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New Crimea Single

Lottery Winners On AcidYou can’t failed to have missed all the hints of a new upcoming single in recent interviews and articles, and it’s finally settled. The Crimea will release their brand new single Lottery Winners On Acid in January 2006, quite possibly the 9th according to the grape vine. You may have noticed the two LWOA cover on the main tracklisting to the right, but I’m assured this will be a wholey original release with brand new B-sides for your listening pleasure. Anyone mentioning them milking it with 3 LWOA releases is sadly mistaken, and the duet with the Chico is purely speculation. Hit the comments section with your thoughts, and join in the bragging rights with a list of how many copies of a single Crimea release you have. I think I have about 28 labled LWOA. No idea why…

Radio 1 Festive Fifty

John PeelStarted by the late and great John Peel (left), the Festive Fifty is Radio 1′s top 50 chart of the year, voted for by listeners of the OneMusic show. Two years ago Baby Boom got to number 8 in the chart, beating the likes of the White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This year The Crimea are hoping to do even better with Lottery Winners On Acid. Appently it’s already doing quite well, but you can never have enough votes so please get on to the OneMusic website and add your vote online. Unfortunately I’ve not listened to the radio all year and it wants me to enter three different tracks, so if you’ve got some reccomendations then lemme know.

Lights, Camera, Updates!

UGO PlayersStarting with the best: Under Ground Online have finally added the video of The Crimea’s special session for them to their website. The band played Lottery Winners On Acid, Baby Boom, Someone’s Crying and also did an interview for UGO’s Music Channel where you can watch and listen to the whole thing along with many other artist’s exclusive sessions. Props to the UGO guys for an early Christmas present.
Don’t think you’re getting away from them that easy; Tragedy Rocks review number 1572 (you think I’m kidding?) can be found at Attomic Duster. 10 / 10 ain’t so bad now, is it?
Unfortunately the album’s rating at Hot Press ain’t the only bad thing; you can’t even read it unless you pay them money. Time was I knew a website that gave out logins to all these silly pay-for-news sites, but I forget the address… Anyway, it goes along the lines of “They?re a band who seem split in two ? one half intent on making fairly average, mainstream American pop rock, the other half interested in what can best be described as, well, weird shit” and ends with a 6 / 10 for a Mr Phil Udell. Feel the wrath, my man.
Suicide GirlsSo, we’re in need of some pleasure again, and the Suicide Girls are more than happy to oblige. What? You fear for my morals? Eh, don’t worry about them, for it’s only their website’s interview with Davey that I’m talking about, though it’s still as strange a read as you’d imagine. And I’m still waiting on a copy of that S.G. DVD featuring The Crimea on the soundtrack.
More in touch with reality (well, almost… “Andy is half Russian” ?!?) is Music OMH’s interview. Which might be something to do with the contribution from members other than Davey. At least it’s a change, if nothing else.
Gig news comes in from Welcome To London’s preview of the Carlisle show. I guess in the capital they figure it’s all the same place anyways.
Down at Clwb Ifor Bach were GigWise to review The Crimea’s appearance at Boobytrap Record’s 5th Birthday party. There’s no rating but they seem impressed.
It’s that Reading Festival thing again; have some shots of the band on stage, but Firefox users beware, it’ll slow you right down.
And here’s a sight that pleased this gamer’s tired eyes late last evening: A list of Owen’s favourite songs on Number seven? “Tegan And Sara – ‘You Went Away’. Two cute Canadian sisters. Both lesbians.” Well that figures. But you can catch them in session on that UGO site too.
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Public Service Announcements #3

Hear Yea! Hear Yea! Etc… More important Crimea news from individuals around the web:
The Crimea’s Street Team needs help again, if you can provide support handing out random crap Christmasy Crimea gifts at next weeks Chelmsford gig (or any other I presume) then give a buzz. They’ll provide more of that gifty stuff for yourself to keep in return.
MTV 2Davey’s been giving away more interesting insights into the band’s current press rampage on his MySpace blog, one wonders why no one else want’s to inform you of this kinda stuff, but I should shut my mouth before I get into trouble again… MTV 2 will be screening The Crimea’s first music video (Baby Boom I should think) plenty of times this coming week. Tune in a record me a copy cos my VCR’s a bit shite. And it’s not like I recieve the channel anyways…
Also mentioned by the lead guy were the mysterious word “Naptster” and “session”. Que another useless digital music provider software download, just to find nothing on there. But I would hazard a guess at them having recorded a few tracks for Napster’s NapsterLive section, which could well be up sometime in the near future. Oh, and they owe Warners $600,000, so buy a couple few copies why don’t you.
Just posted in the newly reopened comments section of a previous post was some stuff about this “secret” gig they’re playing. Support gig for Faithless? Rufus Wainwright? The Strokes? Nope, Andy from the band says it’s actually a headlining show, starting early so some radio boffins can make it. Hopefully one of them knows how to work a Minidisc properly, eh? thankyou very much.

