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Sheffield Gig Tomorrow

Tickets may well have sold out already for the Sheffield gig tomorrow, but Owen has managed to get two pairs of spaces on the guestlist for anyone who wants to go. If you wanna go and take a mate, please email before 10.30am on the 26th and he’ll get back to you to confirm the place if you were quick enough.

New gigs coming very soon.

There would have been a bigger update today but they ever baffling wonder that is the Windows operating system let me down again, and you’ll have to wait a few more days. Never fear, Owen’s just sent a mail out to anyone on the mailing list with some band updates.
First up, they’re playing Sheffield Leadmill THIS THURSDAY and Birmingham Academy 2 THIS FRIDAY. They’re both support gigs for Kings Of Leon so get there early to see them play. More info can be found on the gigs page.
They’ve also confirmed that they’re playing the Beautiful Days festival in Devon in August, which The Levellers are headlining.
And if you’re interested in buying some Crocketts merchandise, the address for sending checks to has changed. The new address is now at the bottom of the shop page. If you sent anything recently to the previous address, contact Owen to check whether he received it or not.


Davey MacManus by Tina McClelland.The Crimea are on tour. Or they were, the last headlining gig of the White Russian Galaxy tour is tomorrow at Camden Barfly. Everyone who’s attended the previous gigs has loved ‘em so if you’re in London and like the Crimea, go and have a listen.
They’re also supporting top indie band Travis at their first gig in over a year in King George’s Hall, Blackburn, this Saturday.
White Russian Galaxy, released two weeks ago, peaked at number 20 in the independent record label charts on the week of release, but is no longer anywhere to be seen in any of the charts. If you wanna get it back into the top 100, you can buy a copy or two of the CD and vinyl at Double Dragon’s record store at Click [More] for a list of the indie charts for 8/6/03.
The single was single of the week a while ago on Cambridge Student Radio, which you can listen to at
Honk magazine, hosts of the rather popular article on the Crocketts Amsterdam trip, have an interview with The Crimea about getting rid of The Crocketts from their lives. Hmm… maybe I should delete that stuff about the Amsterdam trip. Click [More] for a copy of the article but while it’s there, read the copy on Honk’s site here.
Drowned In Sound has an article on the tour up on thier site. All the news they have on the band can be found through their profile of them here.
Tina McClelland, long time photographer of the Crocketts and Crimea’s work, has some more photos of the band on her website. They’re all from the same photo shoot that provided the two lovely group images on the front of this website.
Compass PointThere’s a few more Crimea articles from various magazines that are or will soon be on the press clippings page.
And the Compass Point festival, where The Crimea are playing on July 4th, have the band mentioned on their website for the day’s lineup. They’re headlining the Indie stage though I’m not sure of timings. I suggest you check out The Hot Puppies and The Keys on the Indie stage and a little bird has told me that the Crockett fan in you may like to check out Midasuno on the Rock stage, more details on that later.
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Honk Amsterdam Memories

There should be a bigger update coming soon but this one was just too good to wait. For all you crox fans who remember the trip to Amsterdam with The Crocketts, and for those of you who’ve forgotten, Honk magazine’s website has an article up about that time in Crocketts folk law when four idiots decided to get drunk, go sailing and play a gig, all at the same time. It’s a very interesting read, if only to find out about a little Harris family X rated video. Blimey. The article’s on the Honk site here, or click the [More] button if you love this place too much to leave.
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White Russian Galaxy at 89!

89!!! The Crimea’s debut single White Russian Galaxy has just entered the official UK singles chart at number 89. Yes kids, right now Davey’s at home on his calculator trying to figure out just exactly what it all means. He figures it’d be one hell of a lot of spliffs so it’s all good.
Although it might not seem that high, it’s the highest The Crimea have been so far, so the words 89, N, (-), WHITE RUSSIAN GALAXY, CRIMEA, DOUBLE DRAGON may just make you very happy.

Another Mailing List Mailout

Mailing ListAnother Mailing List Mailout
At last, the band have found the time to let you all know what’s going on in their crazy little heads. Click [More] for the update.
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Single updates.

After it’s release on Monday, White Russian Galaxy is currently the 61st highest selling single on the hot 100 CD singles chart.
There’s a review of the single in this month’s Kerrang! magazine, where Less Than Jake reviewed the single and gave it 1 out of 5. Gits.
Don’t worry if you missed The Crimea on XFM’s The Works. It was just a repeat of the tracks played on Music: Response.

WRG Future Chart Position.

White Russian Galaxy was released today, and is currently at number 41 in the FutureChart. Click [More] to find out what the FutureChart actually is. If you haven’t managed to find a copy in shops yet (HMV and Virgin Leeds are sold out, Jumbo Records has some, a few places in London have it), download the alternative version here before the end of today.
Make sure you tune into XFM between nine and eleven this evening to hear some exclusive live Crimea tracks played on The Works.

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The Alternative White Russian Galaxy.

The Alternative WRG.For one day only on the day of the official single’s release, download the alternative W.R.G. single for free!
Available for download are alternative MP3 versions of all three tracks on the White Russian Galaxy single. Who Knows (aka White Russian Galaxy) is performed by The Crimea and Julz Parker live in session on XFM’s Music: Response show. You might have already downloaded the previous two tracks from the session already, so get Who Knows to complete your collection. La Sinoco was performed a couple of years ago by The Crocketts, also live in session on XFM. The final track Girl Just Died was recorded live at a Crimea gig in Camden Barfly on 11/12/02, and excuse Davey’s guitar pedals. They have a mind of their own.
All three tracks are available through the downloads page all day on June 2nd.

Festival gig and more press clipping.

The press clippings page has been updated with a gig review by Kerrang!, an old interview with Davey by Rock Sound and all the clippings that mysteriously disappeared are now back. If you’d like to buy a copy of Rocksound issue 12 with the Davey MacManus interview in it, you can back order it from for ?3.99 inc. P+P with your credit card. If you do, be patient because it might take a few weeks to arrive.
BBC Wales had a review of the White Russian Galaxy single on their website a while ago, click [More] to see it and learn some Welsh. Don’t forget to rush to your nearest record shop tomorrow when the single’s released, and check in here for the special one-day-only alternative version.
The Crimea are listed as playing the free Compass Point festival in Cardiff on 4th July. More details are on the Session In Wales site here.
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