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Gig Updates & More

People In PlanesPeople In Planes have been confirmed as The Crimea’s main support for the full UK tour, along with The Heights. The gigs page has been updated to reflect this and other minor changes. Also, the New York gig has been rescheduled to next year due to the UK press going mad over the album and keeping the band occupied over here.
Tragedy Rocks is now available as a download from for ?8.90 (that’s 9p less than the full CD from HMV) but they also have plenty other Crimea stuff to download too.
And if you need some convincing before purchasing, Flotation Suite say the album is a “jem of a debut” in their review.
Continuing their promotion of The Crimea, Channel 4′s Slashmusic blog mentions the free Out Of Africa download.
To the blogs: You Ain’t No Picasso mention them with a link to an MP3 and someone on MySpace also gives them a high recommendation.
And here’s something from the site that brought us such artistic one-liners as “The Crimea used to be The Crocketts who were a crock of shite”… Norman Records, unsurprisingly not the band’s biggest fans, still find time to say something nice about the album. “Aint too bad” I think are their words :o )
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Just The Usual

Radio sessions. Six of them. And not a god damn one in sight. Sorry if you stayed up listening to Kerrang or Radio Nottingham all night (like myself), seems they’re actually gonna be broadcast later in the year, so if you do come across them in a listing for Radio City, Radio Notingham, BRMB, Kerrang Radio, or somewhere in the Manchester or Glasgow area then please let me know.
Back to the usual then; reviews. Glasswerk London give the album a small one and say The Crimea “can touch hearts faster than any other band at this moment in time”.
Another one from Contact Music get’s Tragedy Rocks it’s best rating yet: 10 out of 10. The well informed review concludes by saying it’s “the best debut album I have heard”.
Almost as good is the 4 out of 5 from Rock City. “The Crimea are maturing nicely and should prove to be a good vintage for this year”.
There’s one more over at who quite like the lyrics.
The Crimea’s puiblishers Nuxx get in on the action by mentioning the album release on their site.
And here’s one session you won’t get to miss: Under Ground Online’s video of The Crimea’s in-studio session for them will be available to view from November 22nd, but for now you can make do with their photos of the session and short bio.
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Fly Article & Frank Skinner

The Crimea feature on a double page article in this months issue of The Fly Magazine. Title “The Tragic Numbers” it talks about the origins and future of the band in an interview with Davey MacManus whilst on tour in America. The mag also features a couple of full page adverts for the band, so get down you local Barfly venue and pick up a free copy. ‘Course, you could always check out the press clippings page instead, where, thanks to Roger Hoyle who scanned em in, you can see the article without even leaving your seat.
I mentioned yesterday about possibly hearing Frank Skinner mention The Crimea on his show during an interview with McFly. At the time I thought I was just hearing things, but oohhh no. With huge thanks to Uma and Sophie over at the McFly McFans website, I bring to you a video of the very incident where Frank Skinner is heard to say (on prime time television I might add): “There was a band on with [Dashboard Confessional] called The Crimea, who are brilliant, and I went [for] The Crimea… and I watched [them] and left”. Get in there.
And here’s some screengrabs of the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 performance. Which somehow I managed to fuck the recording of right up. So if anyone did see it, was there any more of the band shown other than the performance?
Nearly forgot about this; The Crimea are on Kerrang Radio tonight giving an interview on the Ctrl ALT Del show. Listen online right here between 9.00pm and 11.00pm. Or don’t, cos you knows I’m recording the thing and’ll have ripped MP3s up in no time :o P.

