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Gig Update

The Crimea are playing at The Borderline, London on Wednesday 25th February at 7.00pm. Check the gigs page for more info.
And as not much else is going on, if you’re free Monay evening Julz is playing the Girls With Guitars showcase at the Porterhouse, Covent Garden, starting 8.00pm. It only costs ?3.00 so get along for some Crimea tour stories and whatnot.

Baby News

The new issue of the Vanity Project fanzine is due out in April with a review of Baby Boom but if you can’t wait till then, the review has been posted on their website here, along with their thought on a promo by Crimea fans The Fallacy.
And congratulations to The Crocketts’ ex-webmistress Holly Boswell and ex-guitar tech Will Boswell who recently had a baby girl between them. As soon as you teach her web design Hol, send her this way .
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South By Southwest Festival

The Crimea are currently listed as playing the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas between March 17th and 21st. Click here to see the full list of over a thousand bands appearing and [More] to read about the festival.
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New Crimea Pics

New pics of The Crimea at The Monarch on 3rd December 2003 taken by a girl called Jaz are up here. Go take a look.

An Old Crocketts Link

The Great Brain Robbery artwork.Can’t believe it took me so long but was just reading the back of some Crocketts CDs and found this link… When you’re there, click on the little bug dude then go to Portfolio > Music > Archived Work > The Crocketts to see some of the CD artwork they designed for the band. I’ll stick the link up in the links section soon and I promise I’ll add loads of the other links to stuff that have appeared on the news page to the links section too.

More MP3 Goodness

White Russian GalaxyWith becoming more and more an online portfolio for The Crimea, all manner of goodies are being stuck up for download for record execs, press people and, of course, the fans. Along with the Session In Wales MP3s up for download, there’s now clips of The Crimea’s Lottery Winners On Acid, Baby Boom and b-side from White Russian Galaxy, Girl Just Died. Why no clip of WRG I hear you ask? Well, the powers that be have decided it’s time to give it to you for free as a full MP3 download. Click here to go to the downloads page and get a taste of all three Crimea singles. If you’re technical minded, click [More] for a word from Inaudible’s tech man Stuart Denyer on, well, technical stuff. Of course you can always purchase all the singles and much more from various places, check the shop page for more info.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Borderline, The Crimea and You. A recipe for big lovin’.
Click [More] for an update on the gig at The Borderline tomorrow.
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MP3 Downloads

There’s some new MP3s up for download on the downloads page. It’s all the stuff from The Crimea’s Bethan & Huw session in September. Sorry it took so long to get them up there. And huge thanks to Stuart who provided me with the MP3s.
If you’re looking for Crimea MP3s that have been on this site previously and you missed, currently has the Cable TV Fred Flintstone acoustic up for download, aswell as links to many other top band’s MP3s and websites.
I’ve managed to get hold of the Baby Boom remix by The Vanden Plas (thankyou Mr Reynolds), but unfortunately am unable to put it up for download right now. It’s a lovely little bit of music though. Think that dancey stuff you get on arcade racing games mixed with a very pissed Davey.
And The Crimea’s former lead guitarist Julz Parker has been in Australia with her band Project Winterhaven recording some new stuff. Check out an MP3 of new song Can You See The Water by downloading it from their website

Crimea And Crocketts Photos

Someone’s taken a load of photos of The Crimea and The Crocketts and stuck them up on this website. If you’re the person who took them then get in touch and let me know where and when they were taken.

Davey CrockettThe CrimeaDavey CrockettThe CrimeaDavey CrockettAndy StaffordDavey MacManus

Gig Updates

The Independent has a preview of The Crimea’s upcoming gig at Brixton Windmill as part of their Pick Of The Week in the January 3rd issue. You can see what they had to say by visiting their website or by clicking on the little red [More] button.
There’s another gig coming up at The Borderline in London on January 15th. Check the gigs page for all extra gig and venue details.
If you’re got one of those mobile thingamajigs, there’s a couple of polyphonic ringtones you can get for a little cash. Lottery Winners On Acid and 1939 Returning are up for grabs, or just visit the websites and have a sing along.
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New Years News

I’ve been following the Popscene Annual Top 15 Chart for a few weeks and the results are finally out. Baby Boom came in 6th in the Top 15 Singles of 2003 with other entries including The Keys at 11th and Spy 51 taking the top spot. View all the results by clicking here or on [More].
Emerald Wizard Radio, regular players of Crimea singles, have got a collection of Crimea song lyrics on their website here.
Issue nine of the Vanity Project fanzine should feature a review of Baby Boom, according to their website. Click here to find out what else’ll be in the mag, or visit the main site for how you can get hold of a copy yourself.
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John Peel’s Festive Fifty

John PeelIt’s that old story, you go away for a week and what happens? Fuck all. Well, not exactly. John Peel’s Festive Fifty (a collection of the years top tracks voted for by listeners) was aired on the 24th and 25th December and after forty two tracks containing the likes of Cat Power, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and even The Darkness, number eight in the Festive Fifty chart was taken by The Crimea’s Baby Boom. Well god damn. But what less would you expect from the band’s biggest (read oldest) fan… Click here or on [More] to read the full chart and see who took the top spot, and for now you can click here to listen to the show containing the band’s entry (skip to 01:20 to hear it).
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