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Borderline Review

CD TimesCD Times has a review up of the Borderline gig. No news of the green-eyed one but plenty of Davey love. “A thousand yard stare that would give John Lydon the willies”. Check out the review on their site or read some of it by clicking [More]. Time for a sing-along. # If she gets scabies, I want scabies…#
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A Little Something

BBC London’s website has a preview up of last night’s gig. Obviously a little late. If I wasn’t so busy searching Google for Miss Bextor’s favourite Crimea track, maybe this would’ve been up sooner but hey, what can you do? Click here for the site, [More] for the info.
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More Gig News

The gigs page has been updated with the latest information. And according to sources at last night’s gig, Sophie Ellis Bextor was there. No news yet on why. We recon Owen’s tall, dark, hansom (well, maybe not tall… or hansom.. er…) looks enticed her into the Borderline. You’ll be updated on her thoughts on the band as and when, right here on Celeb Spotters UK.    Oh for fecks.. Anyone got a copy of the album yet?

Single Clip Downloads Back

The single clip MP3s are back, including the full version of White Russian Galaxy. Click here to go straight to the download page.

Mailing List

Mailing ListBreak For The Borderline – The Crimea’s assorted plans for world domination
Someone get Owen a set of hazard lights. “The Crimea – A great band… with drummer in tow”…
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Another Missed Session

Virgin RadioThe Crimea, sneaky scamps that they are, have yet again eluded my brand new minidisk player and mp3ing skills and got themselves on the radio without me knowing about it. Last Sunday 15th, they were on Captain America’s Virgin Radio show playing Baby Boom and new album track Out Of Africa. So, did you catch it? Did you think “f*ck me, it’s the Crimea”, stick in a tape and record the show? Bloody likely Then send me a copy. Click [More] for the show’s playlist and band info.
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Tragedy Rocks Info

Tragedy Rocks CoverHere’s the latest I’ve got on the track order on the album : 1. White Russian Galaxy, 2. Baby Boom, 3. Miserabilist Tango, 4. Bad Vibrations, 5. Lottery Winners On Acid, 6. Opposite Ends, 7. Howling At The Moon Won’t Make It Better, 8. The Great Unknown, 9. Bombay Sapphire Coma, 10. Six Shoulders Six Stone, 11. Out Of Africa. Not sure if it’s the final version, but the album manufacturing is all going to schedule so far so here’s hoping it won’t be too long. And you’ll have seen it around the site for a couple of days but on the left is the cover art for the album, designed by Lucy Bryant from Kerrang! magazine.

Site Updates

Due to an extra section added to the website for the press, I’ve had to remove the links to the single clips and Session In Wales MP3s to conserve bandwidth. Everything should be back to normal by the end of the month. And to those of you who know what it means, can you please try and use as little bandwidth as possible for the next ten days, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen but I’d appreciate it if you don’t go clicking every link you see.

More Purchase Info

There’s been a slight change in the ordering process, all cheques sent off to the Crocketts Mechandise address should now be made out to The Crimea, so if it still says make them out to Owen Hopkin somewhere, ignore it. If you’ve already sent a cheque off, don’t worry about it.

Purchasing Tragedy Rocks

As you should’ve read in the latest mail out, The Crimea have finished recording their album, Tragedy Rocks. Final versions of the CD are still a few weeks away as they’ve only just been sent to the manufacturers, but you can order one of 200 signed copies from the band by visiting the shop page and following the instructions there. If you have any problems paying by check or live outside the UK, e-mail me and I’ll try and work something out for you. Copies (unsure wether they’ll be signed) should also be available through shortly.

Mailing List

Mailing ListA World tour, an album… The Crimea get amongst it
Roll up, roll up, get yer Crimea albums ‘ere… Click [More] for the most eagerly awaited mailout ever.
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Another Magazine Article

Time OutTime Out London have a preview of next week’s gig at The Borderline in their latest issue. Which is quite probably only available in London. So scans, transcripts, and cookies are always welcome.

Music Week Article

Scan of the Music Week article on The Crimea is up here. Thanks Iona…

Album News And An Apology

Firstly, sorry about only just putting up the mailout sent in late January. For some reason I never received a copy so didn’t know anything about it. For those of you who figured out what “La b?te est ici” meant, you’ll now know why I didn’t mention anything more. I thought only I knew…
So. An album out in March. The beast is here kids. Or is it… One way or another, I’ll make sure you all get your hands on a copy soon enough. Early reports say it sounds super cool.

Mailing List

Mailing ListMung Beans and mail-outs. The Crimea kll ll hpps.
So sorry, this mailout was sent two weeks ago but I’ve only just received a copy. Anyway… Album news is now public
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