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Crimea news on the CDUK site. Whatever next, Crimea songs on the CDUK show? You vote for it, you got it. Check out the lottery news here and vote for Lottery Winners On Acid as your favourite track here. It’s part of Lauren Laverne’s hot tracks and’ll get played on the show if they get to number one. Only a day left though, so get to it.
What a deal. Townsend Records, your one stop shop for all Crimea releases, have a special multi-buy deal for all three of the Lottery Winners On Acid format versions at the special price of ?5.99 (?7.49 once shipping is included). Remember, the more you buy, the higher up the charts they get. Top 40 = an airing on Radio 1’s top 40. Top 20 = An airing on BBC 1’s Top Of The Pops top 20 countdown. Number 1 = an airing on every news channel in the country along the lines of “another internet word of mouth single blah blah”… Buy, my pretties, buuuyyyy! *ahem*
Oh yeah, guess what’s getting re-released? Again? Tragedy Rocks (UK version), out January 30th. This time I think it’s just a second publishing or something by Warners, so no changes to it, but it’s amusing as hell.

Radio.Blog Rocks My Socks

*Ahem* Well, I was trying to stick some old Crimea tracks on the media player o’er yonder, but things have obviously gone a little bit, erm… wrong… But they’re just too bloody fantastic to delete, so shall remain under the Christmas 2005 Remixes name as a timeless reminder to those who dare to venture into the audio compression world without proper guidance. Happy feckin Christmas, and apologies in advance to all those involved. Update: Ahhh, fixed. I can rest in peace now :o)

The Missing Sessions, One Down…

You may remember back in October when I mentioned about The Crimea recording a few radio sessions. Six of them, actually, including Kerrang Radio, Birmingham’s BRMB, BBC Nottingham, Beat 106 in Glasgow, Liverpool’s Radio City and a still unknown station in Manchester. Up until today I had no idea where any one of them had ended up, as I’m only able to listen to two of the above stations over the net and neither of them have played anything like a Crimea session. A bit of The Hot Puppies, Tiffany’s original of I Think We’re Alone Now, but no Crimea. That was, until today. Or rather, last Tuesday, as Beat 106’s Beatscene show will tell you all about on this cached version of their site. “Tuesday 13th: The Crimea – Long-time Beatscene favourites who first appeared on the show as an unsigned band, and now signed to Warners.” Their Yahoo! group also has a playlist of the show, just to rub it in like.
The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid (session track)
The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy (session track)
The Crimea – I Think We’re Alone Now (session track)
If anyone happens to know when they’re gonna be on one of the other stations, please post it on the message board or something, preferably before the event.
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It Beats My Shite Prizes…

Lottery Winners On AcidUnimpressed by my every-6-month competitions with a single album as a prize (even if the last one did go for ?30 on ebay)? Well, here’s what a ?600,000 dept to a major record label gets you these days:
A bona fide lottery thingy, with proper prizes, like the following mouthful:
“2 tickets to see The Crimea at the 100 club on 25th January with 2 nights at a top London hotel from 25th – 27th January, dinner for 2 at a top London restaurant, 2 tickets for the London Eye plus travel to and from London!”
Better than a ?30 out of print album then :o(. Check out the site for entry details and more on that small, insignificant thing it’s meant to be advertising – the Lottery Winners On Acid single release.
In other LWOA related news, it’s made the A list on the BBC’s 6 Music radio station, which means there’s a bloody good chance of you hearing the thing whenever you tune in.

Tragedy Rocks On in The Big Issue

Big IssueCrimea fans in the North of England will be able to read a review of Tragedy Rocks in issue 599 of The Big Issue (North Edition), available from the end of this week. The reviewer kindly informs me it’s the one with Rio Ferdinand on the cover, whoever he is, and it’s part of the albums of the year feature. They also happened to write the thing while on work experience. In my day we just got sent off to look after 5 year olds for a few weeks. I guess things have changed since then, so if any of you Crimea fans fancy taking work experience placements, try one of the country’s top mags. We’ll see who’re indie nearly men then, eh?