Oh Goody, More Reviews

Oohhh yes, there I was thinking the review barrage was over. Oh how wrong I was. So sit back and relax while I spend another five hours of my life going through the latest Crimea reviews and a few interviews to hit my inbox…
And starting with one of the interviews, Davey told The Downloader his thoughts on the digital age and his favourite artists; Tom Vek, People In Planes and Midasuno. The site also has a review of Tragedy Rocks up saying it’s “full of catchy tales of urban ennui and swirling hymns to lost loves”.
Next up for the interview/review double are GigWise who find out why asking Davey historical questions is a bad idea and take a very Welsh look at things during their great interview with the band. I dunno how true their statement of Lottery Winners On Acid being the next single is, but good god, how many times can you release one song? They also popped along the the Monarch pub in London and reviewed the show and are quite satisfied with the result.
The final interview for the day comes from Room Thirteen, where Davey mentions that the US only album tracks will be released for nowt in the future. Probably not by Warners, but I wouldn’t say there’s no truth in that, I know I’ve got a load of stuff that will eventually get put up for download, just not while the band are still around to complain. And much like the previous two sites, they also gave the album a once over. Which would be great, if it weren’t for one thing. “Lottery Winners On Acid’ sounds like it was written for a steel band”. FUCK. ME. PEOPLE. Enough. Shut up about the damn steel bands, here’s a fecking steel band, ain’t no pop tunes ever come close to the soca that pan tunes are based on. Oh well, it ain’t all bad, while you’re on the R13 site you can also check out an interview with the afformentioned Midasuno. Really, they ain’t bad at all.
Album reviews now, and Refresh Daily have a small one saying “this really is a great album to make you feel good.”
The CD’s given a longer look over by Music OMH who come up with the conclusion that “it’s tempting to just label them the Bart to the Lisa of Coldplay”. And may I be the first to say, “D’oh”.
A little less interesting is what’s looking more and more like a PR man’s version of a takeaway. Ready to eat, just add your own rating. Not that the Guardian Series even bothered with that; their review has already popped up on UK Online and the Adult Contemporary Essentials site, and this version still has the same rating as the latter.
Also in the “let’s not bother and use someone elses review instead” game, are SubCulture magazine who’s review previously featured on FMagazine and was most likely invented by Warners. Please, if you’re gonna send out reviews to people then at least change them about a bit so they’re not as easy to spot.
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More Videos

BT Digital Music Awards 2005You may have thought the SXSW vid mentioned yesterday was the best thing you’d seen in ages, but today I bring something even better. As mentioned previously The Crimea played a live version of Lottery Winners On Acid on BT’s Digital Music Awards 2005 on Tuesday. Now, if you missed Channel 4′s broadcast on Wednesday, don’t recieve S4C or don’t know what the hell 4Music is, no worries, The BT DMA website has a full recording of the show on their website available for streaming whenever you like. It’s a pretty nifty little thing, sort of an unedited version of events so you can see the kinda stuff that doesn’t get aired. The Crimea feature on part 2 but you’ll have to sit through 15 minutes of award talk beforehand as you can’t skip through it. But like I’ve said before, we put up with this streaming shite at Inaudible. Thanks to Denyer (for the 1000th time) who ripped, cropped and searchified the thing, you can download the whole thing right here. It’s 13.7 MB in size, in Microsoft’s AVI format and almost 5 minutes long. A link to it will be put up on the downloads page soon, as well as screen captures of the whole thing.
Staying with TV, I know I’ve gone through so many news posts in the last week I’m starting to see and hear the band’s name everywhere I go, halucinating images of Davey in the trees like, but I could swear I heard Frank Skinner mention the band’s name in an interview with McFly last night on the Frank Skinner show. Went something along the lines of “I saw the support band [The Crimea], then left…”. Someone let me know if I’m going mad, please.
Don’t foget that they deffinately are on BBC Radio Nottingham tonight giving an interview to Dean Jackson between 6pm and 10pm
Thanks to Steve Smith who sent in loads of pics from the Enterprise Peel Day show on the 13th, they’re all up on the images page so check em out.
And guess what? Ten more album reviews coming up, so long as I don’t shoot myself at the prospect of shitloads more work beforehand.

