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Blog Software Recomendations?

If anyone knows of some decent blog software that can accomplish what’s currently being done here (just the main page (fully customised template and CSS) and archive (don’t really care, just needs custom CSS), the rest of the site is hand-coded html), but has decent comment/spam controls and is reguarly updated, then please leave a note on the message board. I’m thinking of ditching the current software, Greymatter, unless I can find a decent hack for comment spam control (such as a random character generator), and it looks like it’s way past it’s sell by date in terms of software updates. Plus, my hosts seem to hate it :oP

Happy Christmas :o)

Oh What The Fuck…

…it’s Christmas. Which means 2 things: 1. Ya’ll need presents. 2. Owen won’t get mad at this post for at least.. ooh.. a day?

Sorry, Christmas is over for another year. Come back later for more Crimea moviefilms :o)

Trust me, if this song doesn’t sound bloody great, it’s for purely technical reasons…

C&C Drums

For the guy from C&C drums from Canada or whever it was… Gimme a day to wake up and I’ll put a link here link below, for what it’s worth. All my photos are cunts. They prolly got white paint on them too…

Meanwhile, here’s something else… and like the dickhead I am I assumed as taking photos sideways works perfectly fine, videoing the stuff sideways would work too. Fuckit…

C&C MAN!!! rack it up… they’re shit. but whatever… Owen / drum pics. If you need bigger / better quality versions, god forbid, then email me. Maybe i’ll stick the rest of the gig pics up later… or maybe i’ll stick up more vids up instead ;o)

London Sprawling! Fancy A Slice?

Bethelehem! Madrid! Riga! Ashby De La Zouche! Can you hear us?

We’ve a few freak-fests coming up before we pile on the pounds at Chrimbo. There’s the Snow Patrol date, a show at swanky new venue Neighbourhood and our own XXXMas show at The Enterprise. Here’s the details, spread the word of the lords…

18 December – Neighbourhood, London
Free before 8pm, a fiver before ten and seven after that. We’re on-stage at 10.15pm. There’s even talk of some record spinning, but ask yourselves one question: are you ready for Saxon’s ‘Wheels Of Steel’ or Budgie’s ‘Breadfan’? Of course you are. More details about the club here:

19 December – Wembley Arena
With Snow Patrol. All hail Gazza Lighbazza. This show is sold out though. Sorry for getting your hopes up. We’ll probably be getting jacked up and hitting the stage at about 7pm. We were born to play arena rock.

20 December – Enterprise, Camden
As we don’t get invited to normal Christmas parties, we make up for not being able to photocopy our arses or make inappropriate passes at our boss, by having it large at Camden’s finest jar emporium. Tickets are ?5 on the door, in advance from the pub, or on the phone: 020 7485 2659. It’ll be the stuff of legend. Again.

Buy Now! Pay the morning after.

Lots of love
The Crimea.

Also from that page: “We Love You – Lats And Lats”

“We’re in Latvia. The album’s almost done. It’s bloody freezing. Still, there’s a table tennis table upstairs, a hardy Welshman (Greg Haver) mixing downstairs and a lot of hair-pulling as the final bits of recording get done by everyone else in the live room. Seven more days and it’s done. In the can. You’ll be blown away. And that’s a guarantee, chief.”

And one other thing from Myspace…

News that the Coopers Arms has reopened under new ownership:

Okay, make that two…

People who’ve been to gigs in Aber within the last few years might be familiar with Pagan Wanderer Lu, purveyor of fine back-bedroom indie with a nice line in lyrics. Everyone else should check him out too, as he finally has a label-released CD out — details and sample tracks here:

10 Minutes Of Crimea Love

Finally you can all get a piece of the Crimea’s best double figure visual performance. No, they’ve not given up the day job to become strippers; Adria Petty has uploaded her 10 minute long Tragedy Rocks EPK to YouTube. Check it out below…

