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Ask For Molly

Some more on Owen’s post-Crock work, he provided drums for a demo by Ask For Molly (now RedShift) around 2001.

Julz & Crox Merch

Erm… well… here’s some disturbing shots of Julz’s new career. Or rather, the end of it, if it was as bad as it looks… If that’s what happens to you once you leave the Crimea, I’d hate to think what’s gonna happen to Davey.
And um… Owen’s bugging me about Crocketts merch, so yeah.. e-mail him about it if you want some, I’ll get the proper list back up when the rest of the site’s done. EDIT: fuckit, i’ll stick it below…

V Who?

It’s not like I want to mention the V word much around here, but stranegly enough Virgin have a review of The Crimea on one of their websites. And, rather unbelievably, they like them. It’s a year old but it’s worth the read just for the comedic value, here’s the review of the Barfly Virgin Louder gig on June 18th 2003, or click More if you’d rather not turn to the dark side.
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Joined The Mailing List?

If you’ve singned up to the mailing list since I stuck the new form up on the main page, then please add a little reply to this post (apart from the guy who joined while it said “TEST – DO NOT USE”. you might wanna sign up again). I just want to make sure I’m not filling up Owen’s inbox with spam.

Save The Witchwood

The Crocketts played The Witchwood in Ashton-Under-Lyne on many ocasion, and Owen has emailed me to say it’s about to get shut down, and wants you to do something about it. Visit to sign a petition and The Crimea Official Website for extra details on the news page.

Save The Witchwood

I’ve recieved orders from upon high to inform you that The Witchwood, the live music venue in Ashton-Under-Lyne, has been served a compulsory purchase order by the local council and is in danger of getting shut down. The Crimea have played there on numerous ocaisions and are one of the many people who ain’t too happy about it. You can visit to sign a petition to stop the closure, and click More for the e-mail they want you to forward to everyone.
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Single Clip Downloads

Hey hey there, I’ve just made a couple of changes to the downloads page. Instead of having to download the Crimea single clips, you can now stream them through a little radio player thing. Not only that, but if you launch the pop up version, you can listen to the clips while you browse the site. Check the downloads page for details on how it all works (it’s real easy) and if you have any problems using it or getting it to load in the first place, leave a message and I’ll try and fix stuff up.


Now either Owen or Dan are a fan of the Eels, cos they played them during their XFM Hijack years ago, so this one’s for them everyone who happens to like crazy Flash animations.

Crimea Press

The Crimea are mentioned in this weeks Heat magazine, saying Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics was spotted at one of their gigs.
And now that I have a total of three scans of the article, I’ve stuck up the Metro review on the press clippings page.

Project Winterhaven

Project Winterhaven, former Crimea guitarist Julz Parker’s band, are gonna be playing the Kilburn on Kilburn Road, London on thursday night. Get along to see one of the best guitarist in the world ever ever (well, almost), entrance is free so you have no excuse. They’re also working on a new EP at the moment called Don’t Look At The Monkey :o ) check out their website at

Adam Walton Update

Unfortunately The Crimea will not be on tonight’s Radio Wales show with Adam Walton, athough he’s told me he will be playing album tracks so by all means have a listen at And the band could well be interviewed on the show at a later date, so not all’s lost. EDIT: And there’s WRG. Nice one Mr W. :o )

Manchester Academy Videos

Chris Sheffield has kindly sent me three silent videos he took of The Crimea supporting The Get Up Kids at Manchester Academy on Thursday. Each vid is only a few seconds long, but they’re around 4 megs each so I can’t put them all up at once. The first one’s up for download already and it shows Davey partaking in one of the activities he became famous for during live shows. Visit the downloads page for the video or here for the pics Chris took.

SXSW Interview

SXSWThe Radio 1 interview with The Crimea on the SXSW festival has been uploaded and is now available through the downloads page. The interview featured in part of a documentary presented by The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players with The Crimea, among other bands, giving thier thoughts on the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. This version has been edited to cut file size by taking out everything other than The Crimea’s parts though the full version entitled The Texas Checkbook Masacre can still be heard via the Radio 1 website.

ROTD Messageboard

That “Record Of The Day” messageboard has changed addresses, it’s now at with a proper search function and it’s a great read ;o)

Owen Mooning Again

Owen’s been up to some more moonlighting, this time playing drums for Halflight. Check their site or Crox Unofficial for more.