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Roll Up, Roll Up

Tragedy Rocks. God knows what’s happening to the release date, and frankly I’m sure even he’s having trouble figuring it out. Basically, if you’re from the US or live online, you can saftely count it as released, albeit avilable from independent or online stores only in a simple cardboard sleeve. The cut down UK version should still be out October 17th, full US release next year.
Which is just enough time to foget what have to say about it. Not much, though about what you’d expect from a teen page about garfiled, zits, and articles such as “cat tries to escape governor in photo”. I’m thinking Britney would be more to the author’s taste. Luckily it’s subscribers only. Unluckily subscription is free.
Back to some proper journalism, have a small interview with Davey up as part of their preview to the 23rd’s Stone Pony gig.
joeNow it gets interesting. To promote the release of the UK album on October 17th, have a small review and links to two song downloads, the second of which being the non-album track Out Of Africa which may be of interest even to those of you with a copy.
Thanks to the genius that is Denyer, I bring to you a download link for the band’s first ever full music video Baby Boom. I’d love to bring you some screen shots too, but for some reason Power DVD won’t let me take any. Or skip position during it. You can blame Microsoft for that.
Instead, here’s a shot of Joe during the Revolution Hall gig, taken by Martin Hough. You can check out more of his photos from the gig and a few others on his ImageEvent page.
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SPIN Band Of The Day

SPIN.comKindly pointed out by Peter in a previous thread, The Crimea are currently’s Band Of The Day, so there’s a nice big pic of them on their main page and… oh my, that’s not another audio stream… Err… check it out, then, for a bio, gig dates, links, and The Crimea’s FIRST MUSIC VIDEO *g*. Can ye guess what the next single is yet? Ick. Someone have a stream ripper installed? I would, but as the Uni’s network even blocks Firefox half the time, I won’t bother. Anyone know how to proxy tunnel? Oh yeah, hit more, etc.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListIt’s Our Party And We’ll Get Mashed if We Want To
Details on the band’s private album launch party, also available on the official site.
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WOXY Session

Rightyho; The Crimea just finished their live session on During a chilled out acoustic set they played Lottery Winners On Acid, Baby Boom, Howling At The Moon and Someone’s Crying. There was also an eight minute interview with the band where they spoke about their current tour, EP covers and the new album. Guess what? Release story part 23.8: The US album is available right now in American independent record stores. Officially though, it’s still out early 2006. Shoot me. Anyways, some of the session shall be up here in the coming days in MP3 form. And, the stream only cut out once, so I recon I can cut and paste the song back together with seemingly little difference. Yay for cut and paste. Gotta love how they followed up the session with a song from Ash. Touch of genious, really. And, Davey, woxthefux?!?
UPDATE: MP3s NOW AVAILABLE. Albeit just the talking stuff. You can safely leave the intro alone, but the interview’s a must and the outro for added effect.

Party Like It’s 199… Wait…

Details of a private Crimea album launch party on October 1st, and how to get into it, are on right now.
Live session on tonight, don’t miss it (details below). UPDATE: They’ll be on at 9pm GMT (UK time). WOXY must be running off EST, else they don’t know what EDT is :o |.
And yet another twist in the Tragedy Rocks release story. are seemingly shipping out pre-release copies or something of the US version, even though the album’s supposedly not released until next year. Apparently these ones are coming in cardboard sleeves and not full jewel cases. Lawd knows what’s going on, but deffinately another reason to avoid Amazon (they’re too spensive for starters). If you do get one and aren’t too happy about it, you most likely won’t have any problem returning it for a refund (goods not as described, album unreleased, amazon shipping out promos (which you may wish to point out is illegal) etc). UPDATE: There’s one up on eBay too.

Bestival Smeshtival

After watching countless hours (about a days woth) of Reading, Leeds, V Festival, Glastonbury etc on TV over the past two years in hope of a non-existent glimse of The Crimea, I figured the chance of catching them on last night’s 1 1/2 hour Bestival coverage on Channel 4 was slim to none. So no surprise then that, while I’m tucked away in bed, The Crimea make their major UK TV debut. I’d swear if… ang on… S4C = crappier than 4… = schedules running a week later…. =…. WOOHOOO! In that case, The Crimea, Major TV Debut, S4C’s Bestival Coverage, Tursday 6th October, 4.05am. That’s middle of the night 4.30. Told you their schedule was crap. Betetr than nothing though, and for anyone who did catch it last night, anyone have a video capture card? Cos my VCR runs off a mono sound TV and my video capture card WOXY.comwebcam is at home.
Another thing I won’t be missing: online radio’s live(ish) Crimea session on Tuesday afternoon (4.00pm EDT, 8.00pm GMT). Owen seems to think it’s monday, WOXY’s website says otherwise.

