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Crimea Releases

Win The Crimea’s Current Back Catalogue – Comp Now Over
A competition designed especially for those of you who are having problems getting hold of the new single, the first prize is a copy of all the current releases by The Crimea (LWOA CD, WRG CD & 7″, BB CD) and a second prize of a copy of the new Baby Boom single.
All you have to do is e-mail the names of The Crimea’s current five members and what main instrument they each play to before midnight on December 15th. Both winners will be notified by e-mail and should then provide an address for me to send the prize to.

Random Mumblings…

Joe sleeping.The Van On Fire tour has given way to the Van On Hire tour, for obvious reasons… gig info here.
Someone in Germany wants you to vote for stuff… one of the options is Baby Boom, so I say vote away.
Recieved a parcel full of Crimea CDs yesterday, so a competition ain’t too far off.
Julz has got a new album out, being me I wasn’t content with one copy so got four. That’s another give-away ready then.
If you’ve sent me pics of the band they should be on the site soon but it takes so long to crop an image nowadays…

Manchester: An Alternative View

Tonight I have for you another reporter’s version of events at Manchester. Gone are Drowned In Sound’s “mess of acidic guitars” and “out of synch loops” and replacing them are “twinkly guitar effects” and “purposely out-of-step lyrics”. Click here to view’s review of The Crimea’s support for Dashboard Confessional on 7th November, or just click on [More] for the shortened version.
And just when you think the all clear’s sounded, I find an unedited version of the DiS review on the site. “I hate it so much it skull fucks my head”. Really, some people should stop going to gigs altogether. Read it here or click [More].
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Baby Boom Enters Top 10 (Kinda…)

I’ve always loved the city of York, and here’s yet another reason for it being the greatest place on earth. York’s major independent record shop Track Records have just listed The Crimea’s single Baby Boom as number eight in their weekly sales charts, beating the likes of Britney Spears and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Click [More] to see the chart, taken from this website. And if you’re still having trouble finding the single in a store, you can order it online from for the lowest price I’ve seen yet, ?2.49, including free second class delivery in the UK.
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Crimea Reviews & Updates

Online mag Drowned In Sound have reviewed The Crimea’s support slot for Dashboard Confessional in Manchester, and describe them as “fucking awful” and “an American Travis whose only interesting factor is a mulleted bassist”. My thoughts? Thank god for Joe and his new mullet. And why do people keep thinking Davey’s American? Click [More] to read the review or here to read it on the DiS site if you really must., on the other hand, quite like them. They’ve reviewed new single Baby Boom and after another comparison with the Flaming Lips, gave it 4/5 stars. Read the whole review on their website here or by clicking on [More].
Boobytrap Records’ website has been updated with information on the new single and on their Christmas Bash gig featuring The Crimea. More information on all new Crimea gigs can be found on the gigs page.
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Last Night’s XFM Session

If you were listening to The Crimea’s session on XFM last night and it all sounded a little familiar, that’ll be because it was yet another repeat of the live session they recorded for the Music: Response show on XFM back in February. Therefore I’ll not be needing any other recordings of the show, unless you happen to think yours is of an especially high quality. A review of February’s session can be found here and includes a transcript of an interview with the band, though the interview MP3s are not currently available.

Mailing List

Mailing List‘Things Go Well For The Crimea’… and other tall tales
Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is the number 78. Click [More] for further details. This post will self destruct if you succeed.
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Baby Boom News

Lots of Baby Boom related news today, I’ll just shut up and get on with it…
Andy Norton - Photo ? 2003 John BownThe Crimea will be in session on XFM’s The Works from 9.00pm tonight. You can listen to it on radio, digital TV or online at where you can also hear a clip of new single Baby Boom in the XFM Playlist section. have a review of the single, which first appeared in the Manchester Evening News (send scanned copies this way), on their website giving it three out of five stars. You can read the review here or by clicking on [More].
According to a comment left on the Manchester Online site, The Vanden Plas have produced a remix of Baby Boom. If you can get their message board to work, go leave a message there to find out more.
John Bown has taken four pages worth of black and white photos of The Crimea at The Met Club in London last Friday. You can view them all at his website here. Thanks to him for emailing me about them. If only others would do the same.
The single is currently listed as number 62 in the Future Chart, an official listing of predicted chart results for all new singles based on interest in them before release date. Not that it’ll get anywhere near the charts this week if the distribution isn’t sorted out. I apologise for anyone who’s tried to get a copy from a shop and hasn’t managed to (me included).
Though all is well on the radio play front, including the session I just mentioned on XFM, Radio 1 and 6 continuing to play the single and I was just emailed an enquiry from America about radio play over there.
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New Crimea Photos

