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Davey’s Missing Tooth

Well today I just got the urge to share with you a little email someone once forwarded to me. And Jane, if you ever read this… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

From: crocketts
Date: 04 March 2001 18:46
Subject: Dentists Nghtmare
Allo Jane
The mystrey of Davey’s missing tooth? Well that’s what it is, no-one really knows and nothing can prise the info from the defendant. There have been many theories, some with more creedance than others….
1.) Some have suggested that Davey very kindly, donated it to under priviliged kids.
2.) Years of constant mic slamming eroded it away.
3.) It just upped and left one day, taking it’s pet Mole(r) with it.
4.) Genetic tests revealed it too have been formed from a different type of enamel, and so the Govt stole it and are conducting hush, hush experiments on it.
5.) Davey was a bit strapped for cash one day and so he made a deal with the tooth fairy.
6.) Davey was supposed to visit the Orthodontist, but got a bit pissed and ended up at the Awful Dentist instead.
I hope these ideas have enlightened you somewhat, perhaps you could mail me some of the other possible explainations, it would help my work greatly, and who knows perhaps this enigma will one day be resolved.
Have a goodun.
Ricardo Wurzerello

Needless to say, there won’t be too many emails like that being sent anymore.

Lottery Winners On Acid US Release

LWOAAccording to, Lottery Winners On Acid will be released in America on October 5th by Warner Brothers. They list the price as $7.98 but there’s no other details as yet. I’ll keep you updated…
Meanwhile, US websites Tower Records and CD Baby both have the Tragedy Rocks album back in stock, so go grab a copy before they sell out again.
And if you’re in two minds about wether to get one, here’s a review of the album by Alternative Malta (halfway down the page). “Come on, I know you?ll like it!” Click More for the rest.
EFestivals have some pics from the Ambient Picnic festival. If you have friends, you can also send them as e-cards.
A V Festival punter has reviewed every one of the bands who played the Music Choice stage on Sunday 26th August. You can view the whole thing here or click More to read the paragraph on The Crimea.
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Andy & Charlotte Hatherley

Andy Norton, Crimea lead guitarist, was on BBC 6 Music this morning playing with Charlotte Hatherley. Andy’s mentioned before the first acoustic track, Summer, then at the end of the interview (when The Crimea are also mentioned), and plays guitar and provides backing vocals for both the first and second acoustic track, Bastardo. Downloads are just underneathe…
Charlotte Hatherley
Summer (4 MB) -=- Interview (3 MB) -=- Bastardo (4.5 MB)

Radio Stuff

Crimea lead guitarist Andy Norton is currenly helping out Charlotte Hatherley (lead Ash guitarist gone solo) during some radio sessions. They’ve already done a few things together but will next be in session for Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music, Tuesday 24th August between 10am and 1pm. You can read a bit more about Andy’s moonlighting on the Unofficial Crocketts site.
IC Wales have an article on their websiteabout FF Vinyl’s North South Divine compilation featuring The Crimea’s White Russian Galaxy. You can view the whole article here or click More for the small Crimea bio they produced.
Virgin Radio will air coverage of V Festival over the weekend, so you may just hear The Crimea if you tune in. Here’s their V 2004 homepage.
Music Choice, sponsors of the stage The Crimea will play on at V 2004, have a small page/bio on the band here.
More Virgin stuff, their ‘…Louder’ site has a review of The Crimea on. I’ve seen it elsewhere but not this green looking.
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Kerrang! Awards 2004

You’ve only got a week left to get your entry in for the Kerrang! Awards 2004. You can enter here, you just need to provide your details and then add whatever band you want (like The Crimea) to the best newcomer/band/album etc sections. The awards take place on Thursday August 26 and will be telivised shortly afterwards.

Mailing List

Mailing ListFree show!!!/Compy winners/V fest and Charlotte’s bum (notes) – The Crimea
And the winner is…. Yup, you guesed it. Olli “Lucky Expletive” Macca. But wait, there’s more than one prize…
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Gig Tomorrow

The Crimea are playing a V Festival warm-up gig at Camden Barfly tomorrow, Thursday 19th. If you’d like to be put on the guest list then please email Sorry for the short notice. V Festival 2004 takes place this weekend and as Channel 4/E4 are screening highlights you can tune in if you didn’t get tickets. Extra gig details are on the gig info page.

