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2004 Round-up

Well you might have noticed that recent news is a bit thin on the ground right now, so click More for a round-up of The Crimea’s past year. It’s guaranteed to give you something to do for, say, a few minutes at least, though I’ve not written it yet and it’s bound to end up filling your whole monitor with text. Grab any remaining mince pies, sit back, and reminiss over the band’s fun and frolics during 2004.
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Just Some Random Leftovers

Some guys from one of Andy Norton’s old bands went to see The Crimea (quite a while ago actually). Anyways, they liked em, click More to see just how much.
Some one on liked the Lottery Winners On Acid EP enough to add it to a Top 30 of 2004 list. You know Where you can find thier comments.
Nick Spacek from Static Magazine, on the other hand, added it to a Top 5 list. “The other songs will have you hoping that your copy of ?Tragedy Rocks? shows up in your mailbox sometime before the speakers go out on your stereo.” Speaking of which…
This guy finally recieved his copy after a months wait (Owen?), just to have it fall on his foot when it came through the letterbox.
But he’s not the only one wanting more of the band, as the LWOA EP was the third most requested CD on top US radio station KCRW at the beggining of November.
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Crimea Shop Back Open

As The Crimea are back from the US and everything, you’re now able to order for CDs and signed albums directly from them again. Check the shop page for all the extra info.

Mailing List

Mailing ListWe Don’t flippin’ ho ho – A Crimean Christmas
Click More for a Christmas message and final orders from The Crimea.
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Aber Gig Cancelled

At least for the 18th anyway. The search for a venue goes on though…

The Crimea’s Christmas Party

This year’s Crimea Christmas gig will again be held in The Enterprise pub in Camden, on Monday 20th December. Tickets are ?4 each but you must email beforehand to reserve yours, and no more than four tickets per person please. They’ll get back to you ASAP if they have any left. If you’re intrested in the gig at The Windmill and don’t know the deal with the tickets, check this post out.

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea’s American Tale (Part 2)
Christmas gigs ahoy. Owen’s having trouble emailng this out so hit More to read the latest news from the band.
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News And Reviews

OffBeat Mag’s yearly top ten singles article features one guy who rather likes The Crimea’s LWOA EP. Click More to read what he thinks of the lead track White Russian Galaxy.
A very quick review of the original LWOA single is here. It’s probably been mentioned before, but click More anyway.
Contactmusic have a spiffy looking Crimea profile, this may also have been mentioned before.
And the Bellingham Herald site has a preview of a cancelled Crimea gig in Seattle. Hopefully they really will play there soon.
Interesting fact for the day, I just read a comment comparing Opposite Ends to Eminem. I’ll let you lot loose on that one. Though author of said comment also mentioned the use of a steel pan in Lottery Winners. Dunno about that, but I’m sure I heard one in a Crimea song somewhere… Would Andy S. care to enlighten us as to the use of synthesized versions of my favourite musical instrument?
Oh and errthis takes a little longer to look through than it did a year ago. Which can be but a good thing.
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Welcome One, Welcome All

I don’t quite know what happened yesterday, but for the first time in it’s history The Crimea Official Website had over 100 unique visitors in the day. It recently broke the 50000 visits total aswell, so welcome to you all and I hope you find what you’re looking for (LWOA stream this way).
And although they didn’t manage to play much over in America, The Crimea look set to play Aberystwyth in west Wales on Saturday 18th. I’d advise putting your life on hold and getting down here. More gig details to follow…

US Tour Cancelled

I’m sorry to announce that The Crimea will no longer be making a tour of the US later this month, and will probably not be playing any gigs there until they return sometime next year. On the other hand, gigs in the UK look good, I know of a couple places on the list but nothing’s confirmed as yet.

Brixton Windmill Gig Update

The WindmillDon’t buy your train tickets just yet, The Crimea’s Christmas Windmill gig has a bit, well, a huge catch to it (though it has nothing to do with the band so don’t get mad at them). A recent email to the Brixton Windmill mailing list (and posted up at The Crimea Yahoo Group) says you’ll only be able to reserve tickets by replying to said email, as they only want the biggest Windmill fans to get the tickets. After doing this, you then have to go to an upcoming gig at The Windmill where you fill in a form, and only then will they send you the tickets to you. On the up side, they are giving them away free so if you were on their mailing list, and are going to a gig their before the 19th then, result. The rest of us will just have to wait and see where else they play around Christmas time.
EDIT: Replying to the email at the yahoo group (like some of you have done) isn’t going to get you tickets, you need to reply to the original mail out (group one’s just a forwarded copy) or at least make it look like you are ;o)

The US Diary

The Crimea’s US diary site has been updated with another entry and many more photos of the band playing New York, playing with reptiles, playing with… err… well, everything, really.

Crimea UK Gig

The Brixton Windmill website has The Crimea listed as playing their Xmas Party gig on Sunday 19th December. Details are already on the gigs page, as will any other gigs I find out about.

Crimea TV Soundtracks

White Russian Galaxy by The Crimea was used on episode 1 of Fox’s Wonderfalls show, which’ll be out on DVD early next year.
The Channel 4 Teacher’s website now has a listing of the songs featured on the show, also featuring White Russian Galaxy.
And here’s a page from Bristol Uncovered on the death of John Peel, with yet another mention of White Russian Galaxy.

Halflight Comp & Pics

Having been nominated for the Pop Factory Award’s Best New Act award (which The Crimea won last year), Halflight are playing a gig at the Pop Factory in Wales on December 3rd to launch the event. They’re currently giving away tickets to the gig on their website but first you’ll have to answer a very Crocketts related question about Owen Hopkin. And for any Halflight fans visiting this site, here’s a few more pics of their gig at The Bay in Aberystwyth a short while ago.

Halflight 4 Halflight 5 Halflight 6 Halflight 7