US Tour

US Tour Dates

Tragedy Rocks News

Well, now the albums out on iTunes, some people have grabbed a copy and had a go at reviewing it. Top of the list is Stuart Denyer who’s posted an extremely detailed review on his Musicbox website and, other than the surprise of the early release he seems to quite like it.
The September 1st issue of American Way magazine also had a rather shorter review in their Lifestyle Trends section. Check it out via their website or by clicking more.
Cornerstone Media are most likely behind a press release causing the following three sites to have very similar news stories on the band’s album release and tour, but they’re different enough to all get a mention. RiftRock mentions the LWOA EP with a link to a WRG stream and some US tour dates, NowOnTour miss out the dates but have more links to the WRG stream and some info on Davey, while Static Multimedia leave out the stream but have loads of dates and mention the Billy Corgan tour. Hit more to read them all.
And here’s a little pic I found on Flickr from their Bestival appearance.
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Official Website Updated

The Crimea dot NetThe Crimea’s official website has been updated with a new english version of the original site. It’s got a new blue look, a link to their MySpace page, a link to Davey’s blog, pics from their UK summer tour, all the latest news from the band and even better, the two incomplete videos have been fixed so you can watch them play the whole of “Heads I Win, Tails You Loose” and “Down On The Farm”. Check it out at EDIT: well, it was a second ago. Here’s what it did look like, but seems it’s back to just the US page for now.

More Gig Updates

Tip of the day: keep checking the gigs page (or the official site) for the latest gig based news. But here’s a round up;
The Bloomfield Avenue Cafe gig tomorrow has changed venue to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.
Two new US gigs have been added, the Bowery Ballroom on September 30th and TT The Bear’s on October 3rd. They’re supporting them funny Electric Six boys at the first, gay bar gay bar etc.
One special guest at the October 13th Peel Day gig at The Enterprise in Camden, London is rumored to be Charlotte Hatherly. I’d bet on a couple more Ash members and a famous Stereophonic too. But I’m sure you’re all much more interested in meeting Davey & co. It’s a great place for it.

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea – live mayhem and recorded magnificence
More gig news from the Warner Brothers list. Hit more.
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Tragedy Rocks Release Date(s)

Aharr me harties.. no, pirate day was yesterday. Eh well. I’ve got to do the following as more than one of you has become a little confused.

Explanation: an eleven track, home recorded, home produced album by The Crimea called Tragedy Rocks was self released on the Klutz Inc/Animal Noise label on March 8th 2004 in CD format, featuring 11 tracks and a redish cover (tracklisting/cover shots here). It was only ever available either straight from the band, or from, but sold out towards the start of this year. You’ll only be able to get your hands on one via second hand stores online, or eBay (the last of which went for just over ?20).
In February this year, The Crimea re-recorded Tragedy Rocks with new band members, and was produced by Chris Shaw and Dennis Herring (tracklisting/cover shots here). The full 14 tracks from the album were released to online download stores last week. In CD format, the album will be available through Warner Brothers Records in the US with all 14 tracks and a silverish cover, and through Warner Brothers/Double Dragon Records in the UK with a reduced 11 tracks and a blueish cover. Neither of these CDs have yet been released, regardless of what online stores such as Amazon may say. This is partly due to a constantly slipping release date, and partly due to these stores having album info produced by monkeys. This will also cause album listings with wrong tracklistings, such as the UK version being listed with the US tracklisting, or the US version with the 2004 version tracklisting, etc. Basically, if you order the Warners released album from a UK store, it will arrive shortly after October 18th (unless the release is moved back again). If you order the Warners released album from a US store then it should arrive sometime early next year.
Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Appologies for the confusion, any complaints and I believe Warner Brothers have their own website…

Gig Updates

I wanted to post this with loads of other stuff but it’s taking too long, and this is kinda urgent. The gig at The Downtown in Farmingdale tomorrow evening has been CANCELLED. Sorry for the late notice, I only found out yesterday via the venues website. Though it should be noted no one else has mentioned anything, so if you were going then maybe just check with the venue before deciding not to. Hopefully no one’s actually told the band yet, and they’ll turn up and play an acoustic out of their van anyways. Likely.


And readers of yesterdays select reading will know that after some 1337 h4@x0rz usually comes teh pwnage.

recent tracks

Recent tracks playlist curtosey And Vu, I can’t thankyou enough. Review, info, etc coming soon.

Project Winterhaven Comp Over

Don't Look At The MonkeyThe Project Winterhaven album givaway ended last night, and after countless entries (though I counted seven) you were all still in with an almost 50/50 chance of winning. Correct entries, which would be all of you, were stuck into a fancy wooden box thing, given the cocktail experience, and three picked out. The lucky winners have been notified by email (I shan’t name them, you can leave squeels of glee in the comments if you wish) and I’ll get the CDs to you ASAP. As for the rest of you, there’ll be another, even better competition along very shortly, and no doubt you’ll have just as much chance winning that one as this, so think twice before not entering. For the record, all entrants emails have been deleted, data protection stylee.