Crimea Reviews & Other Bands

Davey MacManus has been lifted to the hights of international stardom, hanging out with the likes of Jack White and co, or at least in a sentance of this article he has. In a review of My Red Cell’s new album by Crud Music Magazine, they say of MRC’s lead singer: “He has a brimming, psychotic delivery that is impossible to ignore, reminiscent of a speeding Jack White smothered by Davey MacManus of past Welsh cult heroes The Crocketts in some rowdy bar after closing”.
I might stick the new crox site up sometime soon. It’ll only be the stuff I’ve finished, around 50%, but it’s better than nothing.
Oooh it hurts. Here’s a couple of reviews you won’t be seeing on The Crimea site. Both of the Ambient Picnic festival on the 1st of this month, and both for
In 2004, you’d think we would have moved on a bit from the shoegazing FX-rock of the early nineties, but it’s obvious that headliners The Crimea still hold their Ride records close to their hearts. If you think of X Is Loaded, but without any of the tunes that make that band vaguely tolerable, then you still won’t manage to plumb the depths of dullness that The Crimea do – and with appalling lines like “we’ll walk through the streets like lottery winners on acid” they don’t help themselves either. It was at this point I decided to head off to the Dance Tent – that’s just how bad they were…
From bad to worse as The Crimea take the main stage, some crappy Indie band that nobody had heard of and indeed few people stayed to see. The shocking thing was these guys were the headliners… but how??? Nobody had heard of them. Still at least I am justified in bitching about the Ambient Picnic when they put on this level of a show for a headliner.
Enough. Andy Norton’s currently on the road with Charlotte Hatherley from Ash as rythm guitarist and backing vocalist for any current radio sessions she’s doing. I’m currently trying to find out details of future sessions, but here’s a couple of acoustic MP3s he did a couple weeks ago. They’re the last two, titled “Acoustic (Low Quality)”, and were recorded for a Virgin radio session.
And the girl Andy replaced, Julz Parker is playing her final UK gig this year with Project Winerhaven at the Late Bar on Kilburn High Road, Thursday August 26th. Please go, she’s good and stuff.

Halflight E.P.

The new Halflight E.P, entitled Subside, is out now and I do believe our very own Owen Hopkin provides drums for some of the tracks. You can read reviews and purchase a copy over at their website,

Little Things

I did have alot of stuff to post a few days ago, but since then websites have been torn down, TV listing mags thrown away and computer files gone missing. So bear with me while I take you through a round up of the last weeks Crimea goings on, at least what I can remember…
V FestivalThere’s a tiny mntion of the band in this T In The Park review, saying The Crimea “proved to be one of the bands to watch out for in the coming year”.
Virgin Mobile Louder’s website has a page on The Crimea with a pic and bio to advertise their appearance at the V 2004 festival on August 21st and 22nd.
Last Monday, The Crimea’s Lottery Winners On Acid was used as background music on BBC1′s Real Story programme. The show was all about National Lottery winners who didn’t end up in the care-free world they probably should have.
*Tries to remember stuff* Ermm… the Carling Live site had some pics of The Crimea on. They don’t anymore. But I saved copies and they’ll be up here soon enough. And should have a review or something about The Crimea in their next issue, but their site’s all broke and stuff so I don’t really know. Sooo if you have any news/rumours/made up stories about The Crimea then send it in.

Annie Mac & Project Winterhaven

Annie Mac” Ih-bee-thar “. And with that word you know it’s deffinately a MacManus who’s taken over Radio 1′s Thursday evenings. Listen again and view her full Radio 1 webpage here. This week Annie’ll be in ground-zero itself presenting a live show from the island’s Cafe Mambo as part of Radio 1′s Ibiza weekend. And before you ask, I have put in a request to her to play some Crocketts stuff, but so far heard nothing back. Maybe it was the whole “Nuke Ibiza” thing. Whatever…
Julz / Project Winterhaven are playing the Mau Mau on Portobello road on Aug 8th. They’ll be on around 7 but doors open at 3 for some singy-types to do their stuff. Apparently they’re alright.
There’s something else but I forget. Maybe it’ll come back… … maybe not…