Special Treats

Here’s part three of yesterday’s news downpour, and hopefully the floodgates will now shut for a while so I can get some rest. I’ve got some real special treats in store but first up, some info some more Crimea radio sessions. That would be live sessions, on the radio in Glasgow, Manchester and on Liverpool’s Radio City. Unfortunately, they were on Wednesday. Sorry for not having any info up before, but I only found out via Davey’s MySpace blog on Thursday. Apparently they played a cover of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” in Glasgow, and interviews elsewhere. If you happen to have a recording (likely) then I’ve stuck all my e-mail addresses on the bar to the left.
Another public service announcement; Wild UK are organising The Crimea’s official street team, including some mini-raffles at each gig, and they need some help. If you’re available to assist at the Harlow show in London tomorrow then please get in touch with Sam at and he’ll most likely make it worth your while.
Right, good stuff. Channel 4. As well as broadcasting a live performance of Lottery Winners On Acid on the Digital Music Awards on Channel 4 last Tuesday, S4C this Sunday and 4Music err.. sometime… They’ve also behind The Crimea’s first popular kiddie interview! Yes, the kind where they ask what flavour ice cream you like. Not only that, but they’ve stuck the link to it on their main Music Features page! Ohh yes, everything you’ve wanted to know about their looks vs. McFly’s, and their attraction to Rachel Stevens. Next up, a Saturday morning MOM appearance. If it’s good enough for Sleeper, it’s good enough for The Crimea.
If you’re lucky enough to live in the States, you can order a copy of October’s issue 11 of State Of Mind magazine for only $4.00. Ahh, I hear you ask, why would you want to? Their interview with Davey and Andy Stafford from The Crimea of course!
Now for the icing on the cake, and I hope you’ve kept reading this far. They may have been on Channel 4, the official site may have exclusive live videos on the way, but you can watch the band right now on the South By Southwest site who have a near 4 minute video of them playing SXSW 2005, including clips from their performance of Baby Boom, Girl Just Died and Someone’s Crying. And it’s the fourth item on their videos page, no less (with a lower quality version if needed). I do have copies saved incase it’s ever removed, so lemme know if it dissapears and I’ll stick it up here.
Some old news mentioned elsewhere before comes in from the CMU Music Network with their Out Of Africa and live dates post.
Also old, but a little more detailed; Loose Record’s news on the band’s WOXY radio show session.
On the sales front, Picadilly Records have what at first glance seems to be a simple sales listing, but a quick read will revel links to two sample mp3s from the album.
Going even further is the twmsiy* blog who have a news-article-come-review of the album and links to three whole MP3s: the WRG album version, original LWOA version and great remix of Baby Boom by The Vaden Plas.
And if that ain’t enough media for you, check out the other images and Bowery Ballroom photo pages for new Crimea flyers, setlists and live photos thanks to Awreye.
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Country Hopping

They conquered the UK, then the US, but The Crimea’s appeal has flown much further affield than that. Here’s the latest news and reviews on the band from those websites that we English speakers like to call “foreign”. Hit more for the original articles and horrible attemts at translation; if you can do any better then please email it in or leave it as a comment.
Crossing the channel over into France, the Sound Of Violence website has a few updated news articles on the band (hit the Derni?res news link) on their Crimea profile page.
Some guy on the Telerama forums is going bonkers over the band. The word “ph?nom?ne” about sums it up.
Fellow French speakers Voir in Canada mention The Crimea in a news roundup.
Moving south, a blogger from Brazil mentions the Baby Boom video and talks about the single, even giving some lyrics for any English speakers who happen to turn up.
Back to Europe, Netherland’s New Frontiers site has some news on the band and their Out Of Africa download single.
To the East now and the Czech Republic’s Free Music site has a review of Tragedy Rocks. If the english reviews are anything to go by then I’m sure they love it.
North a bit and Russia’s Music Reporters have a post on the White Russian Galaxy download.
Much further east to Japan now, and the Crazy Rythms blog gives it a small mention in one post.
Someone called “Candy Pink” also mentions the album in their blog, what it’s all about is anyone’s guess.
And we end with Japan’s cheerfully titled School Death Co. blog who give the album what looks like a review; deffinately a mention and cover shot if nothing else.
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That Was Just For Starters

