set grinning like a mad thing”. A bit like I do every gig then.

Nothing new… yet.

Just to let you all know that’s there’s a load of good Crimea stuff coming up in the next week, I just don’t have time to add loads of updates just yet, so keep visiting the site for more Crimea goodness. If there’s anyone out there that can give me a hand with the site design making it look less of a mess, get in contact and if you’ve got one, send a web address to an example of your work.

New WRG review.

The website for Welsh magazine Honk has been updated. The article on The Crimea’s publishing deal has gone and been replaced by a review of the White Russian Galaxy single. Click [More] or visit the Honk website for it.
The single has been added to BBC Radio 6′s playlist B. Click [More] or here for the current playlist and listen to the station online here.
The Hot Puppies.Two days ago I mentioned The Hot Puppies. Well tonight they’re in session on Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show between 9pm and 12pm. You can listen online, on Welsh radio or through various Digital TV and radio channels.
Another different band, The Keys have had their upcoming single Strength Of Strigs reviewed by Crimea fan Stuart Denyer, along with comments on their previous single Gurl Next Door. You can read the review on his website here.
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Kerrang! gig review.

Kerrang! - May 2003Kerrang! has a small review of The Crimea playing The Borderline on 17/4/03 on page 46 of the latest May 10th issue. A scan of the review will be up on the press clippings page shortly.
Now I’m sure that March wasn’t the last time someone took a camera to a Crimea gig. If you’ve seen them play and took pics, send them in to and they shall be up on the site soon afterwards.
The Hot Puppies. If you’ve been reading this news section long enough, you’ll know who they are. The next big band out of Aber have their debut single reviewed on the Radio 1 Session In Wales website. It’s out on June 2nd too, along with the single from another Aber originating band you may know about. They played both singles on the show aswell, mentioning the joys of female guitarists in the form of Julia Parker inwetween the two. Click [More] for the tracklisting.
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A little extra Nottingham news.

Doesn’t look like there was many of you, but for those who did attend the cancelled Nottingham gig, the following e-mail I recived today from Crimea manager Paul Flanagan may be of interest to you. Read [More] to find out why the band never turned up.
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Kerrang! fest. gig review and a guy called Peel.

Another day, another bunch of Crimea news for you all. Playlouder have a review of the Kerrang! Weekender festival in Sussex in April. The Crimea were there, they saw them play, and my oh my did they ever love them. Click here for the full review or on [More] for the Crimea bit.
I did some updates on the links pages at last. There’s now new site links and review links for you to look at.
One day I’ll get bored of posting news about a Davey MacManus fronted band being played on the biggest radio station in the UK. That day is not today. Surprise surprise, Mr Peel, also known as Uncle John to the band, gave the new single a spin last night. Hear the show recording here (WRG’s at 1:10 in), see the tracklisting here.
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THE CANCELLED NOTTINGHAM GIG So, you got your £20 worth of train tickets nice and early, got to the venue by 5pm so you didn’t miss a thing and paid £7 on the door for tickets after the door man kindly reassured you the band would be putting on a good show. Minutes later you’re listening to a band called the Open and for once people are saying “I’m sure that’s not Davey Crockett”. Well they’d be right. The venue double booked bands for the gig and The Crimea were cancelled. Hopefully not to many people went out of their way to get there but if you did, click on [More] to find out what you can do to make yourself feel a little better.
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It’s all go in the land of Crimea.

The Fly - May 2003Christ, I’m kept in at work for two hours and suddenly the Crimea world takeover suddenly moves up a few gears. Here’s the latest…
The Fly magazine for May 2003 has gone Crimea crazy, with an introduction from magazine deputy editor and Crimea drummer Owen Hopkin on his tour with the band. There’s also loads of photos of the band, tour dates and a chance to win a signed Crimea camera through the Fly’s website, if you wait a week for it to be updated. You can pick up a copy in your local Barfly venue, HMV or Virgin Megastore for absolutely nothing. Thanks to Craig for the info, and I’ll post more on the magazine when I get hold of a copy.
Two words. Colin Murray. Recording (1:40), tracklisting (or click [More]). That’s another play for W.R.G. on Radio 1 then.
The first review of White Russian Galaxy I’ve seen is up on the SoundsXP website. It’s in the singles section and they like it. If you look hard enough you can also find a review of the band supporting Electric Six at Camden Barfly on Wednesday 23rd October 2002. Click on [More] if you just want to read the Crimea bits.
If you made your way to the Nottingham Social last night, stay tuned to this page for a little improvised good will.
And you might wanna get over to Project Winterhaven’s website and hear Crimea guitarist Julz’s new masterpiece.
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