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LWOA EP Purchase Updates

LWOA EPThis mainly aimed at the UK fans as I’m sure those in the US will be able to get it from you’re local record store…
If you don’t mind the wait then I believe the band will be bringing numerous copies of the EP back to the UK with them when they return after their US tour. You’ll save quite a bit on postage vs. importing from the US, and they’ll probably sell them cheaper than the stores anyway.
If you’d still like to import a copy, and will both be selling copies, Tower Records being the cheaper of the two to import from coming in at just under ?8 when postage is added.
Of course you can always go the technical route and download the digital single from various Warner endorsed online stores, though the only one listing it at the moment is and they don’t actually have a price listed yet

MTR / KCRW Broadcast

KCRWSo here’s what the Museum of TV & Radio said about access to the radio broadcast… “CMJ badge holders are admitted free to the broadcast.” Don’t get too excited, badges cost more than your life’s worth. “If you are with the band, you should let the folks at KCRW know as they’ll be putting together a list of non-CMJ badge holders.” So if you really wanna go, get on to either KCRW or someone from the band and they might just be able to get you in.

Site Updates

Due to major spam abuse I’ve had to remove comment posting for archived news entries. You’ll still be able to post comments on the main news page entries, and read the ones left for archived ones, and it’s not like you ever posted comments for those anyway, so it’s no big deal…
Eventually I’ll get round to adding a newer ad-free message board for the site, as a replacement for the current ad-including one and the spam infested forum. If you know a simple to use forum you’d like on the site, then please leave suggestions by hitting the Comments button.
Appologies to anyone using the Firefox browser. Right now it seems this page is the only one properly compatible, but I promise I’m working on the others. Blame Microsoft for my incompetent web coding. Like you didn’t already.
I’m guessing it’s not just myself becoming annoyed with the LWOA pop-up on the main page. Complain in the comments and it’s gone.
And note the slight alteration to the below post, apparently the radio show is part of the CMJ Music Marathon. *Dies*.

Gig Updates

Well shut my mouth. I said five days ago The Crimea were playing a gig at NY’s Museum of TV & Radio as part of the CMJ Music Marathon, but it now appears to be just be a live radio session broadcast. They’re actually playing two other gigs for CMJ, but check the gigs page for that stuff. I’ve had a look at the MTR website and it seems you might still be able to get in and watch the radio broadcast stuff, though i’d check that out with the museum before you re-build Concorde or anything… Edit: So I actually just emailed them for you to see if they’ll let you in. I’ll let you know what I hear back. Now say “thankyou uncle webmaster”…
A small North American / Candian tour has also been planned, check the mail out below or the gigs page very shortly for that news.

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea – getting it on with Jimmy, Media Players and America. Lovin’ it.
Errr well that about says it all. I’ll save my amusing comments for a later post… Hit More.
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*Yay* i guess this is the one most poeople come for so here it is – the all new & improved, toatlly Firefox compatible LYRICS PAGE *g*.

Live Review

I’ll air on the side of caution with this one, though now the hole’s been pluged i don’t see what could be scary about the man at all anymore…
“Next stop for AMP is the Music Choice stage to see The Crimea who have got enough tunes to be successful, yet they are let down by the fact that they don’t look like a band, they have a lead singer who made one member of AMP’S team want to do very bad things to him.”
And the rest of the site’s coming along nicely, might have some more pages up by the end of the week :o )

News From The States

Billboard, the US music charts company, have LWOA listed on the new releases list on their website. Strangely they have two entries for the EP, suggesting it’ll be released in two formats (probably CD/Vinyl or CD/DVD).
3WK Undergroundradio have playlisted ‘Lottery Winners…’ and ‘Baby Boom’ from the EP, view their site and listen online at
KCRWThe Crimea will be performing in New York City’s Museum of TV & Radio on October 15th, recording a special show for US radio station KCRW as part of their CMJ Music Marathon coverage. If you’re in the area, the museum does let visitors in to watch radio broadcasts, though best to check with them first. Regardless, they’ll be broadcasting the band’s set live on their Morning Becomes Eclectic show at around 11.15am (4.15pm GMT) and you’ll be able to listen online to the show, and possibly to an archived recording of The Crimea’s performance from the MBE homepage.
Back home, photographer John Bown has just stuck on his official website some pics he took of The Crimea performing at The Gallery in London on July 29th.
And for the Welsh readers, here’s a BBC Wales webpage with something about “y (the) Crimea” on it, though with online translators not catering much for Cymraeg I couldn’t tell you whether it’s more about the region, the venue or the band. EDIT: Go figure, it’s about the mountain. Never mind about that link then…