Oh boy, oh boy. First it rained, then it hailed. Now the levee has well and truly broken and I’m ten foot under a torrent of Crimea news. I’ve got over thirty articles to get through so I’m just gonna shut up and get going. Me thinks I’ll start with yet more Tragedy Rocks reviews, and remember you can view the things by clicking on the link to the respective sites, or should the review have been removed, (or you’re just lazy) hit the big white More button at the top of this post to read them right here on this site.
And what a way to start. Manchester Online gave it a whopping 5 out of 5 stars even though the reviewer’s information was a bit off.
Next up, Indie London are rather indifferent about the album though still manage much praise like the following: “There are more hits than misses, particularly during the opening half that transports you across the emotional rock spectrum”.
Most probably the best compliment The Crimea have ever recieved comes from who, in their review say “its even the kind of album that could see them win a Mercury Music Prize nomination”. Needles to say, they quite liked it.
Going back a year, here’s a review of the original Tragedy Rocks Release by Six Different Ways saying who liked the “Thoughtful lyrics, tight instrumentation [and] sexy production”.
Music blog Fufkin mention the CD in a recent entry along the lines of “texturally satisfying, stylistically invigorating and drenched with passion”.
Not quite so impressed were Swing Batter Better blog who reviewed it for the October issue of Crack magazine, but then, they were expecting a “thrash-core metal” album. Ahem…
Sticking with blogs, LiveJournaler jamesgilmer raves on about the US version due to it’s “big-sound songs and a bit of swagger”.
For the grown-ups, Adult Contemporary Essentials’ review give it a final rating of 9 out of 10.
Now, I dunno who ripped of who, but UK Online have a copy of exactly the same review as ACE, but change the rating to 3 out of 5. Very naughty.
Although an original review, Productshop NYC are one of the few people who don’t like Davey’s dark lyrical manner, even if they do like the music.
Over in Nottingham, the BBC also give it a less than great review, but mainly due to their thoughts that “Tragedy Rocks might be too clever for its own good, struggling to cross over to the mainstream”.
But we end the reviews back up the ratings with a 7.5 out of 10 from The Communion who say Tragedy Rocks “sounds a lot more accomplished than a few other debut albums by hyped new bands”. Thank god for that.
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Odds & Ends

BT Digital Music Awards 2005Just a few extra things to let you know about after yesterday’s news fest, though first there’s just time to mention The Crimea’s musical appearance on the BT Digital Music Awards 2005, on tonight on Channel 4 at 11.40pm (Sunday @ 3.30am on S4C). They’ll be playing Lottery Winners On Acid and I should have some pics of that and their televised Bestival appearance up here next week.
Another review of Tragedy Rocks comes in via XFM who say, among other things, “Tragedy Rocks leaves you with each song vying for brainspace, each chorus trampolining on your eardrum, offering you no alternative but to press play again”. Hit more to read it.
Over at the now regular Crimea reviewers God Is In The TV fanzine, they have an interview with Davey MacManus up on the site. Being his regular self, you can expect the usual lines such as “it’s Madison square garden or the Mississippi river”. The interview also means that the band have all but taken over the lead article links on the fanzine’s homepage with their images and details appearing on three out of the seven main site section links. Infact, they could almost start a new Crimea fansite with all the band’s info they have on there.
Hopefully that’s it for today, only thing left is this: Someone entered the album comp! Woohoo, I almost had to change the entry question there. Anyone else enters and you’ve got a 50/50 chance of winning, so get your lyrics in.
Oh and, I just got my copy of Tragedy Rocks yesterday. Shame they had to stick the intro on the same track as White Russian Galaxy, if you want a copy of the intro on it’s own then lemme know. Different track order is pretty good, makes a little more sense than the US one I recon. And, although not mentioned, the album cover shot was actually by Crimea keyboardist Andy Stafford at Lake Sardis, Mississippi. See that on the right? The original work of art. Thanks mr Andy.
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The Crimea Take Off

