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Site Stuff

Calling all big Crimea fans in America who have some HTML experience and time to spare. I’m looking for someone over there who’d like to help out on the site for a few months posting news, reviews, bootleged radio stuff, magazine clippings… Basically just keeping an eye out for anything on the radio / TV / US mags/websites for any info on the band that we wouldn’t get over here, and putting it up on this site. I dunno how publicised they’re going to be in America yet but I figure I might as well get the bases coverd sooner rather than later, so if you think you’re the right girl/guy for the job, get in touch with me at

Annie Mac Show

Aliright kids. I think I’m about to get sacked from a job I never had. At least it’s something for the resume. So incase you don’t see me round here too much anymore (North Korea really don’t look that bad) I better remind you about the ANNIE MAC SHOW, tonight at 9pm. While you’re waiting for that to start, click this, skip to 1hr 10mins and hang around a bit to hear Regina Spektor’s “Your Honor”. It’s kinda cool.
PS. I knew bloody craig should’ve kept his site going :o \

Mailing List

Mailing ListTwo Shows + Help The Aged. The Crimea get charitable.
TLC or GLC? The Crimea want More of both. You knows it.
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Another Festival Date

Ambient PicnicThe Crimea should be playing the Ambient Picnic festival in Shalford Park, Guildford on August 1st. More details are on the gigs page but here’s some stuff nicked from thier website: The Ambient Picnic 2004 will feature four stages of live music, art exhibits, an EcoZone, traders, caterers and amusements, and also a quiet field set aside for peaceful contemplation, massage and the many practitioners of alternative therapies. First person to send in a pic of one of the band getting massaged gets a copy of whatever Crimea single you want.

The Annie Mac Show

The Annie Mac Show, next Thursday from 9pm on Radio 1. You best all be listening :o )

Crimea News Articles

North South DivineThe Cockermouth edition of the Times & Star newspaper had an article on Andy Stafford in it on July 1st. It’s all about him and the band getting signed by Warners, so check it out on the Times & Star website or by clicking More. You can also view my little bio on him here.
The Times Leader website has an interesting article on a day in the life of Warner’s A&R man Perry Watts-Russell, who signed The Crimea to the Warners lable, and features a little bit on his involvement with the band. Click More or view the Times Leader website to read it.
And the new FF Vinyl compilation The North South Divine, featuring The Crimea’s White Russian Galaxy, was released on Monday. BBC Wales have reviewed it here and say that, among other things, “highlights include The Crimea’s brash new wave White Russian Galaxy”. You can pick up a copy from for ?7.99.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea and various radio…erm…heads.
The Crimea try to conquer America. Click More to find out which US radio stations you can hear them on.
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Reviews And Things

The Crimea are reviewed on the Tasty Fanzine site, and for once the line “sometimes they come across as more of a piss-take than the Darkness” wasn’t aim’d at them. Hit More.
After watching/listening to over 15 hours of T In The Park coverage, I can truthfully say The Crimea were nowhere to be seen. Maybe greater recognition is needed…
In which case, this years Kerrang Awards have come along just in time. Fill in their entry form before August 26th and then just add whoever you want (err… The Crimea…) to the best newcomer/band/album etc sections.

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Mailing List

Mailing ListDrinking T (and stronger stuff) with The Crimea
Broken vans and brollies. Yes, it’s festival time again. Click More to find out where the Crimea are gonna be playing.
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Project Winterhaven

Julz Parker (ex crimea star guitar girl why am i still explaining this) and her band Project Winterhaven are playing the Kilburn in London on Thursday 15th with Club Church Crew. Get down there to witness the best guitarist in the whole damn world. Possibly. Now where’s my monkey?

Castell Rock

Castell Rock

Gig Review / Preview

Designer Magazine’s Ash gig review features a paragraph on The Crimea. It’s also in the usual place.
Here’s the Daily Record article on T In The Park that was mentioned on the message board, where Edith Bowman recommends The Crimea.
And here’s the BBC’s T In The Park website. Turn’s out they’re gonna be joining the crowds for hours of live TV and radio coverage on the weekend. And guess who’s gonna be nervously hovering over the record button all night in case his favourite band puts in a two second appearance? Well it’s not like I have anything better to do :o \.
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1939 Returning Returning

More TV play for the crox’s last single, some guy just posted this on the crimea forum:
“1939 returning” sampled on RTE TV!
Was watching TV last night here in Eire, and there was an ad on for some program, and (quietly) in the background, the sample playing was the opening strains of 1939 returning! Wow!
Who’d a thunk it! Daveys very own home-station sampling his stuff!!!
Madness alltogether…