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The Vanden Plas

Well well well, a UK band (or DJ or something) called The Vanden Plas (not some metal band from Germany called Vanden Plas) have actually remixed the Crimea’s recent single Baby Boom. Click more to see what they had to say about it on their website, or take a look at the site for yourself. Not only that, but XFM’s The Remix presenter has chosen it as one of his top five tunes. I’m currently trying to get an MP3 of the remix sent to me, so all’s left to do is find out more about Clinton’s dub reggae mix of On Something…
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Band Updates

I recently mentioned a remix of Baby Boom by Vanden Plas. Well, it was played on XFM’s The Remix on December 12th under the title Vanden Plas Vs The Crimea ‘Baby Boom’. Send any info on it (mp3 anyone?) this way. Click here or [More] to see the show’s playlist.
SoundsXP have a roundup of all the latest Crimea news. Read the article, entitled “A prize, goodbyes, good buys and mince pies”, here.
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Competition Winners

The Crimea Back Catalogue competition ended last night and I just got round to writing all the correct entrants names on pieces of paper, sticking them in a hat and picking two out. First up, the winner of the first prize of everything brought out by the band so far was D. Hoyle. The second name out the hat and the second prize winner of a copy of the Baby Boom single was Fabien Deshommes. I’ve e-mailed both of you as a reminder, e-mail me back a name and address to send the prizes to a.s.a.p. Sorry to everyone else who entered and didn’t win. No doubt they’ll be another competition along in the not too distant future.

Pop Factory Awards 2003

Owen at the Pop Factory AwardsThe Pop Factory Awards 2003 was aired on ITV1 Wales last night, and saw Owen and Joe from The Crimea turn up to accept the award for Best New Talent. Both looked pretty surprised, especially Owen who voted for Jarcrew to win the award. ITV1 Wales’ Pop Factory website has now been updated with details on the show including screen shots of the award ceremony broadcast and a couple of videos of bands playing live on the show. Click [More] to see some shots of The Crimea on the show, I’ll try and get some of my own up soon.
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Builth Wells Show Cancelled

The Crimea gig at Builth Wells on December 12th as part of the venue’s Big Bash 2003 has been cancelled after the event’s organisers pulled out. The gig the following day featuring The Keys has also been cancelled. Click [More] to read Owen’s appology.
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Pop Factory Awards Airing

The Pop Factory Music Awards 2003The Pop Factory Awards 2003, in which The Crimea won the award of Best New Talent, will be aired on ITV1 Wales this Friday 12th December from 11.30pm to 12.30am. About bloody time. Tune in to see Owen and Joe getting pissed.
There’s some new pictures of the band up on the site from John Bown, The Crimea’s new camera equiped friend.
And you only have a week left to enter the Crimea singles competition, so hurry up and get your entry in now.

Mailing List

Mailing ListCrimbo shows, apologies and lame gags. The usual Crimea nonsense.
The Crimea return to The Enterprise for the first time since they formed. Click [More] for Christmas gig info.
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