They’re also still on tour with Snow Patrol. I would ask for pics on the SP website but if they’re anything like the Ash crowd they’ll chew me up and spit me out. Nah really I’m just trying make myself look like I bother anymore…

Wheat, Chaff, Daggers at the Ready

I’ve been persuaded by some Christmas spirited character to inform you all once again that The Crimea are playing gigs. Again. Man, I thought they gave that stuff up like last summer… or was it this summer… whenever. Apparently in the coming month they play a Windmill, Arena and Stadium. Clearly they cannot afford to play modern venues like pubs anymore, and have resorted to some kinda medieval gladiator entertainment spectacle. The intertubes whispered in my ear. They say,

Nov 27 2006 8:00P Brixton Windmill, London
Nov 29 2006 8:00P Men arena, manchester, Northwest
Nov 30 2006 8:00P the arena, newcastle, Northeast
Dec 1 2006 12:00P Bar Academy (Lunch Time Show!), Birmingham
Dec 8 2006 8:00P DeMontford University, Leicester
Dec 19 2006 8:00P wembley arena, london, London

As if you couldn’t tell, I shamelessly ripped that straight off MySpace, presumably conjured up by some all knowing Elf like being. Clearly I’ve given up all hope of running an informative website, the elfs will do. Wikipedia, the web’s other all knowing lifeform, says “[Wembley] arena is the second busiest busiest music in the UK (the MEN Arena in Manchester is busier)”. So, maybe at lease *one* person will have a decent recording this time. And as some d-list lyricist once said, I’d rather fuck up than miss out. So fuck up already.

Little Blue Crunchy Things

Well this is way OT but you need it… The single GREATEST band EVER to exist on the history of this planet (and we’re talking musically here – have you heard davey play solo?), Little Blue Crunchy Things, are performing two reunion shows on January 19th and 20th 2007. Seriously, these lot are the best thing I’ve ever heard. Want proof? Check this list of awards. See 96? ELEVEN Wisconsin WAMI nominations, in every category you can name. Five albums, two live, and not a damn single song on them is anything other than great. I listened to a single one of those albums for six months straight. Every night. No kidding.

Noah TabakinHere are three examples of their greatness, should you need any more persuading:

LBCT – Angels
LBCT – Florence
LBCT – Licorice

Just one small thing. They only play the USA. Friday Jan 19th in The High Noon Saloon, Madison and Jan 20th in Shank Hall, Milwaukee to be exact. Trust me though, they’re worth the strip search. Check out their MySpace blog for more.

Now, anyone got a spare plane ticket?

Done Something Real Bad This Time

The two of us, heckles raised,
Eyes locked dead to the greasy world.
Neither of us overjoyed to be out of love,

Filmed at T In The Park and Cardiff Festival Big Weekend, 2006.

Where’d They Go?

Can we have some Oliver Twisted?I presume, much like myself, you’re all sat at home wondering “where the hell are the crimea?”. Well, they’re locked up in their own self-made studio working hard on what they hope will be songs for their second album. I on the other hand am locked up inside myself trying to keep sane with my new favourite song, Oliver Twisted. If it ain’t on the next album I ain’t buying it.
Ok, ok, you want your Crimea fix too. Well Contact Music are at hand to provide a video interview with frontman Davey just after they played the V Festival.
If you still want more, you can re-read this old interview with the lads on the Suicide Girls website. Oldie but a goodie. I do hope he’s taking the piss. Anyways, you can then pleasure yourself with the rest of the site, so to speak…

Free Your Crimea Tunes

Microsoft just started sending out Cease & Desist’s to anyone hosting this thing, so I couldn’t resist…

Fair Use For Windows Media version 1.3

Download and run that (run the key import thing it asks at the start) then you just need to drag any WMA DRM infected Crimea songs you own into the window, hit next and it’ll create nice new ones in the named directory that will actually work on your mp3 players (or you can convert them to mp3 with most audio software if not). Obviously this doesn’t work for ITunes’ M4P files. They still suck.

