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Not much going on today. Well, appart for the whopping 151 visitors to the site yesterday, and the site getting over 100 visitors a day quite regularly now. It was only about 50 a day before the Ash tour, so you can see it’s a bit of an improvement. Most of the new lot are from the US so you might just wanna note the GMT time zone sed on the news pae, it might cause a bit of confusion but most of the time you can just ignore it. If anyone over there spots an article on the band in any mags, on the radio/tv or anything that we wouldn’t get over in the UK, be sure to let me know about itby emailing
Filter MagazineNews wise, Filter Magazine chose Lottery Winners On Acid as on of their weekly song picks for 28th March and used a shot of the band as the main article pic. Check out the short article on their site.
Well now the Ash support tour’s finished, The Crimea should be heading back to the UK soon. They’re planning a UK tour in May and June should see the release of the Tragedy Rocks album in the US and UK. If I hear any more about gigs, I’ll let you know.
Double Dragon Music label have a new online store selling cheap CD and 7″ copies of the White Russian Galaxy single and also digital copies of each track on the single for 89p.
Just found an Ash gig review by The Daily Cougar. I’m saying nothing. Here or more.
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Gigs: Past, Present & Future

Past: The Crimea appeared at V Festival six months ago, but that don’t stop me finding new stuff from the show. have a review of the festival that may not be that new, though I forget whether I’ve posted it before or not. So anyway, click this or more to read it. But these deffinately are new, six full size photos of the band at V from the Red Penguin. And only four months ago this time, but the band’s apearance at New York’s CMJ festival in October featured in a review by SFWeekly. If you go to their site you’ll wanna page two of the review, though you can always click on more instead.
Present: SXSW gig reviews ahoy. Hybrid Magazine gave the Exodus gig a short comment in a festival roundup, the Advance Titan gave the gig a slightly longer feature in their roundup, and Filter Magazine have a preview of last night’s free post-SXSW gig in LA along with some album news.
Future: The Crimea play the final gig of their US tour with Ash this evening at Slim’s in San Francisco. Don’t bother if you haven’t got tickets already though, it sold out ages ago. No doubt the band’ll be back in the near future to play again. Hands up everyone who knew about the Crimea album preview party taking place on the SXSW Bus during the festival? Nah, me neither, but aparently they were giving people free listens of the new album, Tragedy Rocks. Never mind, the Passport Approved show on Indie 103.1 in the US seem to be playing many Crimea tracks from their upcoming album so give it a listen sometime.
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Crocketts Bio

My plans suck. That’s why I never make any, then you can’t mess them up. So you can guess what the plan for this site is. Shag all. Of course, that doesn’t help when you’re trying to get things done on here. But I did just scan a load of new Crocketts magazine articles. Expect them, err… whenever. And check this out. For all frogs on pointy wooded instruments, it’s a french Crocketts bio. What you always wanted, I’m sure.


LWOA EPIf you still haven’t picked up a copy of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP yet, here’s some stuff to persuade you.
Silent Uproar have an excellent review of the EP, with it coming out as the second highest rated single they’ve reviewed this month. Click here or on more to read it.
Musical Taste, the online music recomendation forum, contains an entry for LWOA by someone who seems to believe everything they read in the NME. “Fake American voice” indeed. Click more to read it.
Impressed by the above? MSN Music are currently selling digital copies online for $4.95 or $0.99 a track, while fans in the UK can try who have it for ?6.99 or 79p a track.
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Back From The Grave

Everyone jump for joy as the news page is back to it’s full glory :o ) So comment away and be sure to check out the last few posts as they’ve been updated with pics and things.
This morning my inbox was filled with emails from The Crimea pointing me towards this news article. Apparently it made the front page of the Wall Street Journal before being syndicated around numerous other papers. Click more to see what all the fuss was about.
Inbetween admiring pics of himself on the BBC website and sunning himself on the beaches of Cali, Owen came across a review of the band’s March 3rd London Barfly gig on the Caught In The Crossfire website. Hit more if you can’t find it.
Finally, tours and album releases; watch out for UK versions of each in a couple months time.
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Crimea TV Appearance

Lucky viewers of Bandit on Welsh channel S4C this Thursday may have noticed Crimea drummer Owen Hopking being interviewed by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens, accompanied by a short bit of live footage. Thanks to the one lucky viewer who let me know about this, next time I’ll try and warn you in advance.
Here’s a short preview of the band’s SXSW gig. “They ranked higher than the White Stripes”. Believe it.

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SXSW & Album Reviews

First up, the Austin Chronicle’s site has a preview of The Crimea’s South By Southwest festival show at Exodus on March 18th, and then a great full review of the gig including a wee picture.
OwenBBC Radio 1 have been camped out at the festival in Texas for the past week, and John Peel replacement Huw Stephens went along to The Crimea’s gig resulting in an entry on the band in his weblog (see day three), pics of Owen, Davey, an LWOA poster and err… things… And he also played the new album version of Someone’s Crying during his Tuesday show. If you wanna have a listen to it, click this and skip to 40 minutes in. If you like it then the older, home recorded version can be purchased for 99p from the War Child Music charity website.
The Star Telegram previewed the support gig for Ash at Trees in Dallas on March 20th.
For those of you wondering what the upcoming Tragedy Rocks album will be like, have a read of the following reviews of the old UK version. give it a short one as part of another “top albums of 2004″ article, with The Crimea gaining 3rd place. And issue 5 of the Blank Stares & Cricket Claps magazine gives the album 3.5 / 5 in their album review section.
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The Crimea Street Team

The Street NetworkThe Street Network, after having promoted the fact for a number of months while delivering nothing, finally have an actual street team for The Crimea. There’s not much on there at the moment but you get the idea. Nice photos too, click more to see them.