Good lord, it’s like, hailing Crimea news right now. Hopefully you were here sometime between mid-day yesterday and today and caught the streams of some choice cuts of Crimea audio on the site, including some US only stuff and Davey’s extra-ordinary guitar skills. A good time to say a huge thanks to all those who’ve sent me recordings of shows/radio sessions etc or anything else Crimea related in the past, the site wouldn’t be the same without you, and some day the recordings will get put up here. And if you didn’t catch the streams there’s plenty more to keep you occupied, lord knows I’m hardly ever away from the PC these days…
Lets start with this: Tragedy Rocks is out now in the UK, your local record store should have it in. Andy’s Records in Aber does, he even had a sign outside advertising the fact. With their history, I didn’t see that coming, but the sight was so good I had to capture it (see right). Online it’s selling like hotcakes on a cold day, shooting up to 170 on’s sales chart earlier today, it’s still below 200.
Now, I hope you’re signed up to the band’s official mailing list. If not, you can via their official site, and you’ll be greeted with all manner of news such as the following: The Crimea will be appearing on the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 on Channel 4 tomorrow evening (Wednesday 19th) at 11.40pm. They’ll be giving Lottery Winners On Acid the once over for your listening pleasure; viewers in Wales can catch it on S4C on Sunday 23rd at 3.35am (that’s Saturday evening for you night owls).
Also mentioned in the last mailout was a Tragedy Rocks e-card. Click here for the beautiful mini-site featuring song clips from the album, tour dates, all the vital links and a chance to win a signed Tragedy Rocks album.
And on with the reviews. Crud Magazine gave the album 4/5 but christ, when will they stop going on about steel drums? I swear, there are none. Anyone saying otherwise again will get my steel drum shoved over their head.
Big time? It don’t get bigger than Microsoft. You may hate em, but not for their review of Tragedy Rocks, with lines such as “The Crimea pose a danger to both The Flaming Lips and Radiohead, who could struggle to win back their alternative crown”.
From the big hitters to the.. err.. Jewish Telegraph. Obviously not picking up on the band’s seemingly anti-religious stance they highly recommend it, even based on the song titles alone.
Taking a break from the album, Yahoo Music have a review of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP up and give it as good a review as everyone else is giving the album.
Back to Tragedy Rocks, and the band in general, The Music Edge have a huge feature on the band based around a telephone interview with our Davey, who happened to mention ?There was a distinct stop and start? between the Crimea and a certain former band. Sure, in your head, like.
Gigs wise, the Carling Live site has a preview of The Crimea’s Camden Barfly show on October 11th. And, unlike myself, you may notice that was over a week ago. A good read nontheless.
Cornerstone Media, some kinda PR PR people, have obviously sent out another Crimea related mailshot as both Now On Tour and Rift Rock have a small news article on the Baby Boom music vid, available to view online as a stream viw Warner Brothers. Meh, we don’t put up with that kinda stuff round here, download the whole thing to view at you leasure right here.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListTragedy Rocks
Hmm… wonder what this one might be about… ahh yes, TV appearances of course… WTF?!?
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Where To Buy TR UK

So you’ve been saving up all year, got a tenner in your pocket and nothing to spend it on, all the local stores have sold out and you NEED THAT RUDDY ALBUM! Well here’s where you can get hold of Tragedy Rocks UK online; otherwise try your local record store. HMV should have it in their “New Releases” section :o )., The Crimea’s number one online retailer (something like that) have it for ?9.99 + ?1.50 p&p. They’ve also got Davey’s short stories and poem book too, along with the full Crimea back catalogue. have it for ?8.99 + ?1.45 p&p. Andy S used to work for em so be kind, leave a review too once you have it. It’s currently 246 in their sales rankings. will send it to you for nowt after giving them ?8.99 for the thing. Cheapest price so far, and apparently you get a free compilation CD with it. – yes, those guys with the adverts – have it for ?9.99 and free delivery. And plenty of other stuff too., indie record favourites and’ll send you Tragedy Rocks for ?9.99 + ?1.40 p&p., my favourite online record store have it for ?9.99 + ?1.00 p&p. They’d have the album promo too if I hadn’t just bought it off them., they’re my home town’s local store and hold joint first position in the cheapest TR album chart, ?8.99 and free delivery.
Now get shopping, and here’s to a top ten on Sunday’s Top Of The Pops album chart :o D.

