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New Things

Tragedy RocksUPDATED: The Crimea are NOT PLAYING CARDIFF Barfly on June 22nd, even though their website says they are and tickets are available. So don’t buy em. Same goes for the Guilfest festival that the band are listed as playing but aren’t. Stay tunes for more non-existent gig news.
Lyrics for the Kill All Hippies live gig MP3s have been added to the site, and I just noticed that they’ve removed the Lottery Winners On Acid MP3 which was there on Sunday evening/Monday morning. Never mind, you can still hear the album version on The Crimea’s MySpace profile which now also includes a small pic of the new album cover art (right).

Last Night

Soo err.. yeah.. lots of new Crimea music turning up at once last night. The three you deffinately won’t have heard before (unless you’ve been to a recent gig that is) are Loosing My Hair, Weird and Evil. But paying out ?5.00 for the lot is well worth it, and 80% of the money goes to the band :o D. The full lot doesn’t come with a playlist so… here you go. Right click and save if it doesn’t download normally, and stick it in the folder where the rest of the MP3s are.
Before I go again I should mention that although the band have been promoted in some places as playing the Guilfest festival this year, they’re actually not. So please don’t go buying tickets just for them. If they are anounced for any festivals then all the details will be up on the gigs page soon as.

New Music Ahoy

MySpaceI would’a left this ’til tomorrow but seeings how something even better should be happening then (and really, this post takes some beating)… If you’ve not been over to The Crimea’s profile yet then do. Really. Or miss out on a free preview of the album.
Kill All HippiesEDIT: Scratch that, it happened today. have just uploaded some live Crimea MP3′s recorded at last nights gig in Scala, London. All eight of them can be downloaded for ?1.00 each (that’s about $2 for you US folks) and feature plenty of old favourites and brand spaking newbies alike. Like I say, they have just been uploaded so I’d give it a while anyway just incase there’s some mor… hang on… they’ve gone… well I was just gonna say they might change it a bit. Go figure. Oh… wait… it’s back.. aaannnd changed. ?5.00 for the lot. And again, give em an hour just to iron out any problems. Now please don’t dissapear again…

Errm… Stuff…

Crimea gigs ahoy: this Friday @The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne. This Saturday @ Scala, Kings Cross Road, London. This September, all over the ruddy place (UK & US, hopefully). More.
Recently heard the words “album” and “September” mentioned in the same scentance. Not good. But worth the wait.
Davey’s bracelet has been found! Thanks to all those who found it, and extra special thanks to the one that really did.
If you’ve watched the news over the past couple of days, or are an avid reader of The Sun, you can’t have missed this. And seeings how I’ve got some bandwidth spare, here is the way to Armadillo (23mb and you’ll need RealPlayer).

Final Diary Entry

Well sorry for the lack of news recently. The band are currently relaxing in London but it’s all set to kick off again next week when they play the Witchwood in Ashton Under Lyne on Friday 20th and Scala in London on Saturday 21st. Check the gigs page for more info.
The final March 2004 US tour diary entry has been added to the site and’ll tell you which songs they recorded videos for.
Also of slim to no interest (as if) is a small news update on the official Crimea website While you’re there, leave a note on their message board, it’s kinda empty right now.

Diary & News Updates

Main news today, two more diary entries. Check it.
Other news – have the US album release set as June 7th. Don’t believe em.
Here’s that front page Crimea article from the original paper, the Wall Street Journal.

US Tour Video

US Tour VidI woke up this morning to no less than seven emails from Owen. After a week of countless hours spent trying numerous different ways of getting the thing up for download, he finally managed to get a copy of The Crimea’s three day, cross-America home movie taken during their recent tour of the US with Ash. Sorry for the wait, I’ll quit talking now and just send you right to it. Nice soundtrack too ;o)
Also online is another entry from the band’s US tour diary where they play their first gig after completing their trip across the US. If you’ve not seen the vid yet, you’ll want to after reading this.

New UK Gig

The Crimea will be playing The Witchwood in Ashton Under Lyne (right next to Manchester) on Friday 20th May. Check the gigs page for more details, not that there are much more, but I have added a link to tickets for the Scala gig on 21st May that you can purchase from for five pounds.

Interviews & Updates

Emerald Wizard Radio are currently running a feature on file-sharing and various artist’s views on it. As well as interviews with Aberfeldy and New York’s anti-folker Kimya Dawson, they also caught up with Owen Hopkin to get his views on everything from sales figures to downlodable song demos. You can read the full review on the EWR website, or hit more for an archived version on this site.
Take another look at the US tour diary for three new entries as the band start a 1000 mile drive across the US. There would be a video documetary type thing from the band to acompany it but you know, technical problems and that. Check back in a couple of days to see if it’s appeared and if not, there should at least be some more diary entries then.
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