The Crimea’s First Podcast

Broadcasting from The Baring Straits, 20001 leagues under the sea (one louder then Jules Verne), inside super-submarine HMS Tragedy, the band bring you exclusive tracks, cool tunes and shambling amateurism behind the mic.

I just came into possesion of this top-secret recording. Top secret it is no more. Hit the Podcast One link in the media player at the top of the page to play it, or the Pop-Up button to get a version in a new window to listen to while you browse. If you wanna play it on the go, you can download it for your iThing right here.

LWOA Latest

Firstly, I dunno who’s doing The Crimea’s new cover art, but I like them already :o) Secondly, the all important tracklistings. Before that though, formats. Yes, there will be a CD1 and CD2 version *g*, and even a 7″ for you vinyl lovers. Right, the good stuff. Here, in the combined opinion of most reliable retailers (ie. not Amazon), is the tracklisting for the three LWOA releases.

CD1 (cat. W698CD1)
1. Lottery Winners On Acid
2. You’ve Been A Long Time Coming

CD2 (cat. W698CD2)
1. Lottery Winners On Acid
3. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
4. Ocean With No Edge
5. Lottery Winners On Acid [Video]

7″ (cat. W698)
1. Lottery Winners On Acid
2. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

So, title track and the Marvin Gaye cover for CD1, and title track, the beautiful Heads I Win…, the one formerly known as Summer, and the recently-aired-on-MTV2 video for the enhanced CD2. If you’re only planning on one, then I say go for CD2. That said, CD1 is ?1 cheaper. Speaking of which, you can pre-order both CDs now with from for the grand total of ?4.98 for the two, with free shipping. NUS members should also get a 10% discount on top of that.


So much Crimea news, so little time to post it. I don’t really know what to do with it all. Seriously, if you’ve got the time to spare and would be able to code up news posts in the same format as below (basically just recreating reviews, or adding links to them in posts) then get in touch. Otherwise I might implode when LWOA gets released. Best news right now? ITunes. Check it out for the free single of the week.
I mentioned below about Warners trying to shut down music sites. Well here’s one I won’t complain about: who have blatently ripped off most of the lyrics from this site. Obviously without permission from myself (whom I may add had no permission in the first place anyway :oP ). Careful on the site though, it screams spyware. And deffinately don’t use that form to contact them. might work though :o)

Sony Copy Protected CDs Part 2

Sony BMGYes, I know, you’re prolly getting bored of this too by now, but just incase there’s still any ill advised people out there who were planning on buying a CD produced by Sony that happens to come with copy protection (quite a few of them do), heed this warning: DO NOT BUY SONY COPY PROTECTED CDs! ALL copy protection methods used by Sony (MediaMax, XCP, and most likely any other method they come up with) WILL seriously damage your PC. All copy protection methods, and all uninstall methods (one released just this morning, 2 months after Sony knew about the problem) contain extremely dangerous code that you really don’t want anywhere near your PC. If it’s too late for you, DO NOT use any method given by Sony to uninstall anything, your anti-virus software should provide a safe way to get rid of the stuff, or search Google for a third party uninstaller. After 4+ seperate highly dangerous software releases, Sony BMG have pretty much proved they have no idea about safe coding. The store you purchased the (probably imported) CD from should be dealing with returns, although they’re most likely still selling the things too. Frankly, the same goes for all other label’s copy protected CDs, though they’re more annoying than dangerous. If there’s no other way for you to purchase the CD, your local P2P file sharing service should have plenty of high quality unrestricted versions on them that you can transfer to whatever the hell you like, if you feel bad about it then post the band a cheque already. More info can be found at the Freedom to Tinker blog, Sysinternals blog and, for those who doubt the reliability of non brand-name sites, the BBC News website.
And in other music-label-acts-the-fool news, Warner/Chappel Music (yes, those lovely folks who own The Crimea’s publishing rights) have banned fans from easy access to song lyrics they own the rights to. If any of you lovely people would like to send myself a cease and desist, I’m quite happy to remove all content from my site. No really, I don’t mind, a few hundred fans and a couple band member might, but I’m good.
UPDATE: Eek, I should’ve kept my mouth shut… Warner / Chappel now want to jail me for using their lyrics. Clever.

