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Reading & Leeds Dates

Leeds Carling FestivalReading Carling FestivalThe Crimea will be appearing on the Carling stage at the Leeds Carling Festival on Friday 26th August and at the Reading Carling Festival on Sunday 28th August. Check the gigs page for further gig news.

Preview & Inside-view

Click more or visit this page to read Philadelphia Weekly’s preview for The Crimea’s gig at the Electric Factory last night. So it’s a bit late for previews, but there’s plenty more future gigs left.
For a more personal view on the Billy Corgan support tour, check out this online journal by one of Billy Corgan’s band members. Plenty of Crimea mentions and maybe even some photos sometime too.
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The Crimea On MySpace

MySpaceSo anyone visiting might be a little scared, but never fear. The Crimea’s profile can still be accessed right here and now features two streaming tracks from the album, live pics of the group, gig listings, Davey’s exclusive online blog, a short bio and a space to leave your comments for the band. So get over there and make sure you add them to your friends list too ;o)
For more pics, music and news then check out the band’s official website at where they’ve just uploaded some new photos of their tour with Keane and Regina Spektor in their photo blog.

Pics N Links

Teatan Photography have some pics up of The Crimea playing the Bowery Ballroom in New York on March 8th.
And after nearly a year, I’ve finally managed to get the links pages up to date. Check em out for almost every Crimea review, interview and article ever to appear online.

The Crimea And You

Band FanSo here’s my new money making scheme which prolly won’t make any money but may well enrich all our lives (as if)…
If you’ve got a pic of you with any/all of The Crimea and don’t mind it appearing on this site then send it in to and if I get enough I’ll make a new page with loads of pics of fans with the band, then we can all point at you and laugh and stuff… or just be jealous or something.
And if you feel really generous then send in any other photos/videos/sound recordings/magazine article scans or whatever featuring The Crimea to the same address and it’ll eventually find it’s way up here.

Davey’s Blog Update

The world needs a pause button. STOP DOING STUFF ALREADY! My fingers are sore :o (
“Before a gig, I don’t eat anything for a few hours, do a bit of stretching, have eight cups of coffee, clear my throat, put super glue all over my fingers, raise my heckles in the mirror ,then think about my childhood, before i learned how shit the world is. We warm up our vocals, and I listen to my brothers music, have a quick smoke on the way to the stage, and hope to god they like you.”
Want more, including exclusive Crimea lyrics? Check out Davey’s latest blog entry on the band’s MySpace profile.

Merchandise Unavailable

With The Crimea being over in the States ‘n all, they’re currently unable to process any of the merch orders directly from them (the stuff from townsend records is still available). If you do send off a cheque then don’t worry, it’ll just be a while before you recieve anything, sorry. I’ll update the shop page shortly to reflect the changes.

Look, More Stuff

Warner Brothers RecordsCos the edit button sucks. Click more for the the latest Crimea related Warner Bros. press release, or check it out at or a million other places.
One of whom are Filter Magazine who have a cut down version of the release aswell as various other articles on the band. Just hit more. have a review up of the Keane/Crimea gig at Ft. Lauderdale lasy Wednesday.
And Aberystwyth Today have a preview up of Friday’s cancelled gig in Aber. A good read nonetheless.
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Regina Spektor Joins The Crimea?!?

I don’t feckin believe it. Really, I don’t. An excert taken from Davey’s recent blog entries on the band’s profile:
“trying to get regina spector to read some wierd stuff i’ve written, over our intro, so it sounds like she’s talking at the start of oppisite ends and then i answer her, she has tentavily agreed to do it, although she did have heatsroke and had just been bitten by a mosquito which were attacking us during the gig .it was outdoors and we tore it apart.”
I don’t care if it was just for one song. Recordings/pics this way please, someone has to has to have one.

