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MS1 Club MP3s Available

The first bunch of MP3s from the MS1 Club gig are now available in the downloads section. The rest will appear soon. You can also listen to a recording of the whole gig online by clicking here, but it’ll be gone by this time next week. Hint: skip to 55 mins for a nice surprise.

MS1 Gig Preview

The Radio Wales website has a preview up of the Crimea gig at the MS1 Club, which has just finished. Expect MP3s up late tomorrow if nothing goes wrong and while you’re waiting, read the preview here or click [More] for the Crimea bit. There’s also a small bio on the band on the Welsh Radio C2 site, click here or [More] to see it but you may need a Welsh-English dictionary.
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Jagermeister – Proud Sponsors Of The Crimea


Sponsored By Jagermeister
Oops, forgot to mention this a while ago but… The Crimea are currently being sponsored by Jagermeister’s Jagermusic UK Band Support program, which would explain all the strange drinks being handed out at recent gigs. With their help, Davey and Owen have now purchased their first set of new clothes since 2001. Thankyou Jagermeister.
Please visit the Jagermusic UK website at

Mailing List

Mailing ListSitting on the dock of the (Cardiff) bay
Info on the band’s gig in Cardiff, broadcast live on Radio Wales this Sunday. Click [More] to read.
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Crimea Gig Live On Radio Wales

BBC Radio WalesThis Sunday The Crimea play a free gig at Cardiff’s MS1 Club. Details on the gig can be found on the gigs page, but that’s not all. The gig will be broadcast live on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show between 10pm and 12pm on Sunday. You can listen to the station throughout Wales on 93-96 & 104 FM, online and on digital radio and digital TV.
If you’re going to be in Cardiff for the day, you can also visit the Radio Wales Big Buzz festival between 2pm and 10.30pm. The line up includes top bands such as Blazin’ Squad, the Fast Food Rockers and Aberystwyth’s very own Hot Puppies. Maybe just check out the last one then. Oh and it’s also being broadcast live on Radio Wales from 6pm till 10pm.

Electric Ballroom Review

SoundsXPAlternative music webzine SoundsXP has a review up of The Crimea’s support gig at London’s Electric Ballroom with the Kings Of Leon. Click here to read the whole review or click on [More] to read the Crimea related bit.
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Limelight Review

Looky a nice new looking news page :o ) well, almost new. Anyway this is a quick one, you might remember a year ago when Kernel Krok played The Limelight in Belfast, just before The Crocketts split up. Well, after finding pictures of the gig ages ago, I’ve now found a review and surprise surprise, they didn’t like them. This time it’s the BBC having ago at the “two brothers from The Crocketts”. Ok then…. the whole review is here, read the crox bit by clicking more.
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Another Mailout

Mailing ListAnother Mailout – The Crimea love The Kings
A quick one about some new support gigs for Kings Of Leon. Click [More] to read the latest.
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Gig Updates

TravisCompass Point Festival This is an update for anyone going to the Compass Point Festival on Friday. The Crimea will be headlining the Indie stage on Friday evening. If you can, try and see The Keys playing on the same stage and I’ve heard a rumour that Davey MacManus may be singing an old Crocketts song with Midasuno on the Rock stage.
Glastonbury Welcome back to those who went and no, the Crimea didn’t play but you may have noticed lead guitarist Julia Parker on the One World stage playing with her other band Project Winterhaven.
A review of the recent Travis gig, where The Crimea played support, is up on the Travis website @
The Crimea have been confirmed as support for the Kings Of Leon gigs at London’s Astoria and Electric Ballroom, though both are now sold out.

More intresting Crimea updates.

The March issue of the Medway & Maidstone Express had a review of The Crimea playing the 45 club in Ferbuary. You can download a copy through their website or click on [More] to read the article.
XFM has the recording of the band’s XFM session on their website. You can listen to Lottery Winners On Acid and Fred Flintstone but unfortunately they’re messed up the White Russian Galaxy one because it’s a totally different band.
Three photos of The Crimea at Brixton Windmill are up on this site. Reminds me of the old Enterprise gigs. Ahh, the memories… getting punched in the stomach by Davey, dodging low flying microphone stands, and no one knowing who I was :o ) um… on with the updates.. is back with a new look. The Crimea forum can now be accesed through links on the site or by clicking here.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListMailing List – The Crimea Strike Back
A look back on the recent tour and a look forward to some future gigs. Click [More] for the update.
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Press Updates.

Believe it or not it’s exactly a year to the day that I first saw The Crimea play :o ) and almost exactly a year that has existed :o D Thanks to anyone and everyone who’s visited the site in that time. Time for some press updates….
Big Chesse? magazine had some very intresting models in Issue 42 that was out in June. Pictures of Davey sporting some fetching Camden Market wares will be up on the site asap, and taken down a day later when I get complaints from the band ;o)
The June issue of The Fly also had an article about White Russian Galaxy in it, if you could find a copy.
Owen’s been interviewed about The Crimea, and it’s up on two different websites. The First is at 247 magazine here, with the full interview. The second is on what claims to be the national website of Wales, and you can find the article here. You can read 247′s version by clicing on [More].
Drowned In Sound has a review of The Crimea’s gig with Clarksville at Camden Barfly on 18/6/03. Click [More] to read the Crimea bit.
The BBC London website had a review of White Russian Galaxy on it a while ago. Click on [More] to read it.
XFM has a poor review of White Russian Galaxy on their site. Click on [More] or here to read it.
The Independent also had a review of White Russian Galaxy in it a while back. Look at the press clippings page to see it.
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