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The US Diary

The Crimea’s US diary site has been updated with another entry and many more photos of the band playing New York, playing with reptiles, playing with… err… well, everything, really.

Crimea UK Gig

The Brixton Windmill website has The Crimea listed as playing their Xmas Party gig on Sunday 19th December. Details are already on the gigs page, as will any other gigs I find out about.

Crimea TV Soundtracks

White Russian Galaxy by The Crimea was used on episode 1 of Fox’s Wonderfalls show, which’ll be out on DVD early next year.
The Channel 4 Teacher’s website now has a listing of the songs featured on the show, also featuring White Russian Galaxy.
And here’s a page from Bristol Uncovered on the death of John Peel, with yet another mention of White Russian Galaxy.

Halflight Comp & Pics

Having been nominated for the Pop Factory Award’s Best New Act award (which The Crimea won last year), Halflight are playing a gig at the Pop Factory in Wales on December 3rd to launch the event. They’re currently giving away tickets to the gig on their website but first you’ll have to answer a very Crocketts related question about Owen Hopkin. And for any Halflight fans visiting this site, here’s a few more pics of their gig at The Bay in Aberystwyth a short while ago.

Halflight 4 Halflight 5 Halflight 6 Halflight 7

Peel Tribute Night

Peel tribute night on Radio 1, Thursday 16th December, more details @

Annie Mac LWOA Vocals

Look look, massive Mac. Hehehe… She’s just recorded vocals for The Crimea’s ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’, ‘Opposite Ends’ and ‘Someone’s Crying’, or so says a man who just e-mailed me from a studio in the US. You’d never believe me if I actually told you who ;o)
Hahaha… Junior Eurovision… Hahahahahahahaha….

Singles Competition

The competition for the Crimea singles ended last night. The answer went something along the lines of Warner Brothers, though slight variations were accepted. Winners have been drawn and notified by email. Can the second place winner please contact me ASAP with which prize you’d like as you didn’t say in your entry. Thanks.
Also heard from a man in the know that Someone’s Crying will be re-recorded for the album, so the copy up for download on the War Child Music site is unlikely to be available anywhere else. Of course you should have a copy already but if not, get it here for 99p.

The Crimea’s US Diary

Andy In The USNow the picture to the right could mean one of two things. 1) Andy’s much gayer than you thought. 2) The Crimea have started to record every intimate detail of their life in the US in an online diary. “We all arrived at Davey & Owen’s house at about 7:30am and briefly got confused by our identical Dakine luggage…” Well god damn. It’ll be the second then. Visit this site to read up on all the latest gossip provided by Andy, Joe and the rest of the band. There’s a load of photos too for the amusment of all, bar possibly the band members.

Website Updates

Changed the style sheet again, everything looks a bit LWOA EP ish now, hopefully nothing’s bolloxed up. The banner up the top and on the main news page are still a bit brown though, it’ll take a while to change them and i’m prolly gonna totally get rid of the one on here anyway.
And the competition for loads of Crimea singles ends midnight this Saturday. Entry details are on the home page, it’s not that hard.

Davey’s Tooth Returns

Gone but not forgotten. RIP Davey’s Non-Tooth.

Crimea Articles

Davey's ToothWomens Wear Daily have an article on Nic Harcourt from KCRW / Morning Becomes Eclectic on their website, and it includes a small interview and some details on The Crimea. Alas, there are no cross dressing antics, but um… you see that on the right? Do you? Not anymore you don’t. Click More or go here to read why. You can also still listen to The Crimea’s Morning Becomes Eclectic session on the KCRW website here.
Stuart Denyer has written a review of the Someone’s Crying download and stuck it up on his site. You can still download a copy from War Child Music for only 99p, so what are you hanging round here for? Cheap As Chips.
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Halflight Gig Photos

So he’s only on the first track “Where The Pins Drop” but it’s good all the same :o ) and I want a new camera cos mine keeps breaking everything. or at least, it does when its battery works and it can be bothered to take the pic. then again, half the time it still doesn’t bother…

Y Bay Halflight 1 Halflight 2 Halflight 3 Sarah Howells Subside EP Credits

Mailing List

Mailing ListThey Dared To Rock – The Crimea’s American Tale (Part 1)
The Crimea discuss their recent undertakings in the US. Click More to read it, sign up to the Crimea mailing list on this page.
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Halflight Gig

Halflight @ The Bay

Exclusive Crimea Song Download

War ChildAs part of their November charity compilation download, War Child Music have an exclusive Crimea track to download from their website. It’s in the form of ‘Someone’s Crying’ which acording to them is from the band’s upcoming early 2005 album, though apparently Davey’s still recording vocal tracks for it so this may be an even bigger exclusive than they think. You can get it as part of the full compilation featuring Kasabian, The Kills and Spiritualized for ?3.50 ($6.50) or on it’s own for 99p ($1.80). They’ll accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch and Solo cards through their secure purchase site (or for a little more you can use your mobile to get it), then you’ll be free to download the track in 192kbps WMA format and 192kbps AAC format for those of you with a MAC. I say get both, but there’ll be some restrictions on the WMA file. Click More for the low down on War Child and what they have to say about The Crimea. FWIW I already have my copy, and I’ve not stoped playing it since I got it.
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