Never Ending Reviews…

As you should know by now, Tragedy Rocks was released in the UK today, so geddown your local shop and buy em out, eh? Not surprising then that half the world’s press establishment have chosen the past few days to release a mirriad of news and reviews on the band. Here’s the latest; if you’ve got any more news then mail it in or use the message board.
For starters, The Independent had something on the band in their paper on Saturday (15th) though I only found out today. So if you’ve still got a copy lying around, I’d love to have a scan. They’re also in this months Fly magazine too. Again, scans welcome.
And onto the album reviews. Manchester Entertainment Online love it, and think the album cover is quite familiar. I’m gutted I didn’t notice the similarities first. Anyway, hit more to have a read and see what I’m spraffin on about.
Fanzine website God Is In The TV have a nice review of of the album giving it 4 out of 5, and also a review of the band’s Peel Day show at The Enterprise in Camden.
Thanks to Dave on the message board for pointing out this one – Channel 4 teletext site Planet Sound have an album review up to, and give it 6/10 despite not being blown off their feet by the thing. Hit more to read it.
Warner Brother’s latest Rock News mailout again features some Crimea news, this time advertising their album release and UK tour. Hit more to read it and sign up on the top right of their website.
Music promotion company First For Music have a competition up on their site to win one of two singed copies of the album to give away. It looks like you just have to register to enter, though I tried and nothing happened. Figures.
Enough reviews for today. Only thing left to mention is that the support bands for The Crimea’s UK tour have been announce via their official site. The Heights and People In Planes will be sharing the duties; check out the updated gigs page on this site for more gig info.
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The Crimea’s Radio Takeover

Sorry this new’s getting to you so late. It dropped through my virtual letterbox but ninety minutes ago. Guess who’s taking over your radio waves tonight?
Kerrang Radio – The band have just recorded an interview with Steve Harris… I was gonna say it’s on tonight but more virtual droplets of info are dropping from the sky as I type. It’ll be broadcast on Kerrang 105.2 FM in the West Midlands area on Saturday morning (22/10) on the Ctrl ALT Del show between 2.00am and 4.00am (that’s Friday night if you stay up late). In the rest of the country, it’ll be on Kerrang Radio on the Ctrl ALT Del show on Sunday evening (23/10) between 9.00pm and 11.00pm. You can listen to both stations online at or check out the Kerrang Radio website for more info.
BRMB – They’re also recording and interview with Russ Morris for Birmingham’s BRMB 96.4 FM. It’ll either be on sometime between 7.00pm and 10.00pm any evening this week or between 12.00pm and 2.00pm in the afternoon on Saturday. More news as I get it, you can check out their site at but there’s no online stream so if anyone manages to record the thing, you know where to send it ;o).
BBC Radio Notingham – To round it up, The Crimea are also recording an acoustic session as well as an interview with Dean Jackson for BBC Radio Nottingham. It’ll be broadcast on The Beat show, most likely this Saturday evening (22/10) between 6.00pm and 10.00pm and you can listen on 95.5 FM or online via their website.

The Crimea: Illustrated

Time for some of that most exciting of web media: photos! And loads of em too…
First up are a couple new galleries I’ve added to the images page. The Bowery Ballroom and Hangar Bar shots were all taken by Tear-n Tan, so don’t nick em. You can view more of their shots including some from numerous Crimea shows on their website at You’ll also notice that the versions on this site are using a new image display script. They should pop up in the same page, you can move em around by dragging the top bit and close them by hitting the big X. Let me know if you have any problems with them; most can be solved by just refreshing the page.
Thanks to Martin in America who sent in scans of a flyer and some of the US promo albumy thing. Check them out on the other images page and the promos section. He’s also stuck up a load more shots from The Crimea’s US tour on his ImageEvent page.
Away from Inaudible, MySpace bloger Dani G has some shots from their Mercury Lounge show on her profile.
As always, the band’s official Buzznet photo album is constantly being updated. And after the direction the band’s been heading in lately: Elle Magazine,, The Sun… Like I said, Playboy’s just around the corner. That on the right is for making me resize all them pics, Ganders.