I just tried it on every single Crimea WMA I have and it worked a treat. Unfortunately I’ve lost the free Out Of Africa wma that was around a couple years ago. So if anyone has it, can I get a copy now? I have a good analogue mp3 recording, but it just ain’t the same as the original :o( Fuck me, someone actually had a copy. Thanks Nathan :o)

Nottingham Gig On Sunday

Short notice this but, The Crimea play Nottingham Rescue Rooms tomorrow evening. Any self-respecting Crimea fan should seriously think about getting over to it. It’s the last show in their current diary, and with no word on any other gigs planned you really wanna beg, steal and borrow your way into the gig. If I could find anywhere to stay overnight then you’re damn right I’d be over there, and I haven’t been anywhere in the last year and a half. GO TO NOTTINGHAM! Read through the archives. When was the last time I asked you to go to a gig? Exactly. GO!
Update: What a time to find out there’s a bus home 3 hours after the gig ends. Damn my lack of a social life. Guys, you better play York / frankly anywhere real soon…

The Beer Swap

The Big Swap
The JD Set

Alright, it’s whisky, whatever, beer sounded better….

Fancy a flight for two from London to Tenessee, four star accomodation, a tour of Jack Daniel’s Distillery and attending a 200 vip guests only gig featuring Frank Black (that bald one from pixies), Guy Garvey (apparently from Elbow) and Richard Hawley (ain’t got a fuck…), backed by some of the best session artists in Nashville?

That’s what you can swap your left arm for (literally, if you wish) over on The Big Swap website. Be quick though, flights leave October 5th. And remember, they’re trying to swap their way to a million so think of something big / expensive you can spare.

So far a Vespa scooter, various body organs and an OJ Simpson autograph have been offered. I know you can do better. Even if you’ve got nothing, please try and spread the word around. I’m sure there’s some Pixies fans who’d love to know about this…

Hope You Got Broadband…

Thank the lord for YouTube. Now we can watch LWOA a thousand times too :oD :o\
Five more for the road. LWOA at V, LWOA at V (possibly the same performance), WRG (possibly at V), Everywhere at V (outdoors this time) and LWOA, again outdoors beside the War Child stall at V Festival 2006, Chelmsford.
Have some fun, try get all three LWOA’s playing in sync…

The Greatest Crimea Song Ever

The gentle touch of unforgiving stainless steel
against my skin so smooth, so smooth, so smooth,
then all will disapear from view.
Long time no forgiveness,
got so oliver twisted
the world ended and I missed it.
Long time no forgiveness, please,
from my head down to my shoes,
there’s nothing left to lose.

You don’t know how much I wanna post the mp3. But I believe in miracles and 2nd albums. Come back world, I missis you :o(

Save Y Cwps!

Y CwpsYesterday I was gonna post a message along the lines of “what the fuck? where’d all the fun stuff go? why’ve i not been to a crime gig in years? why’s there still no one using the message board? where’s the old crox army…” Then I though no, that’s just exaggerating…

But Fuckit, cos I just found out that one of The Crimea’s most loved venues, former home-from-home to The Crocketts, Murry The Hump, The Hot Puppies, and every other band ever to grace the green green grass of Aberystwyth, Y Cwps / The Coops / The Coopers Arms pub owned by Glynys and Brendan Sommers has been shutdown.

WHAT THE FUCK? Please, make your way over to and voice your support for the only music venue I’ve willingly spend more than a couple hours in. Hit More for the closest thing to a press release you’re gonna get then check out images page on this site for countless pics of The Crimea playing there and for god’s sake, arbed Y fwcin CWPS!! (i sooo hope that’s the right “save”…)

Denyer: I’d echo the WTF — the Cwps has always been one of the most welcoming places in Aber, to visitors and the student population as well as local people, a real melting pot of music and cultures. It’d be a great shame if the town lost either it or its current owners. Here’s hoping there’s something we can contribute back…
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