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Ash Mention The Crimea

Ash have been interviewed on the NME site about their current tour, and give a tiny wee mention about The Crimea in it. You can watch it here and skip to 3:23 to hear Tim say “a really brilliant new upcoming band, called The Crimea”.
Both CD Baby and Tower Records have sold out of their copies of Crimea album Tragedy Rocks. Guess you Americans’ll have to wait and see if Warners decide to do a proper release. Unless you wanna import it.

Reviews, News, Downloads…

The Abercrombie & Fitch website had a link to a download of The Crimea’s Baby Boom on the Double Dragon website a few weeks ago. If you go to and enter your email address you’ll be given a link to the download.
Stop The Noise have a link to the White Russian Galaxy download on this site, along with a bit more about the band. It’s all a bit foreign but you can click here or on More to read it.
I’ve stuck up another member bio, this one is keyboard player Andy Stafford’s. Not much info I know, but if you know any more then send it in.
Also up on the site is the article on The Crimea from the latest edition of Music Week. Check it out on the press clippings page.
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Crimea Pics

DaveyThere’s some pictures of The Crimea playing at The Shed in Leicester on 7th March 2003 on The Call’s website here (scroll down to the bottom). The pics were taken by Ritchie Fiddes after support band The Call played their set.
The Ash tour’s underway. Only comment I’ve seen from last night is a good one. I’ll spend the next few weeks scouring the web for pics. And Way Ahead have just got some more tickets in for the later gigs. Buy some.


EVERYONE get over to NOW! All albums are $7.99 till Tuesday, you can pay via PayPal and you get 192kbps MP3s, Q6 Ogg Vorbis’s, album art, song lyrics etc, unlimited downloads, no digital rights restrictions on files etc etc all for just over FOUR QUID! Singles round here cost more than that :o D I’m off to get the Distillers album :o ) EDIT: The place has been checked out by the most technically knowledgeable man I know, Mr Denyer, and he’s given it the thumbs up. Can’t be too bad then.

More Adam Walton Exclusives

Sunday night Adam Walton from Radio Wales, as well as talking about the band’s new record deal with East West Records, played the new Crimea track Long Time Coming, a cover of the Marvin Gaye classic. Click here and skip to 2 hours and 20 minutes in to hear it.
And gigs on the Ash tour are selling out quicker than a… really quick thing… so if you’re hoping to go to one, check the gigs page and snap up some tickets asap.
And the band should be in this weeks edition of Music Week, so have a look in a copy if you get the chance.

Crocketts Links

A new Crocketts link! Yeeessss my little monkeys, possibly the first new Crocketts related webpage I’ve come across since they split, the VH1 website has a biography of the band with a little pic too. It’s the same old stuff but all put together quite nicely. Lord knows who wrote it but they seem to quite like em. Link below…
And have you heard the new Crimea track yet? The one Adam Walton played? Sounds just the kinda thing they’d use on a well known beer advert, like…
Ooo yeh n Elodie sent me a scan of more Annie stuff. I’ll stick it up later.
Fer christs sake… You go looking for one, a thousand come along. You know I’ve got better things to do than add all new crox links up here? Like fuck I do… Stakult Promotions (who?) also have a biography on The Crocketts. It’s real good too. And they have some review clips aslwell. NME get’s a look in with their reporter nearly-men banging out lines like “Well, their singer‘s called Davey, so they‘re asking for it really.” Go buy a proper mag, like Music Wekk. It’s got The Crimea in you know? Uh.. yeah.. stakusululu link…

Gig Rescheduled & Site Update

Davey BioThe Crimea / Ash gig at Leeds University has been moved from 25th May to Tuesday 15th June. There’s a few tickets available online, but when I checked TicketLine they only had four left :o \. The gigs page has been updated to reflect the change. Appologies to all who miss out for some reason.
I’ve put up the first of a few biographys for Crimea band members. Davey’s is up first, and contains a quick history of the lead singer and a profile by Davey from Amy Wiseman. She got all the band members to fill one in during the Leicester gig a couple of weeks ago and they’ll all be appearing with each band member’s biography in the coming months. Click here to view Davey’s bio. If you have anything appropriate that could be added to the bios, e-mail in or leave a message somewhere on the site.