OneMusic Session

OneMusicD’you hear it? If not, you can catch a recorded version of The Crimea’s OneMusic on the Radio 1 website right here but only until next Tuesday. Recorded at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios, the band recorded fresh new versions Lottery Winners On Acid and Baby Boom aswell as giving a go at new track Man and a cover of Tiffany hit I Think We’re Alone Now. There’s lots about it on the OneMusic website including photos of the session, an interview with Davey and Owen, and OneMusic presenter Huw Stephens’ diary which has some stuff on them in it. And, if that weren’t enough, I’ve also stuck together an MP3 mashup of Huw carrying on about them and the interview with the band that was aired during the first half of the show. Hit more for the show’s tracklisting and a copy of the BBC interview.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListFaces built for radio – The Crimea hit Radio 1 (and announce secret show!)
News on free tickets to a special secret Crimea show. Even I don’t know what it’s all about…
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Crimea Session On Radio 1

OneMusic“They’ll be back on the program, doubtless before the year is out if everything goes to plan” – The final words of John Peel on The Crimea’s Peel Session back in 2003. It may have been a little longer, and the lack of Peel himself was most deffinately not part of the plan, but they’ll finally be back on the Peel replacement show OneMusic with Huw Stephans with another session this Tuesday. You can listen throughout the UK on Radio 1 via the usual places, or online around the world on from 11.00pm on Tuesday 22nd November.

Mailing List

Mailing ListTo St Louis With Love? The Crimea Live
A link to a live gig recording, but not here, it’ll be up on the official site soon enough.
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More News & An Interview

Ick. Tip for over worked webmasters: don’t try to open a PDF document in Firefox with half an unsaved news post in another tab. Meh… So, I’ll start again. Sorry for the lack of message board and comment posting available at the moment, circumstances beyond my control unfortunately, though the official site does have it’s own board, and it’s not even modded by me :o ).
Newswise, the News & Star website has a host of Crimea articles up, with not one but two previews of the Carlisle gig (one of which I mentioned yesterday) and also a review of the thing too.
Your daily Tragedy Rocks review comes from Halo 17 who, even with a 6.2 / 10 and unflattering first paragraph, they go on to heap praise upon the album.
Regular Crimea fans Sound Of Violence have a review of Tragedy Rocks up too, giving it 4 / 5. Oh, it’s in French by the way. Don’t you just wish you’d paid attention in language class at school now, eh?
Hopefully it won’t crash my browser this time: Redbrick, Birmingham (UK)’s University newspaper, had a review of the album in their last issue. Currently the only copy I can find is an HTML version via Google’s cache, which is for the best if you’re on Firefox anyways ;o)
Dunno what’s with all the Reading festival reviews all of a sudden. Ah well, here’s Cross Fire’s version of events, including a paragraph on The Crimea.
More up to date is The Sun’s newest Crimea article: a great review of their Camden Barfly show.
The band’s official photo blog has had some extras added to it, including a few band + fans shots, so see if you can spot yourself.
And we end on another interview with Davey MacManus, who gives Silent Uproar a history of the band in his own unique way. Expect plenty of “Oh no, I mean we definitely do”‘s. And apparently it helped inspire the album, so maybe you’ll get something out of it too: At The Drive In – Invalid Litter Dept. Ahh, the memories of year 10 work experience with that thing playing on the radio… I felt like throwing up at the time, actually. Nothing to do with the song though, I’m sure… yeah… enough.
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Will They Ever End…

Tragedy Rocks, Tragedy Rocks, Tragedy Rocks… It’s all I ever read about these days. And here’s some of the many things I’ve read recently:
A nice comparison of the UK and US versions (if not such a nice conclusion) from Pop Matters.
Another from Friends Of The Heros compares The Crimea to R.E.M. and Low.
While, with a 4.5 out of 5, Revolution give the album what looks like one of the best ratings on their site, at least, I can’t see anything else above 4 until halfway down the page.
A smaller, but just as good review comes from Blueyonder who also have a link to the Out Of Africa download.
Gigswise, Unpeeled have a short news post with the current UK tour dates, and add that the “album is just the right side of mind-bendingly fantastic” for good measure.
A decent review of the Portland Arms show by BBC Cambridgeshire ends by saying The Crimea are “on a journey to the stars”.
A long preview and info on the band from the News & Star may be a little late, but still worth the read.
Also a little late is IC Wales’ preview of the Boobytrap 5th birthday party on the 13th but it does have a small mention of the band.
Back to the proper reviews, The Downloader give the Camden Barfly show the once over saying “The Crimea pull it off brilliantly and give the fans exactly what they desire”.
Another small mention comes from Crud Magazine during their Reading Festival round-up.
Staying with the Crud Mag boys, they also have a new interview with Davey up, one of the better one’s I’ve read so far.
I’ll end with some more foreign news; the Dietnam blog contains the words Crimea, and that’s good enough for me. See you tomorrow with even more pointless links.
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Camden Bafly Tickets

If you’ve had trouble getting tickets for the Camden Barfly gig on Tuesday 15th then please email and he’ll stick you on a paying guest list for you to pay when you get there.