A Wee Survey

Media SurveyEvening all. I don’t like to clutter this place up with personal requests, but this one’s a bit important and it could help you out too. I’m currently working on a university project to produce a new media player for websites and I’ve got up a little survey to help me figure out what you guys want and what I can do about it. You never know, the end product could end up giving you access to some brand new Crimea tunes, so please give a few minutes of your time to fill out the Media from the Web survey and err.. leave any other questions you have about, well, anything, in the comments for this post.

New Videos

LWOA vid. Weird.With a little bit of acid and plenty of “what the fuck?!?”, The Crimea have released their music video debut proper and you can find it but a few clicks away on their official site. The “…Amarillo” style video sees Davey caught up in a twister, walking along the streets of down-town USA South Africa followed by nothing less than huge black 10-story tall scary fuckers. Yes, that is one in the pic looking suspiciously towards Davey. Along the way he’s pelted by leaves, some kinda viscous liquid, and is then joined in his journey by a few more of the black things. Told you there was plenty of “what the fuck?”.
And if that weren’t enough to get you open jawed, they’ve also released the next installment of their US tour video. Featuring guest appearances from Regina Spektor and Doris Henson, it’s one not just for the Crimea fans, but there is some band new music acompanying the thing if you do happen to know who The Crimea are.

Mailing List

Mailing ListLights, Camera, Action… Reaction!
The Crimea call in again with lots of Hollywood style news. And there’s an earlier mail out about Jo Whiley too.
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The Crimea Confuse Adam Walton

Like many a radio presenter, Radio Wales’ Adam Walton can get a wee bit confused sometimes. Such was the scene during his show last week, and the following is a great reason not to release singles twice, with the same name as a third seperate EP, and with the artwork of your album. Which itself has was released twice. Or is that three times? I’m guessing he won’t be the last then… (Nice to see Warners finally sent him some stuff though ;o)

Adam Walton on The Crimea, 27th November 2005.

Blogs & Name Checks

Blogger “Lint” has posted a review of The Crimea’s gig at Fibbers in York to his blog World of Lint. You can also find a link to some photos and another post about a review of the gig from the York Evening Press in the same blog.
Tragedy Rocks gets a good review in the Caps And Spelling blog.
And the opening track from the album, White Russian Galaxy, is mentioned in the Feed Me Good Tunes blog.
Another track from the album, Baby Boom, is mentioned in an article on Brazil’s So a good excuse for it being in Portuguese.
Name check time, and the official Camden Town website has an article mainly on why a night out in Camden is so fun, but starts with a pic of Davey and a mention of the band.
JT LeroySomething a little different, Indigo Flow’s review of Robyn G. Sheils’ album where the reviewer compares her voice to that of Davey MacManus’s.
Instead of some music, I have a recommended read of the day for you, which would be anything by JT Leroy. Davey’s a known fan, so check out the man’s website or blog, you never know what interesting things you might find.
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More Crimea from Drummer Mag

Drummer MagThe December issue of Drummer magazine features part six of Owen Hopkin’s tour diary. Over two pages you can read of his adventures in LA where he’s in search of fame, food and Foo’s. It should be available in all good magazine retailers and if not, you can order it online from their website Up next month is the final part in the series, where Owen and the lads visit San Francisco. And if you missed any of the previous installments (issues July through November 05), they can all be had online at the same website. Huge thanks (again) to Adrian at Drummer mag for the heads up and providing a copy of the magazine. I didn’t even have to go down WH Smith and look for it or anything :oD So yeah, buy Drummer mag, there’s Crimea stuff, pretty drum pictures, drum news, and you’re helping out some great people too.