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Crimea Media

Ooo that title’s kinda neat actually… heh… err… so I’m checking out The Crimea’s MySpace profile this morning and this guy’s posted a link to his Crimea photo album. Now, usually I get excited about this kinda thing. Then I see the photo count for the album. 744 of the bad boys, taken during their support of Ash in 2004, KCRW session in New York and various other stuff. After spending a while wondering how the hell I was gonna look through them all, I eventually click the slideshow button and it all made sense. Until someone sneaks a camcorder into a gig, this is the next best thing. Not if you’re still on a 56k though. EDIT: forgot to mention, in the slideshow screen, click settings, and change the interval to 1 second. and if you get any security warnings just click yes.
A little more recent, here’s some shots by Martin Hough from the secret Smirnoff show in Boston.
KSU Sentinel have a review online of the Earthlink show supporting Billy Corgan who, funnily enough, it hardly mentions. Me recons someone’s on the WB payroll, eh? Click more, decide for yourself.
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Boston Show Details

Details on how to get tickets for the not-so-secret-anymore secret Boston show are up on the official site, and I’ve stuck an alternative method on the gigs page here. Basically just e-mail Owen with your name for him to stick you on the guest list. For some reason he seemed rather excited that a limited amount of free Smirnoff drinks and snacks will be provided. Can’t think why. Maybe they don’t get much to eat in the tour van, other than pancakes.
Hopefully more people will turn up to that than the Tucson gig, though there’s a great review of that on to show everyone what they missed.
Dagmar Patterson has stuck photos she took of the band at the Moore Theatre show up on her website, including this little gem. Oh how I laughed.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListBoston and NYC shows
First time this has happened, two in a row. Hit more for details of the secret Boston show via MySpace.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea – more shows
Not sure if everyone recieved this one, so hit more and sorry it’s a bit late.
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Davey + Pants

Davey And LindaThe Crimea are constantly updating the photo blog on their official website so check it out to see what they’ve been up to during their support of Billy Corgan, you might even spot yourself. That’s Davey and Corgan’s keyboard player Linda Strawberry on the right, who is still updating her own blog on the tour.
One MySpace blogger got backstage with The Crimea during one of the support shows and wrote about his experience right here.
Debut Crimea album Tragedy Rocks (out Sep. 05) made it onto Filter Magazines weekly recomendations list last week but I’m a bit slow with the old copy and paste, so instead click more or visit the Filter Mag site for their review of the Webster Hall gig.
The gig at the Gypsy Ballroom was reviewed by Dallas Music Guide while the band also get a small mention on Pioneer Press’ review of the Vic Theatre gig.
I said they were getting big in Japan, and Warner Music Japan’s website features a review of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP. In Japanese. Obviously.
And here’s a mention of the band on their publisher Nuxx’s website. Sorry I removed your logo, boys. *Runs*
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New UK Gigs

The Crimea return to the UK in August after their succesful support tour with Billy Corgan and to celebrate, they’re playing a homecoming gig at The Gallery in London on Thursday 11th August which promises to be one of the best yet. After this, they warm up for their Carling Festival appearance by playing The Windmill in Brixton on Monday 22nd, The Coopers Arms in Aberystwyth on Wednesday 24th and the Bar Academy in Bristol on Thursday 25th, then make their way up to Leeds on the Friday and Reading on the Saturday. For more info on these and all other Crimea gigs check out the gigs page.


The Crimea“…this over-achiever guitar tech and an embarrassingly huge amount of back-up guitars and equipment. Everyone’s speaking with British accents. The music editor for the Weekly and the booking agents from both Club Congress and Rialto and the head of Stunning Tonto Records are among the dozen or so people attending…” Just another back-room-of-a-pub gig for The Crimea then. The Vauderville Cabaret gig review also comes with photos to illustrate the fact that the band are not on drugs, they just have a balance problem.
“It’s the first time I’ve heard … in a song”. Take your pick. Find out what surprised Filter Mag (via Garabage fansite Garbage Box) so much in their review of Baby Boom.
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Special Treats

Tragedy Rocks PosterYou still with me? I’m half-asleep now but there’s no way I could leave without these last few links. And my are they ever gonna keep you up a while longer…
Two words. Owen, and Bone. Surely one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever read, and it’s with The Crimea’s very own Davey MacManus. Thankyou Static Multimedia, thankyou very, very much.
And thankyou god, someone’s finally heard of The Crocketts. And not only heard of, it’s quite obvious they’ve also heard their songs too. If anyone’s capable of giving The Crimea a good review, it’s the Illinois Entertainer, who seem to have had a change of heart since their Vic Theatre gig review.
And I leave you with an explanation of Read Mag’s poor review of Tragedy Rocks. Reason? They weren’t reviewing the album, they were checking out the poster. And far from shoot me now, it’s seems more a case of shoot the photographer. I know you were trying to look more life-like in photos lads, but, bloody hell….
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Bored Of The Crimea?