New Downloads

Baby BoomOohhh do I ever have a bunch a media for you, my dears. Newly uploaded and linked on the downloads page are all the Crimea related videos I’ve mentioned over the past month. There’s the South By Southwest video, the Baby Boom music vid, Digital Music Awards performance, Frank Skinner mentioning them and the two Making Of Tragedy Rocks videos. There’s even the 6 Music report on them from a few days ago in MP3 format. But please, don’t download them all at once, I dunno how much my bandwidth can take. And please please don’t link directly to them from other websites, just link to the downloads page or even better the main site,
I’ve also stuck up the results of 4 hours worth of scanning. You can blame Martin Hough for the State Of Mind mag interview and everything between and including the two newest set list scans. Also up is the review from the latest Q Magazine, which may still be available in some stores though ironically being the December issue it’s already sold out here.

Sony Copy Protected CDs

Sony BMGI’ve put off writing about this for a while but, being a music site, and due to the recent article I just read, I think I better just in case any of you haven’t heard about it yet.
Up until about a week ago (after preasure from the media), a few copy protcted music CDs from Sony used a certain piece of software to accomplish the copy protection on them. To cut a long story short, said software wasn’t very nice, nor well written. Although you were allowed to play the CDs on a PC, anyone doing so would have the software used by Sony installed on their machine without notice. Now, like I say, I was just gonna post about that on it’s own, but, being such a crappy piece of software, there’s now a virus doing the rounds that takes advantage of it, so I figured I better let you know sooner rather than later.
So basically, if you’ve stuck a copy protected Sony music CD anywhere near your PC lately, specifically one of these lot (or indeed, are planning to, as they’ve not been withdrawn) then, well, there’s not much you can do as Sony’s fix seems to cause even more problems. Oh and, it’s not like they’ve stopped using crappy copy protection software either.
The moral of the story? Stay away from copy protected CDs. You really, really don’t know what could be on them. You’re much better off getting music from an unprotected sorce and play it wherever you damn well please without interferance. And if they ain’t gonna sell it you, well, what can you do, eh? Hopefully no one else *cough*warners*cough* will be as stupid as Sony.
UPDATE: Officially, the UK CDs don’t contain the software in question. Really, I wouldn’t trust them at all. And err, here’s an article on copy protected digital downloads, nicely reminding you that Microsoft’s Plays For Sure technology surely won’t play on your favourite music player. Good job there’s so many kind souls out there willing to provide you with un-restricted copies then :o )
UPDATE 2: Oh it just gets better and better. Said “copy protection” software also happens to infringe copyright on the LAME music encoder. And you really don’t wanna be using that uninstaller either.

Public Service Announcements

The Crimea have announced this years Christmas show, check out the band’s official site or the latest mailout for details.
Not so good news, sometime during the Liverpool gig on Tuesday a picture (painting?) by Davey’s sister (most likely Rachael) went missing. If you happen to know where it might be, please let em know. Here’s an example of her work for Davey’s short stories and poems book (which you can buy here).
Taking time out from the giging, Davey gave a few words to 6Music News on Wednesday. You can hear it by skipping 30 minutes into Steve Lamaq’s Wednesday show, or just download this clip.
I wanna thank Adrian Smith, sub-editor of Drummer magazine for the support; if you didn’t already know, the latest November issue has a couple of articles on Crimea drummer Owen Hopkin in, you can get copies from the high street or via their website.
Also thanks to Martin Hough for all the stuff he sent me recently, I’ve finally scanned it all in and I’ll stick it up in a short while. In the meantime, checkout all the Crimea pics he’s taken at gigs.
Sorry to the guys who entered the album competition, I’m still waiting on a final decision from one of the judges, so far it’s pretty much a tie break between you.
You guessed it, more Tragedy Rocks reviews. This Is Fake DIY gave it 3.5 out of 5 while comparing them to The Magic Numbers.
Another review by Music Boom looks interesting, but not speaking Italian I wouldn’t really know. Anyway, Babelfish’s translation of “Lottery Winners On Acid and Bad Vibrations, at least musically, they ride towards the sun” is good enough for me.
And to end with; If you’re getting a little bored with Tragedy Rocks (some of us have been listening to Lottery Winners for 3 1/2 years, you know?), try this out: get a copy of the Audacity audio editor then follow their instructions for removing vocals from a recording. If doesn’t quite work, but the results are quite the interesting. Quick tip – it has the best results with Here Comes The Suffering, Bad Vibrations, Girl Just Died and Gazillions Of Miniature Violins.
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Mailing List

Mailing ListA Message From The Front Line
Christmas gig news from the boys in the latest official mailout.
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