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Something For Nothing?

Wanna hear the newly re-recorded, US album version of White Russian Galaxy, right here, right now, for nothing? On Wednesday evening Zane Lowe chose and played the track as his Hottest Record In The World for that show, and if you click this and skip to ten minutes in, you can hear him talk about the band playing B.D.Riley’s pub at the SXSW festival last year before putting the track on.

News & Updates

Good morning, first off some bad news. The program I use to post news here has gone tits up, not too sure what’s wrong but basically nothing’s working, I’m having to hand-code this entry in right now. Hopefully I’ll get it fixed soon so you can serach/add comments/view the archives… For now just use the message board if you want to comment on stuff.
Good news, the official site was updated! *gasps* And it doesn’t just have re-posts of these posts on it either. They have new stuff on their news page and tour page but more on that next.
Lots of gig details have been updated, make sure you check the gigs page as soon as you can. Highlights include new dates at the Yard Dog Gallery in Austin, TX, and Club Spaceland in Los Angeles while lowlights include the gig at the Launchpad in Albuquerque having been seemingly cancelled and the one at Slim’s in Los Angeles having sold out.
Davey @ The ShedYahoo Finance have a copy of the Warner Brothers press release on the tour, with a couple extra details left in. Click more or just click here to read it.
If you were planning on ordering a Crimea t-shirt then please do so quickly before the band get the final lot printed. All the details you need are right here.
And of coure, what would 7.30 in the morning be without a load of new photo sets. The images page now has links to sets from the Hall For Cornwall, Leicester Shet, Ferry Boat Inn and Windmill gigs that all took place last year.
Before I forget, Radio 1′s Zane Lowe is currently at the South By SouthWest festival in Austin, TX, where The Crimea will be performing tonight and tomorrow evening, and he’s already given them a mention on last nights show so keep listening in incase they pop up again.

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US Tour News

A Warner Brothers press release on The Crimea’s support tour with Ash has been posted up on
Filter Magazine has a copy of what shall be known forthwith as the “Elvis article“.
And it’s also up on with some extra tour date info this time. Click more to read all above articles.
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More Updates

Another day, another photo set. Steve sent in these from the Camden Barfly gig on March 3rd. Thanks very much.
The Ash support tour is well underway, they’ll be playing the Sanctuary in San Antonio tonight. Reports from the road are all good. Check the gigs page for all the upcoming dates. And sorry for not mentioning on the gigs page about one in NY on March 8th supporting VHS Or Beta, deffinately best if you sign up for the mailing list (on the left) incase I miss anything like that again.
Davey’s been in touch to say that there’s a UK single planned for around May, about the same time as Tragedy Rocks should be coming out in the US. There should also be a UK tour following shortly after.

Crimea Gig Photos

Owen HopkinWell I’m not the quickest of guys, so I’ve gotta appologise to the numerous people who’ve sent me photos of the band that still haven’t made it up onto the site. That said, I am making my way through them slowly and I’ve just stuck a couple more sets up on the images page. If you do have any pics of the band lying around your PC then please send them into to keep me busy, like the following kind souls who have me up at 7am doing this…
Samira Navai just sent in some from the Ash support show at the Black Cat in D.C, check them out here and thanks very much for emailing them to me.
Jon Birch took these lot ages ago in August 2004 at The Windmill. I said I had a backlog of pics, didn’t I?
And I haven’t even bothered sticking these on the site yet, as they’re already on one. Appologies to Martin Hough who took them at Club Plaid when the band were in New York last October, I will add all your photos to the site eventually.

Blog On

The Crimea are popping up in plenty of blogs right now due to their US tour with Ash that’s currently underway. Here’s some highlights…
Worthy Music has a post about one of the tour gigs and the new album, aswell as links to places you can buy the Lottery Winners On Acid EP from. has a post about another one of the gigs, but scroll down the page for the comments and be amused, be very amused.
And here’s one for the, erm, foreigners… Just A Space To Ramble On has a post about the Ash tour, one of the singles and Elvis Costello again. Way to start a rumour.

T-Shirt Updates

Moon Pirates LogoHope you’ve noticed the link to the Crimea t-shirt ordering page to the left, or got an e-mail about them from the band via the mailing list. If you’ve already had a look then you’ll have seen a design for the Moon Pirate logo that has had to be changed slightly. Appologies for the confusion but it’s all for the best, the band are just making sure they look as kick-ass as possible for you. Anyway, you can check out the new logo design on the t-shirts page (hopefully there’ll be a larger image soon), where you can also get ordering details from. Speaking of which, these have been updated too – please can non-UK residents e-mail for details on how to pay through PayPal; that is, only UK residents should be paying by cheque. Again, sorry for confusing the hell out of you. Here’s hoping copies of the new Tragedy Rocks album (due spring/summer 05) are a little easier to get hold of :o ).