‘Course you ain’t, but here’s some news on other bands you should deffinately check out.
As well as The Crimea, I’m also a huge Sleeper fan, and as such often get the urge to force their music upon others. Which would be why I’ve stuck all of these lot online for download. If you’ve not heard Alice In Vain yet it’s a must.
Julz ParkerProject Winterhaven. Who the hell? Frontwoman Julz Parker was The Crimea’s lead guitarist for over half a year, and brought the band to the attention of many who’d have otherwise ignored them. She left to continue work with PJW in Australia, and they now have a new album coming up, aswell as some new MP3s up for download on their official site.
The Vanden Plas. Now we’re really getting obscure. Founder Richard Reynolds made a dance remix of Baby Boom (which I’m hoping to stick up for download shortly) and anyways, he recently had a load of vinyls nicked by some no good sarf london lot. So if you see any of his Santa Margherita records, a 1969 MGB GT (reg OCK 143H) or a victorian chest of drawers being sold (likely) then get in contact with him via his website.
Davey’s brother Rod MacManus has gained a new fan, featuring on the Hairy Tales blog (look for the big green shamrock). Gaelic speakers enjoy Cealtra An Tra while it confuses the rest of us.

Billy Corgan Support Reviews

Ooohh yes, as thousands of blogs around the world are updated on the antics of the Billy Corgan tour, here’s some of the select few that review the Crimea (at least, the ones where the Corgan fans don’t slag off everyone and their unlce… and Corgan’s own band…). Again, hit more to read em.
Chart Attack review the Carlu show. Result? Way. And where are them fucking hors d’oeuvres? Actually… what are they?
Illinois Entertainer check out the Vic Theatre and were far from filled with joy. Must be missing them hors d’oeuvres (is that even spelt right?) too. Result? Nay.
Chicago’s Sun-Times were at the same show. Result? Nay. But you know, all these Coldplay comparisons can’t be bad, even if they are the mortal enemy.
The New York Press include the word “crap” in their comments on The Crimea, but it’s all good. Result? Way. Leaving us with the current review’s overall results sounding something like a horse. There must be something good about that.
And for all our blind visitors who can’t read the reviews, here’s some pretty pictures from the tour to keep you occupied…… er…… damnit. But all you new amputees are gonna love em. Eh, I’m just pissed it weren’t me.
Back to the blogs, some Corgany fan blog type place is trying to avoid RSI in their wrists in an all new way.
This guy though, really needs to take his happy pills. At least they’re a history lesson if nowt else. And he’s gone be sooo mad when he finds out they didnt chose the line-up :o P.
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Crimea CD Reviews

First up, all manner of CD reviews, mostly of Lottery Winners On Acid. Click more to read em all.
The Vinyl Mine blog reviews it as part of a Best Of SXSW article and compares it to a tasty brownie. Think that’s funny? Wait for the other posts I’ve got coming up this evening…
Kyle Paul from Inside Pulse recomends it for you yanks who like doing it in the back of cars. Meh, that’s just asking for one of these: “Eh, dirty boy…”
Meanwhile Melissa de la Cruz, someone you loyal readers of Seventeen and Cosmo Girl mags may have heard of (she wrote a few books, like), would prefer to keep it to the honeymoon. And before you ask, there is a difference.
For a bit of variety, Uncertain Principles have a review of the White Russian Galaxy single, which they like cos it’s cheap. Much like my jokes.
And Read Magazine have the very first review of the US Tragedy Rocks album I’ve seen. Which they hate. Now that’s variety for you. Start as you mean to go on, eh lads? Shoot me now. At least they don’t have the NME in the US… do they?
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Another Day, Another Site, Another Bollocking

Well I was gonna save this til the official site was a bit more popular but if I leave it any longer I’m gonna have a news post the size of an essay (some would say the size of the bollocking I’m gonna get for doing this) to write. First of all though, this is The Crimea \\ Underground, a FANSITE dedicated to the band I love. You can view the band’s official website at WWW.THECRIMEA.NET and there’s a nice little logo on the left to remind you all of that. But from this day forward (or at least until tomorrow evening when Owen castrates me) you can come here for all manner of Crimea info, general music updates and all manner of other crap I wish to post. Check out this little popup thing for more site based info. And if you’re having problems with the horrible old black/blue/white style coming back to haunt you, try using the refresh button. Now lets see if I can get the rest of the news done before midnight…

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea – more shows
The Crimea take to MySpace bulletins for their latest mail-out, but y’all can just click More.
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Gigs. Deffinately.

The T Lounge, El Paso, tonight. Vaudeville Cabaret, Tuscon, tomorrow evening. The Mercury Lounge, New York, Tuesday 26th July. And once their back in the UK, Birmingham Bar Academy on August 25th with possible gigs around London just before that. As always, the gigs page has all the details you need.

Gigs. Maybe.

I’m still waiting confimation of these, so don’t get your hopes up, but… Couple more listings added to the gig rumours bit on the gigs page. Doris Henson should deffinately be playing them so check them out anyway. Or check their site out for a tiny little Andy/Owen pic. And a pirate. Woohoo.
EDIT: I’ve moved them into the main gig listings section now due to the venue websites listing the gigs.