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A short review of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP on Rhapsody Radish takes you to a much larger version of it on the Worthy Music blog. If you’re lazy, click More and all will be revealed in one location.
The boys are also on the books at Helter Skelter’s website. Being a “live music booking agency” they might be able to help out all you people who keep emailing me for gig bookings.
Here’s a Tragedy Rocks review from another “Top of 2004″ page at Wider Angle.
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Post Aber gig, Davey was kind enough to point me out to the fact that no longer re-directs to this site. It now takes you to what looks to be a true “official” site though as much as it may look ootherwise, it has nothing to do with myself. It’s apparently something to do with Warner Brothers but it’s not got too much content on it for now, so you might wanna to keep to for now until I know what’s going on.
Davey @ Y CwpsThe gig itself was really good, photos/stuff will be coming really soon but first I’ve gotta appologise to all those who weren’t let in to the gig. Seems it was such a success that people were being turned away before the band even started playing. It was all due to the bar’s crowd restrictions, I’m sure The Crimea would’ve loved you there but there was nothing they could do. If you did miss out then drop me an email at and I’ll try and sort something out for you.
Y Cwps photos are now up on the images page, there may well be more coming a little later on but I’m sure these’ll do you for now. The first nine are during the soundcheck and then it’s all from the gig.

Tragedy Rocks Sells Out

Tragedy RocksThe Crimea’s first album release, Tragedy Rocks, has sold out from all original retailers including the band themselves. If I see anywhere selling copies I’ll be sure to let you know. It’s not all bad though, they’ll be releasing a re-recorded/mixed/produced/etc version of the album in the US very soon so you’ll all be able to get your hands on a copy then.

No More US Diary

Recent visitors to The Crimea’s US diary website will have found yourselves staring at a blank screen, as it seems to have been taken down. Thinking ahead I did manage to save most of the entries/photos from it while it was there (now backed up onto two, working hard drives, thank god), but I’m still missing the latest ones. If any of you have all the pics/entries from the site saved, then pass them this way and I can the whole thing mirrored on this site :o )

Mclusky Split

Mclusky Split! A sad day for some of us, more over at
In happier news, if you read the crimea site, you’ll be pleased to know I got everything backed up. Infact, the whole hard drive seems to be working fine again now. It only cost me £100 to find that out :o \

Aberystwyth Gig

Now if this one gets cancelled too then don’t worry about killing me, i’ll do it to myself.
Friday 21st January 2005 – The Crimea play Y Cwps (The Coopers Arms) in Aberystwyth. Show’ll probably start around 9pm, if you’re from out of town and need directions then just gimme a shout at and I’ll try my best to let you know how to get there. I can’t add any of this to the gigs page for now, so just keep reading this page for any updates.
UPDATE: Starts 8pm, entry is ?5. No support as yet, this may change. I hope the rain stops soon.
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The Crimea Set To Brighten Up 2005

Yesterdays edition of the Daily Telegraph featured an article on bands they believe will make it in 2005. You can view the full article on their website here although you’ll need to register with the site first, so just click More for the Crimea related stuff.
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Maxtor (Almost) Suck

You know when your PC starts making loud buzzing noises that you’re not gonna have a good day. Possibly due to the cold weather, or just down to the bad luck I’m due, my hard drive seems to have gone south for the winter and i’m not too sure if I’ll get her back. Hopefully it’s something else that’s buggered but I’m not taking any chances and I’m not going near it ’til I get a new hard drive and make a proper backup. If the worst happen and I loose any/all of the god-knows-how-much Crimea related stuff I had on there then don’t expect too many updates round here for a while. Not that there’s much going on anyway, you should check the message board for anything I don’t pick up on such as gigs and the like.
EDIT: It’s all good, it didn’t break afterall. Yet. But it’s all backed up which is the main thing.