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Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea – US Diary! Merch! UK Gig! Erm…Win A Date With Owen!
The one where Owen gets lonely… and unless you wanna pay your own plane fare, UK entrants only please :o )
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New Crox Pics

AS you can see above, I’ve added a couple of promo shots to the site, curtosey Sarah Harries, press officer for V2 circa crox times. Check out the larger size shots from Mrs D on the other images page, and keep checking back every, ooo, two months or so :o | cos there’s more to come. I actually have even bigger versions of them and most other pics on the site if you want them for printing or whatever, just drop me an email. And if you have any Crox pics or articles or anything lying around, grap a digital camera/phone and mail it in to

Tragedy Rocks US Update

The Crimea’s debut US album release Tragedy Rocks is now listed on a few US retail websites for pre-order, with an unconfirmed release date of June 14th. currently have it for $13.98 but make sure you add in the postage costs to that. And if you have a spare copy of the UK release, someone wants it :o ) EDIT: I knew I should’ve bought more copies.
Update: Incase you’ve not read the comments yet, the release date on the US Amazon site has changed to July (that’s JULY) 26th. But it’s also been added to the Amazon UK site with the release still as June 14th changed to July 26th as I type. And Amazon’s never been known for it’s reliability with release dates, so expect them to change some more before it is released. I say beginning of July. Failing that, at least sometime in 2005. I’ve already heard of some people with promos of the album so it can’t be that far away. Getting of the point a bit here… err… Denyer’s been a huge help again and saved me figuring this stuff out myself: Tragedy Rocks order costs, shipped to the UK, from is around ?13.50 after P&P, and from it’s only ?11.00 after P&P, and being under ?18 customs shouldn’t charge you anything for it, so right now that’s the cheapest place you can peorder if you really want to.

US Diary

Head straight to the US tour diary page for a couple more entries; this time the band are taking SXSW by storm. Also making an appearance is the first of the band’s previous tour diary entries from October 2004. Check em out here.

London Crimea Gig

The Crimea will be headlining the Kill All Hippies club night at Scala in London on Saturday 21st May. Also playing will be The Infadels and Three Miles From. The gig starts at 8.30pm and tickets can be had for ?7 from shortly, though if you fill in the guest list form on the Kill All Hippies website you can get in for just ?3. As always, for more details check the gigs page, and hit more to see the official flyer.
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Diary Additions

As promised, more US band diary entries are now available for your viewing pleasure. This time the band find themselves in San Antonio and end up in a gay bar, gay bar (had to be done) and then move onto Austin, Texas for the first of their SXSW festival shows.
If you’ve not been yet, check out The Crimea’s profile where you can read an all new bio on the band and their first ever blog entry. Of course, there’s always the more button.
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Hype? What Hype?

So it’s all go for The Crimea stateside but here’s a couple of blog posts on their Spaceland gig in LA that weren’t too impresed with Joe’s looks, among other things. Well that just sucks, eh Joe? Click more for fashion tips.
Here’s another guy that wasn’t totally blown away. Maybe play Someone’s Crying next time lads? Then again, he should’a seen… err… is this site fully unnofficial yet? You should probably just click more and read somebody else’s ramblings.
More lukewarm reaction on the SXSW festival appearance can be found at
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LWOA EP @ War Child Music

War ChildWar Child is currently rehabilitating child soldiers in DR Congo, operating a music therapy project in Bosnia, reconstructing livelihoods in Iraq and working with juvenile offenders in Afghanistan. Here’s a very quick and easy way to help War Child, the charity that works with the many children affected by conflict around the world.
Crimea tracks from the Lottery Winners On Acid EP are now available on for a very competitive ?7.99 per EP, or 99p per track. Each individual back catalogue track raises 20p, and albums up to ?1.50 for War Child.
Whilst at the site you can download from‘s catalogue of exclusive tracks. This includes music unavailable elsewhere from Radiohead, The Bravery, Bjork, Tom Waits and many others. Because these tracks are exclusive to the charity gets even more money – 70 pence per track.

Shop Update

Just a little shop update – Owen’s sold out of We May Be Skinny And Wirey album CDs, but the vinyl’s still available if you want it. I’ve got one and it’s really shiny and stuff… Check the shop page for details on how to purchase Crocketts merch.

Diary Additions

The next bunch of US Diary entries are now up, and see The Crimea dodging between bullets, bars and blue lights. Now I think about it, that sounds kinda bad… eh well, find out for yourself weather Joe’s done a Lee Harvey right here on the newly named Crimea Original Fansite. ‘Cos it is.
And, if you haven’t legged it straight to the diary page and are still reading, I have it on good word that Warner Brothers’ official Crimea website will be getting a redesign in the near future, so keep checking it at for updates.

US Diary Updates

US FlagThe Crimea’s US tour diary has been updated with a few more entries. Check it out as the band start their support slots for Ash and get used to sleeping in their RV.
Also updated is the official Warner Brothers Crimea website, which just seems to link back here alot :o ) But their are some new comments and messages for the band on their photo blog.
And a man called Andy posted a link to a pic of The Crimea playing Spaceland in LA. Thankyou :o )

Tabs & Talks

JT LeroySo Davey really likes this J.T. Leroy bloke then. On Monday he was a guest speaker, reading a passage from one of J.T’s books at a J.T. Leroy event at Foyles bookshop in London, along with Marianne Faithful and Beth Orton. Click more for a little pic or visit here for even more.
High Bias have their SXSW review online and include some stuff about The Crimea playing the Yard Dog Gallery on March 17th. Check it out in the extended entry section or visit their website.
And after much persuation via the messageboard, Crimea bassist Joe Udwin has got a couple of bass tabs together. Check out the Allah Was Wrong and Howling At The Moon tabs on the all new tabs page.
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Tour Pics & Signed EPs

The Crimea are back from their US tour with Ash, and as well as getting straight to sending out all the t-shirts you ordered, they also brought back a load of Lottery Winners On Acid EPs with them. If you’d like a copy, they’re ?5.50 including postage and come fully signed by the band :o ). Details on how to order will appear shortly on the shop page but if you really can’t wait, try emailing
The band were also hard at work in the US taking photos and recording a diary of their trip. Some of the pics have been put on the site here and the diary is just being finished off so expect that pretty soon too.

Queen Adreena Tour

I’ve added another pic of a T-Shirt since I last wrote here. You might wanna note that they’re not exactly the same colour as in the pictures, I’m not a genius with lighting or photography and that. Just keep in mind that the background in all pictures is the exact same carpet, and it didn’t change from lightblue to gray between shoots.But they’re not too bad, Nuke Ibitha one is just a tiny bit greener really.
While The Crocketts were still around, I came across a few band names on their official message board. This is one of them, apparently they’re off on tour so you might wanna check them out. I was also gonna write about The Vanden Plas (who remixed Baby Boom) having a link to The Crimea’s site on theirs, but their website has dissapeared. If I find it I’ll be back.

A Note From Davey

Geetings, pop-pickers… err… wrong era. Moving on, here’s a note from Davey to anyone who was at the Ash/Crimea show at the Troubadour in LA on Sunday 27th March:
i lost my silverbracelet onstage at the troubador in la last sunday night. it was on the stage floor and then it wasnt, if anyone has any information, please let me know, davey
If you know anything then you can lemme know at and i’ll pass it on to Davey. He also says they’re busy shooting a music video on the ex-floating lighthouse ship “Frying Pan” in New York. So if he looses anything else then it’ll most likely only be his balance. Like it’ll make much of a difference :o |