Back From The Grave

Well, Aber ain’t that bad, but at least I have internetness back :o D and what a time to go on holiday :o \
As Amy mentioned earlier (though the post’s now been changed due too err.. technical problems…), Adria Petty’s stuck up a ten minute electronic press kit (EPK) video she directed which includes clips of numerous music videos and home video footage the band took of themselves. You can currently find it here on her website and no doubt it’ll appear elsewhere later.
JoeThe official site’s photo gallery has been.. erm.. widely expanded. It’s now bigger than this wasp I was attacked by at my nan’s house (a foot long, easily). As well as loads of the pics from the tour that I posted up here, it’s also got loads of new promo shots including the only decent shot of Joe ever (he’s not that pretty I’m sure). But most amusing? The band’s profile. “Sex: Female. Age: 10″. Who knew?
Messages for the band up on the official message board (I think that’s the official one anyways). So other than me and Denyer moaning about stuff, that’d be the first ever post on there then.
Now I’m off to see what else I missed, I’ll be back once I’ve found out the album’s been released (*crosses fingers*… *tightly*…).
Damn, no album. Aannd, no F1 race? You leave for a week and the world goes mad… So if any of you Americans are gutted at the impending prospect of a lackluster grand prix in about 30 mins then never mind, get along to the Crimea gig in New Orleans tomorrow (details below). They never cancel their shows *ahem*.

Davey’s Blog on Myspace

Hey hey hey, just to let you know that Davey has started a blog on our myspace account.
visit to keep up with our daily trials and tribulations…

New Orleans Gig

Hey Chris, its joe here we’ve booked in a headline gig of our own for monday 20th of june in new orleans, the venue is called one eyed jacks and it’s a cool venue, lots of red velvet and a great PA. it’s only $5 to get in too!
Here’s the website for the venue:
Please could you put it up on our site, thanks dude

- Christopher (in sunny aberystwyth, having just missed the crimea gig and about to miss the mighty mighty mighty fuod :o ( )

US Ticket Giveaway!

The band have ten spare guestlist spaces on their three dates with Keane (check gigs page for details) and would like to give them away to a few lucky winners. All you have to do to be in with a chance is e-mail owen on:
Just tell him which show you?d like to attend. Lucky winners will get themselves and a friend on the guestlist for the gig and will be notified, at the latest, on the morning of the show.

Keep checking back (and for Billy Corgan giveaways, too!

Midweek Updates

*Woohoo* a working, un-charged interwebnet connection aaahhh *g*. For about 4 hours until I go on holiday for a week. Grrrrrr…. I believe mr Denyer is in charge right now, so you’re all in good hands. The same can’t quite be said for The Crimea’s tour manager who’s currently doing their best to confuse everyone…
Regina SpektorSo now they’re off to the US to play with Keane and, believe it or not, Regina Spektor (who’m I mentioned here on 29/7/04, and you all know what happens to female foreigners supporting the crimea, whos musical abilities are then hailed as godlike by myself, yes? Ask Julz, and be prepared a bit of vodka in that jag, eh? :o D I can dream….) And yes, although not mentioned on any other websites, you can pretty much count on the band turning up at Ft. Lauderdale, Houston and Dallas. They’re the kinda gigs you just don’t cancel, leaving poor boys on their own in the middle of nowhere for two days with shag all to do cept eat subways and watch the starlings but I ain’t bitter ooohh nooo… *ahem*…..
Curtosey of Adria Petty, The Crimea’s new arty smarty best buddy kinda person, some new pics. Taken during the band’s music video shoot on the lightship Frying Pan in NY among other things, there should also be a copy of the actual video on there sometime, whenever they decide to make it public.
Another thing being kept under wraps is the album which, contrary to various e-tailers, is probably gonna be out around September. Come back next week and that’ll say October. Just buy the EP already ;o)
This might be nothing (other than a new entry for the compilations page) but err… “white russian galaxy: forthcoming CD”?!? Oh how I love rumours. And never ending re-releases; it’s like we never left 2002.
Oh oh I fixed something *g* The mailing list signup (on the left) now works, so (un)subscribe away.
Right, I’m off to eat, pack and go. If anything breaks, blame Denyer.
- Christopher

Important – London and Aber gigs postponed

The band regret to announce the cancellation of their London and Aberystyth shows (16th and 17th of June). Huge apologies to everyone who’d expressed an interest in coming down to either gig.

In a massive scheduling cock-up, the band have also been booked to play with Keane at the following US dates:

15 June – Revolution, Ft Lauderdale, Florida,
17 June – Verizon Wireless Theatre, Houston, TX
18 June – Nokia Theatre, Dallas, TX

The band are hugely disappointed at having to miss some UK shows – they’ll be re-scheduled very soon.