EP Review & Gig Support

Found the first of probably many LWOA EP review online, click here or More to see what KEXP FM had to say about it.
The Crimea will be supporting Jimmy Eat World on their two English tour dates later this month, though unfortunately both are already sold out.
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FINALLY someone other than myself can be bothered to make a Crimea site :o D and yes, the tracklisting is very much similar to the Klutzville EP. Infact, it all but is the Klutzville EP, cept with the re-recorded versions of stuff and I can’t quite remember which those are but I think it’s only LWOA… so basically an EP of the last crox/klutz stuff without all the new crimea stuff inbetween :o D :o D they say you can buy it online too. I wouldn’t, but for anywhere from £8 to £13 for imports :o \… oh and they copied my crimea logo too :o P well, the red/white bit…

Lottery Winenrs On Acid Mini-Site

LWOA EPThe Lottery Winners On Acid EP will be released in America on October 5th and to promote the launch, Warner’s have stuck each track featured on the EP onto a special LWOA mini-site. You can launch the site from the splash page at, but there’s numerous links to it on this site, and unless you’ve installed Windows XP SP2 it should pop up from the home page. If it doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to install the Macromedia Flash plug-in.
Contained on the EP are five of the best tracks from The Crimea’s debut album Tragedy Rocks – White Russian Galaxy, Lottery Winners On Acid, Baby Boom, Bombay Sapphire Coma and Opposite Ends. You can purchase the EP from various online retailers including and, aswell as purchasing digital copies of the EP from Warner endorsed online digital music stores.


Hi again, quick public service announcement this…
If you’re the former webmaster of who goes under the name of J, please get in contact with me cos you have cool live recording of the crox and i want them. Thankyou.
Sader news: I dunno who it was who first pointed me in the direction of this band, but i’m sure it was someone crox related. Easyworld have just announced on their website that they’ve split up. They played the recent V Festival just after The Crimea on the same stage, and their fans were even nice enough to post their approval of the Crimea on the easyworld messageboard. Are there any decent bands left?

Llama Farmers

Good evening dear children.
Llama Farmers - El ToppoExactly this time two years ago i was at a crimea gig :o ) woo…. anyways… you may have noted a strange new bannery thing northwards ^. well don’t get too excited cos none of the links work, but in time strange and wondorous new things will start appearing on the site. before it does though, i want you to all go and dig through your old collections of kerrang and melody maker mags and look for old crox stuff. scan it in, send it here, the last guy who did provided me with half of the press clipping page. thanks jonny. and i’m gonna try do a kind of little gigography so if you know the date and place of a gig, lemme know too.
Another band you may read about in those old mags, the ole Llama Farmers, no longer exist. Boo. Whatever. <– Bernie’s new band ;o) (fyi he was the lead singer of the llamas yes yes he was. probably.)

Summer Sucks

Not much going on lately other than a few new pics of the band at V 2004 on the E Festivals site.
And Lottery Winners On Acid still looks like it’s coming out Stateside on October 5th, possibly on the Double Dragon lable with Warners distributing. Means nothing to me but it’s gotta make sense to someone.

Site Stuff

mehehehe i have sooooo much cool stuff to put on this site. if it ever gets done. booo :o (
crimea should def. be playing at the cmj thing in new york. julz is gooonnnee… again… country hoping or something but i have some of her cds to give away too *g* if you want me to take a pic of somewhere in aber for you i will cos it’s not like i’m gonna have much better to do there. cept uni work. like that matters. and until dacey’s house falls down again that’s about all the interesting stuff i have to say.