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Halflight, who Owen played drums on some studio recordings for, have just won themselves.. well.. something to do with Wales’ Pop Factory show, and have got themselves nominated for the Best New Talent category in the Pop Factory Music Awards 2004, the same category The Crimea won last year. Check out their website at

Gig Reviews

A review of The Crimea’s gig at The Garage, London on June 18th available via the CMU Online site (right at the bottom) or More.
Click Music has another review of the same gig, but their site’s a bit shit so you can’t read it. Just keep trying the link on their reviews page.
And there’s also one of the support gig for the Stereophonics at Shepherds Bush Empire on June 9th. Check out or More for that.
Acording to the links page I’ve not mentioned this before so… XFM reviewed White Russian Galaxy. Ages ago. And they didn’t like it. Enough, click More.
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More Video Clip Downloads

Even more videos of The Crimea playing live are now available for download. The three short, silent clips were taken by Chris Sheffield at Manchester Academy 2 when The Crimea supported The Get Up Kids. The thrid one was up for download a couple of months ago but now you can get the other two as well.

Site Updates

Welcome to the all-new-yet-exactly-the-same, everything should be back to full working order now after last night’s problems but if you spot anything wrong then lemme know at the usual address. And if you did read about a little present on the old site, check out the downloads page. I’ve also uploaded a new bio, this one for Andy Norton.

Pics, News And Reviews

DaveyJon Birch has sent in photos of The Crimea’s gig at Aberystwyth Arts Centre last week. Check the Images page or click this.
Two more Ash/Crimea gig reviews, joined the crowd of “chart fans” in Manchester to give our lads a decent write-up…
The other is at, who say The Crimea are “definitely worth checking out”. Check this page or More for the rest.
John Peel played White Russian Galaxy for the first time in quite a while on Wednesday (tracklisting link) due to it’s inclusion in the following compilation…
FF Vinyl records will release the North South Divine compilation, which includes The Crimea’s White Russian Galaxy, on June 19th. It’s currently priced ?7.99 at, click More for news on the compo from around the web.
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Festival Updates

Dates and stages for The Crimea’s appearance at T In The Park and V Festival have now been confirmed. Check the gigs page for the info. has an online version up of their magazine article on The Crimea’s record deal. Copied into More for your convinience.
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Crock Shop Update

Owen says he’s sold of of James Dean-Esque singles, I figure he means both the CD and 7″ but if you must check… When I finally get the site done there’ll be a list of places selling most of the stuff Owen’s sold out of anyways. Oooo who the hell are echobelly, they’re good :o )

Merchandise claim to have numerous second hand Crocketts merchandise for sale, including the very rare Pedro 7″ (unlikely), the Host video and a Hello & Good Morning promo. They seem to be more of a collection of stuff from various indie shops around hte UK, cos i’ve seen the same stuff listed elsewhere, but if you wanna take a look just hit the search button and type Crocketts.
A site called Chart Log UK, which has a listing of all UK top 200 chart positions since 1995, also contains chart entris for numerous Crocketts releases. Check them out here if you want, but I’ll put em below for the hell of it.
The Crocketts
Title – Lable – Year – Date – Peak Position – Weeks In Top 200
Loved Ya Once (Blue Dog/V2)
1998 (21.03.1998): 181 (-/1)
Flower Girl (Blue Dog/V2)
1998 (23.05.1998): 185 (-/1)
James Dean-esque (Blue Dog/V2)
1999 (22.05.1999): 102 (-/2)
Host (Blue Dog/V2)
2000 (15.04.2000): 85 (-/2)
On Something (Blue Dog/V2)
2000 (15.07.2000): 112 (-/1)
1939 Returning / Chick vs. Macho (Blue Dog/V2)
2000 (28.10.2000): 107 (-/1)

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

The Crimea are in the review section of today’s Independent newspaper. I’m sure someone’ll be kind enough to send a scan in sometime.
SW1 Productions have a review of the Ash gig in Truro, there’s a couple of Crimea pics there too. Click here for the site or More if you can’t read the strange picture text.
Davey @ Hall For Cornwall, by Matt Jessop WWW.MATTJESSOP.COMI’ve stuck up a couple more Crimea magazine article scans on the press clippings page. If you can speak Welsh then feel free to post a translation to the Tacsi article.
This one’s a bit old. Well, very old. A preview of Davey’s acoustic gig at the Toucan club in Cardiff last summer. There’s a nice pic with his former band name on, and yet again, translations are welcome.
Another oldie, Norman Records’ review of White Russian Galaxy. Check it out here or in the extended More section.
Reviews and ratings of Crimea releases can be found at, though currently there’s only one, but it’s good.
This is an intresting site listing peak chart positions of all UK singles and albums between 1995 and 2003. It lists Baby Boom as peaking at 139 and leaving the top 200 after one week. Click More for The Crimea’s full chart details.
Here’s a pic of Charlotte from Ash wearing a Crimea Jagermiester t-shirt during the Leeds gig. Some of you should be getting your own when the Dakine comp ends.
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Leeds Review

Cos I’m so crap at them, I figured I’d leave it. But TOTP is on so it’s not like I’ve got anything good to do right now…

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Live Forever

I’ve not actually listened to it all yet but the tracklisting speaks for itself. If you weren’t around in 96, or more importantly, if you were, go out and buy the Live Forever britpop compilation. £7 down W.H.Smith, almost as cheap as a blowjob eh Davey? And I’ve almost forgoten everything the jack-in-a-box-on-a-stage said to me on tuesday…. Fuckit, i forget everything :o \
Oo yeh, the site might dissapear for a couple days next weekend. Gotta move hosts and stuff and apparently it fooks things up. Send me your old crocks pics n things so I can be bothered to finish this site. I’m too lazy.

More Ash/Crimea Reviews

From the BBC Tyne website, a review of the Northumbria gig with Ash on 7th June. Click More to leave coments on it.
Leeds Music Scene turned up for the Leeds show, click here or More for the Crimea bit of the review and let the pining begin.
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Davey Jumps

Woohoo Davey jump’s again :o D and selling blow jobs for a fiver. You’d think with the new deal they wouldn’t have to do that kinda thing. Though they do have to sell like shit loads of albums to make much more. So go buy it (it has crox songs on, i promise). And if i ever see another Ash fan in my life I’m gonna kill myself. From what davey was saying, watch out for possible new singles in the form of Weird or Six Shoulders Six Stone. Managed to get a recording of the gig but it’s fucking shit. If you know anything about MD live recording then lemme how to stop record crap.

Mailing List

Mailing ListFesties, gigs and rucksacks – The Crimea go emo
The Crimea have confirmed appearances at V Festival and T In The Park. Click More for the rest.
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Ash/Crimea Gig Reviews

Joyzine have reviewed the Ash/Crimea gig at Glasgow Academy lavishing praise upon the worshiped popsters yet left dissapointed by The Crimea. Click More or here for the review.
On the other hand, here’s a Birmingham Academy review saying “The Crimea were fantastic”. I like you. Click here or on More to read the review from
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