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Small Gig Update

The Crimea are back in Manchester on November 9th, playing the Life Cafe as part of their Van On Fire tour. Check the gigs page for more.

Pop Factory Awards Airing

The Pop Factory Music Awards 2003The latest news I have on the Pop Factory Awards 2003 is that it’ll be aired sometime in December. So tune in to ITV 1 Wales sometime around Christmas to see The Crimea win the Best New Talent award.
And I’ve been informed that there’s a much nicer polyphonic version of the LWOA ringtone on the same site I mentioned last post. To find it you’ll have to go to their main page and search for ‘Crimea’ as a polyphonic type.

Back To Normal… Crimea Links

SoundsXP have posted news on their site about The Crimea’s tour and new single. They even have a couple of things there that I’m not allowed to tell you about :o ) so click here to go to the article on SoundsXP or click [More] for the censored version.
Total Music Wales also have a single and tour update post in the new releases section of their site. Click here to go to the post on their website.
A Crimea ringtone! Whatever next. Get and an extortionately priced LWOA on your phone here. There’s a Crox one too. For the old-timers.
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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

First off, the good. The Pop Factory Music Awards 2003 was held on Friday night and in attendance were Owen and Joe to represent The Crimea’s nomination in the Best New Talent category. They were both apparently hammered by mid-afternoon though hopefully behaving themselves. Fighting against them were Aberystwyth’s The Hot Puppies, Ayra, Goldie Looking Chain, Jarcrew and Culprit One. While The Crimea tipped Jarcrew to win and The Hot Puppies reckoned they’d run away with it themselves, you’re new favourite band The Crimea pulled through with thousands of votes to take the award of Wales’ Best New Talent. Congratulations to the guy’s, and thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. Full details of all award winners can be found on ITV Wales’ Pop Factory website at, or by clicking on [More]
The bad and the ugly. Well, the ugly could well represent the Van On Fire tour, all new details on the gigs page (sorry for all the plugs). The bad on the other hand will have to wait for some official news via the mailing list. You could do a lot worse than signing up to it, which you can do via the main page. That’s all I can say for now. Goodbye and good luck.
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Project Winterhaven Gettin’ Around

 Project WinterhavenListen up Julz fans – her very own band Project Winterhaven have got some gigs coming up, just about the same time as the Van On Fire tour gets underway. They’re playing Covent Garden, London, on Nov 4th, Bedford Acoustic Club, Balham, Nov 5th and Swinburne Hall in Colchester on Nov 15th supporting Tommy Emmanuel who just happens to be one of Julz’s favourite guitarists. And it’s not just The Crimea that BBC Radio are starting to take an interest in; PWH had one of the songs off their EP played on Radio London on Monday morning. You can download the whole EP or just read more about the band at

Pop Factory Awards and Peel Airing.

As some of you have already found out, the so called Pop Factory “televised music awards ceremony” does not appear to be televised anywhere, although it’s still taking place sometime today so get over to ASAP and vote for The Crimea as Best New Talent. I’ll let you know if/when I see the awards in any TV listings.
It’s also been mentioned that Baby Boom was played on John Peel’s show on Wendnesday evening. Click here for the show (skip to 00:05 if you’re the impatient type) and click [More] for the tracklisting.
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Baby Boom On Radio 1

Thanks to Becky on the message board for this… Baby Boom was played on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show last night, and you can hear a recording of the show by clicking here; skip to 55 minutes in to hear the newly recorded single. And as it was mentioned on the show, I guess I can now tell you that they’ll be playing a few dates with Dashboard Confessional during their November tour. Click [More] to see the tracklisting for last night’s show, and click here to visit the gigs page with details of all the latest Crimea tour dates.
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A Little Booby Update

