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Album Sales/Shipping Update

For all those awaiting receival of your signed album copies, click [More] to get an update on what’s going on.
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Are back. Woohoo. Get your single clips here, and for those in the know, the Sleeper MP3s here.

Mailing List

Mailing ListHody pard’ners – The Crimea return with American accents and a new show
I really can’t think of anything to write here. Just click [More] already.
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Stuff Your Cherry Pie

Disclaimer: The Crocketts are not The Crimea. The Crimea’s current biography is here, come back in a few weeks for a proper one. This is one up for the Crox fans still about. I’m gonna pack it in while I still can, so get one of ya last doses of Crox material right here before it’s blown into oblivion (well, a couple clicks away). Yes guvna, Melanie May (rock photographer extraordinaire, I’m sure) has a bunch of the rowdy rockers up on her website It includes all manner of things involving a special Phonic’s appearance and what looks like a bit of cross-dressing from a once religiously worshiped plank spanker.

A Message To The Fans

If anyone has any major objections to having the Crocketts material removed from the new version of the site and added to a separate “mini-site” (not that it’ll be mini), please get in touch with me and voice any concerns/complaints you may have. Other than that, it’ll soon be all Crimea around here, and check this page if you’re still confused as to who either of them are.

Missery Rolls

I knew I was gonna get shafted for that Tragedy Rocks review.

Texas Checkbook Masacre Documentary

Here’s a page on the documentary featuring The Crimea, it’s got a nice pic of the kids (literally) who presented it. I get the feeling it might be up on Steve Lamaq’s documentary’s page, so I might wait till then to MP3 them as it’ll be much better quality. EDIT: Whatdy’a know, there it is. Click the Lamaq link and have a listen in good ole Real Player.

Keeping It In The Family

Davey and Co. and aren’t the only ones getting themselves on Radio 1. Annie MacManus (Davey’s sister who may well have added some backing vocals on Tragedy Rocks) is also on a stream on the Radio 1 site, presenting a report on the SXSW festival. Click here to get an insight into what Davey would’ve sounded like had he been female, or here for the full page. And it’ll open in Real Player. Weyhey.

Foreign Matters

Radio Cymru (Wales) has… something… about The Crimea’s Bombay Sapphire Coma on a page containing a picture of Huw Stephens. Most likely a list of his favourite songs of the moment, so click [More] for the Welsh Crimea mumblings or here for the whole page.
French website Sound Of Violence have had a site re-design which includes a page about The Crimea. Click [More] for a translation of their info on the band or here for the whole page.
And as The Crimea fly back to England from the US, I should be busy getting their SXSW Festival interview up on the site. Unfortunately I’ve been struck down with a bit of uni work (work? at uni? as if…) but it’s the Easter holidays next week so I’ll be busy getting mp3s/Tragedy Rocks lyrics/the new site ready for you.
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Radio One Interview

Radio One. Whatever your personal thoughts (*cough* bunch of tossers deleting two ‘vote crimea’ posts when they said one was fine just hate the crox don’t they and what a fucking shite media player like i’d want to listen to three hours of crap on the station… *cough*), they are useful for one thing. Crimea adverts. Thanks to Jim on the message board for letting me in on this; the band took part in a documentary on Steve Lamaq’s show last night, entitled the Texas Checkbook Massacre. It was all about the SXSW festival and The Crimea featured throughout, talking about their trip to a museum, their hotel room, their SXSW gig and more. There’s a recording over on the R1 site, but forget the commercialised nobbers cos I’ll have a recording of all the band’s interview up very soon, and if they try to sue me for copyright issues then i’m gonna get that capstin pole and shove it right up em cos it’s looking mighty large right now.

Crimea! News">Review, Photos And Vote Crimea! News

DaveyVote CrimeaJohn Bown has some more photos on his site of The Crimea. These lot are are from the Borderline gig on January 14th. You can get a preview here or view the whole lot here.
Stuart Denyer, the man who knows everything other than what ‘Chopsticks’ is, has written a review of the new Tragedy Rocks album and added the right lyrics too. Go here to read it.
Davey’s punching himself in the head, Owen’s hitting everything other than his snare, Andy’s playing the keyboards with his feet and Joe’s dressed as a girl again. No, it’s not the next tour (coming up in June by the way). They’re mad at you because of this: EIGHT FUCKING PERCENT. It’ll take me five sleepless nights to clear the mess up on my own, so please for the love of God help us out.

Voting Update

We Need YouToday I’ve been everywhere from band forums to radio message boards, music review sites and computer news sites, canvassing for Crimea votes. So far I’ve managed to get a post up on Sleeper’s remaining fan site, an American computer genius interested in The Crocketts and myself banned from another band’s forum. Still, they were one of the other bands in the poll. Maybe I went a little too far with that one. But guess what, 5% off the lead. You guys are killing me here. Even with the little “Crimea Need You!” posters, we’re falling by the hour. Feel free to add the little rectangular shaped propaganda to your forum signatures and get advertising around the web. It’s starting to feel like the army just ain’t enough on it’s own. Now go VOTE CRIMEA.

Single Clips Down

Sorry to do this to you again but the downloads of the single clips are gonna be down for a few days. The Tragedy Rocks release has brought way too many new visitors, not that I’m complaining like, but I don’t want the whole site disappearing for a couple of days.

Bunch O No Good, Lazy…

Vote For The CrimeaHave fun last night? When you were out with your mates getting pissed on the pull when you shoulda been in, VOTING FOR THE CRIMEA!!! You heard me, get of your asses, or rather, get onto them and get voting. We’re down 3% off the lead and there’s two other bands coming up behind. You think three votes is enough? Thirty? If I don’t get at least 300 a day from all of you then Andy’s being sent round with a chainsaw, and it ain’t to cut his hair. By the way, the multiple vote button clicks aren’t working anymore, you can get two in but anymore than that and it just gives you an error.

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea hit the States with gusto
I should be asleep by now but, you know, I’m too busy voting. You have your orders. Get to the front line soldier.
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