The girl behind Iona Photography has posted loads of photos of The Crimea on her personal weblog. They feature backstage pics of the band and others after one of their gigs supporting the Stereophonics in Ireland earlier in the month, including some of new man Andy Norton who’s even been spotted doing a bit of crowdsurfing . Visit the post including photos of the band here.

The Crimea In Session On XFM

The WorksThe Crimea will be in session on XFM show The Works, presented by Claire Sturgess, starting tomorrow night at 9.00pm and finishing at 11.00pm. If anyone can record the show for me, please do so I can get MP3s up on the website. You can listen to the show in London on 104.9fm, through various digital TV / radio channels or online at

Unconfirmed Gig Correction

The gig itself is still unconfirmed but I made a little mistake with some details about the possible gig at Chapter in Cardiff. The date should be Wednesday 19th December, not in November. Whether it’s on at all is another matter…

Fred Flintstone Video Problems

It was bound to happen. Technical problems are a mother fu… If anyone’s downloaded the Fred Flintstone Acoustic Live On Cable TV video as part of the Alternative Baby Boom downloads, and you’re getting and error message telling you to download an Indeo codec, add a comment to this post or drop me a line. Hopefully the problems will be sorted out soon enough.
Update The ‘man who can’ Mr Denyer has managed to solve the problem. All you should need to do is visit the following website link –, download and install the file. The instructions are for Windows 98 but will be the same for most Windows operating systems. Just remember those virus scans of downloaded files, though it’s been checked and was virus/trojan free. Lastly, you really should use Windows Media Player to view the video, Real Player messes it up somewhat.

Baby Boom Out Now

Baby Boom - Out NowThat’s right, The Crimea’s third single Baby Boom is out now (but do any shops have it in? :o \). Hopefully Boobytrap Records have got their distribution sorted out and it’s available around the country in various HMV, Virgin and assorted indie record shops right now. It’s backed with The Great Unknown, a lovely little song though coming in at nearly six minutes long, little isn’t exactly the right word. Julz features on both songs meaning there’s something nicer to listen to other than Davey’s *ahem* interesting string plucking methods (I know he tries but really, if you’d have heard some of the stuff I have..). Anyway, a minute long solo from her wraps up the single. Lyrics are now up on the Baby Boom single page and if you can’t find a copy in your local store, you can pick up a copy online at Townsend Records, Amazon and HMV among others.

The Alternative Baby Boom

The Alternative WRG.For one day only on the day of the official single’s release, download the alternative Baby Boom single for free!
Up for download is Baby Boom, recorded during The Crimea’s session for Radio 1′s Session In Wales, The Great Unknown played live at the Borderline in London sometime during the first half of the year, and a video (yes, a video!) of a Fred Flintstone (former Baby Boom title) acoustic played live on Stuart Cable’s ‘Cable TV’ show. The two MP3s both feature former member Julz Parker while the video is just Davey, Joe and Andy.
All three tracks are available through the downloads page all day on November 17th.

Another Baby Boom Review

Just in time for it’s release, Stuart Denyer has done an excellent review of Baby Boom for his website He’s probably the only person to review the single who’ll have bothered to listen to it more than twice, and has managed to pin down the meaning of the Baby Boom song, which before reading seems just an advertisement for Hanna-Barbera. He’s had a go at transcribing the lyrics too, and also has reviews and lyrics for both previous singles. Click here to go straight to his review of Baby Boom or here for a list of his other Crimea single reviews.