Boobytrap RecordsI mentioned yesterday about Baby Boom possibly coming out on the Boobytrap singles club. The club was a collection of singles by new and little known bands bought out by Boobytrap Records, usually with an A side and one B side, and printed on a special singles club CD. Unfortunately for it’s fans, the singles club is no more (booo) but it does mean that the new single will most probably be coming with the normal Crimea liveried CD and cover (yay) and there’s no reason to think that it won’t have a full two b-sides on it (woohoo woohoo). You can read more about the singles club, and death of, at

The Crimea Start A Baby Boom

Baby BoomIt’s finally here. On November 17th The Crimea will release their third single Baby Boom (cover art right) on Boobytrap Records. You may have already heard the song, previously titled Fred Flintstone, played during some of their gigs. If not, you can get along to one during the upcoming tour where you’re guaranteed a listen.
I can’t say if the single will be part of the Boobytrap singles club or not but if it is, they’ll join the likes of Mclusky, last years P.F.M.A. Best New Talent winners Samo Hung and ex-Murry The Hump band The Keys. Someone from Boobytrap mentioned the single a while ago on their website (yes that is their real site). Click [More] to read the whole ‘Booby Mail’, which mostly contains a review of their recent ‘Booby Night’ in London.
So many f***in booby’s…. As always, extra details on the new single will be posted as and when I get ahold of them.
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Vote Now Or Suffer The Fate Of King Tut

Yeah.. so, um.. loads of stuff is happening. You should really sign up to the mailing list so you don’t have to wait for me to tell you everything.
You’ve got until Friday to vote for The Crimea as Best New Talent in the Pop Factory Music Awards 2003. So get over there and vote. I think it’ll be aired on S4C in Wales on Friday evening sometime, so take a look if you’ve nothing better to be doing.
Gigs, gigs, loads of fucking gigs… They just played with Travis at the Brixton Academy, it sold out ages ago so it was kind of a hostile crowd. Some of the Travis fans liked them, some didn’t, most all of them fancied Julz. Or were strangely attracted by her pink amps. If you so wish you can visit the Travis website at, get on to their message board, type ‘crimea’ in the search bit and abuse all the little sods who didn’t like them… or give them ice cream… or something…
The third Crimea tour, now dubbed the ‘Van On Fire’ tour after the shambolic transport during their last major outing, has had some dates removed, some dates added and some dates thoroughly chomped on, spat out and stomped on by that tall mean looking one. The Manchester Night & Day Cafe and Glasgow King Tuts gigs have been canceled but never fear oh Scottish ones, the band will still turn up in those locations, and a few others. I just can’t tell you when right now. The Cardiff Barfly gig is now on November 13th, and not the 11th as it said on the mailing list thingy. Please check the gigs page regularly, as soon as I hear something new about a gig it’s usually up their within the hour.
I’m sure there’s more stuff to tell you about but right now I’m too busy listening to an early demo of their next single, Baby Boom. Check the next news thread for more details on that.

The Pop Factory Music Awads 2003

The Pop Factory Music Awards 2003As mentioned in the latest mailing list, The Crimea have been nominated for the best new talent award in ITV Wales’ Pop Factory Music Awards 2003. The Welsh version of Top Of The Pops will hold the televised awards ceremony on October 24th and are also holding various award gigs between the eighth and tenth of October. Samo Hung were last years winners in the best new talent category, but nominated this year with The Crimea are Aberystwyth’s The Hot Puppies, Jacrew, Ayra, Goldie Looking Chain and Culprit One. Nominations in other categories include The Darkness, Feeder, The Stereophonics, The Thrills and lesser known Welsh acts such as Gabrielle 25 and Pep Le Pew. Details of The Pop Factory and the awards gigs can be found on their website, you can tune into S4C in Wales on the 24th to view the award ceremony but most of all make sure you CLICK HERE TO VOTE for The Crimea, all you need is a unique e-mail address (or five). Click [More] to see what Mr Joe Udwin makes of it all.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea – oot and aboot
Damn uni fire alarms going off at 7.30AM! click [More], if you’re awake. There’s stuff about gigs and um… *sleeps*…
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