Annie MacManus Radio 1 Show

Davey’s sister Annie MacManus has just landed her very own Radio 1 show on Thursday nights. A poster on The Crimea’s message board let slip that The Sun had a load of stuff about her in Saturdays edition, so I had a quick look around the web and found this…

Annie MacFrom the BBC:
Radio 1 champions new music with changes to its specialist line-up – 21.05.2004
Annie MacManus
Thursday nights will now have a distinctive clubbing feel.
Annie is a brand new DJ coming straight from The Zane Lowe show.
She is going to present a snapshot of everything that is new and exciting in the dance world.

From UTV:
Dubliner lands Radio 1 show – 21/05/2004

A 25-year-old near unknown has landed her own show on Radio 1 as part of the station’s shake-up of its evening schedule.
Annie MacManus was working as a broadcast assistant on Zane Lowe`s show when she was asked to do a pilot.
Radio 1 bosses were so impressed with the result that they offered her the chance to showcase new dance music on her own show.
The Dubliner has been handed the Thursday 9-11pm slot as a result of the overhaul, which sees Dave Pearce lose his two-hour drivetime slot.
A Radio 1 spokesman said: “Annie lives the life of our audience but she also showed us that she has the potential to become a great broadcaster.
“This makes her an ideal choice for the show.“
Annie MacManusThe new DJ said: “I couldn`t have asked for a better show that defines me and what I stand for.
“I am over the moon and can`t wait to get started.“

So being a dance show there’ll be no sign of The Crimea on the playlist I guess. Ah well. Check the pic of Davey in drag to the right. Oh, no, it’s Annie. Easy mistake?

EDIT: Some more stuff from the BBC, an Annie Mac Bio…

“Annie was born and bred in Dublin as part of a large, very musical family…
Within a year, she had moved to London, into a house of four smelly rockers (her brother’s band) and got her first job in the music industry…”

And this is from “unamazing disgrace” via the Crimea board. The clip outa the Sun. Thanks :o )

Sun Article

Record Deal & Vanden Plas

The Crimea have finially signed a record deal! *woohoo* More money for davey n owen :o D. I think it’s with EastWest Records, warners spinoff, but i’m not sure…
Another plug for The Vanden Plas who remixed The Crimea’s Baby Boom, and very kindly send me a copy :o ). No commercial release seems planned but maybe I’ll be able to stick a copy up here :o D Meanwhile, you can grap some Vanden Plas t-shirts here along with some other nice looking, albeit pricey, t’s.
And Listen to Deerhoof!

The Crimea Sign Record Deal

Reports from last night are good, apparently the lads all managed to turn up at the right place at the right time and finally signed a record deal with a Warners-owned label. Hopefully it’ll mean many more top class records to come, and possibly a properly distributed release of Tragedy Rocks :o ).

Mailing List

Mailing ListWoo hoo!! Early Christmas – The Crimea love WBR
Two in one day? This must be good. Click [More] to see what all the fuss is about.
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Dakine Competition

Details of the competition revealed in the mail-out (previous post) are now up on the home page. If you didn’t buy a copy off Owen then it shouldn’t be too hard to get a pic of your copy/reciept and either email it or at the very least photocopy it and send it to the merch address.
And if you’re fluent in Welsh and would like to help translate a one page review of the band then get in touch.

Mailing List

Mailing ListGigs ‘n’ competitions – The Crimea style
Comepetition? Weyhey I need a decent rucksack :o D I can like, put CDs and stuff in it, and take them places :o ) Click [More] to read, click here to buy.
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Coming Soon

I know you probably thought it would’ve been here ages ago, but I’m still working on the Crimea site and the Crocketts one is a right mess. Expect it sometime in the next couple of months :o (.
Though I just took a look at the Muse site and shat myself. That thing must’ve taken like, five years to code, or something. Oh wow the picture changed :o D My sites are so crap :o \

Maupa Whoop Ass

You may remember Maupa as the cheeky little scamps who not only knocked out, but buried and pissed on the grave of everyone else in the English leg of the Wanadoo Discoveries online cometition to find the next “big thing” in music. Contestants from all around Europe including The Crimea took part, and the final was helt this evening in Montpellier, France. The finalists, including Maupa, played during the show, which was streamed ove the net this evening. It’s actually still going on and I’m getting a horibly slowed down strem through what should be a 1mbps connection, but anyway, I missed the bit where Maupa were on and winners were anounced, but fuck me if they hadn’t got half of England to help em out in the vote cos Maupa won the whole damn thing. And I still dunno what they get. Visit their site and lavish your love upon the band who’s fans could do what the Crimean army never could.