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Crimea Street Team Help

The Crimea’s Street Team run by Wild UK need your help. They’re currently looking for people to hand out promo material and sign up people to the mailing list at the Peterborough, Hastings, Dundee and Inverness gigs. In return they promise to hand over free Crimea gifts and tickets to the show, so if you wanna help then please contact Sam on

More Reviews

Just a few more things to end the day with: Felix Online have a review of what I presume is the 100 Club show from January 25th. It seems to sway from loving the band to hating them. But they love love loved the bubbles.
A kinda review/recomendation for the single is part of’s February newsletter.
Gurbs points you all towards the Guardian’s review of the 100 club gig. I dunno what the 3/5′s all about cos they seemed to love it.
And the icWales site has a bio/recomendation/thing about The Crimea in their Welsh bands roundup. There’s also some stuff on fellow Aber locals the The Hot Puppies and The Poppies, both of whom I can recommend personally.
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Other Sites Updates

Now that I’m no longer the only Crimea site on the web, I can bring you news from other people’s sites without having to do any work myself. Ohhh it feels good…
Sister Ray instore.First up is the new Crimea LiveJournal community site who have got pics up of the band’s instore gig at the Sister Ray record store on January 9th. Sorry to all those who’ve sent pics in to me, I promise they’ll find their way online someday…
Speaking of instore shows, the official site has been updated with news of four new instore appearances around the country. Details will be up on the gigs page here soon, or just check the official page. I’ve also heard rumours of Davey being un-banned from Andy’s Records in Aber. Cannae be true at all…
Over on the Crimea’s self maintained MySpace page there’s some new tracks to listen to. What sounds like a re-mixed version of White Russian Galaxy, a home recording of Man and some LWOA goodness too. There’s plenty of diary entries by Davey to read too.

It’s Been A While…

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past week. I’ve been busy out trying to find copies of yet another Crimea re-release. And do Woolworths stock this one? Do they ‘eck. Still, I hear Andy’s Records in Aberystwyth are gonna be stocking a little extra Crimea goodness next month. Oh how I laughed when I first heard…
More randomness, Lottery Winners On Acid was number 10 in CD:UK’s MiTracks chart last week. Fifty tracks were nominated by the presenters, voted for online by viewers, then a preview of the top ten shown on the ITV show. And yes, I missed that too.
So, LWOA reviews then. The Stereo Effect have one, and say “[The Crimea's] ability to write such a smoldering slice of beatific pop has made us grin like idiots”. Good for them. I just look like one. Optimum Impact also like the single, saying it’s “a great chill-out tune” and giving it 3/5.
The single’s so good it’s even single of the week over at the 7 Digital download site, where you can download it along with the album and previous/forthcoming single (aren’t they all :o |) White Russian Galaxy.
In time for the re-issue of the album, NTL World have one of those “Look, we can review real bands too!” type reviews. Who cares, they say it’s good, which is good enough.
Tragedy Rocks UKWessex’s Online Scene site goes a little further with a whole interview, and also stick the band’s pic on their front page.
Various places have gig news/previews up. This Is London’s one comes a little late for the Windmill Show, but you can read Cambridge News’ preview just in time for Wednesday’s show at The Soul Tree, and The Guide’s one could also persuade you to get along to Peterborough’s Met Lounge on Thursday.
That just leaves me time to mention two things. 1: THE RUDDY ALBUM LYRICS PAGE IS DONE. Thank God for that. Comes with all new lyrical contributions from the old Tragedy Rocks album comp way back when. And 2: does anyone know who that bass player is who keeps poping up on tele with Ah-Ha and that shite lot who were on Blue Peter earlier today? If you do, you probably know why.
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Is it just me or is everyone talking about cheese recently? Cheese cheese cheese. Everyone over at the brand spaking new CRIMEA LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY seems to be talking about it. Makes me want some :o ( I think it’s punishment for not having those cheese and cranberry bitelet fried thingys the other day. They looked so yummy. I had mushroom pasta instead, cos my head told me it was healthier. It made want to throw up. So much for healthy… Mushrooms suck.
White Russian Galaxy?Someone’s been bugging me to post the image to the left. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but seems likely that Kanye West is The Crimea’s biggest new fan. Either that or now *everyone’s* gonna know what the next single will be. Damn you Crimea, it’s right spoiled the surprise now. I never guessed it I swear. PS. yes I know the radio thing gets in the way. Click and hold the white bar to drag it, click the x to close it. :o ( It won’t be there much longer…
Also jumping on the Crimea bandwaggon are those lowlife scenester tabloid… wait, what am I thinking… the UK’s *favourite* music mag the New Musical Express, who have decided their previous lableing of the band (albeid in their former format) as “indie nearly-men” was selling a few too little issues for them, and now describe The Crimea (on page 22, Jan 21st issue) as “underrated indie hopefuls”. No doubt they’ll change their mind once the band aren’t in the top 40 anymore. So that’d be… this week then. Sucks. Err… In the same issue (page 52) you can also find an advert for the upcoming UK tour with surprisingly more up to date gig details than this site. Shoot me, I had exams. Also, on page 41, the Tragedy Rocks album is featured as one of four recommended albums in a full page Virgin Megastores advert. One hates to think how many album sales will be needed to pay for all that lot.
Sometimes contributer to, Stuart Denyer has his own review of the Lottery Winners On Acid single up on his own homepage. Possibly one of the most detailed reviews you’ll read, deffinately the only one mentioning all the b-sides, and in my head is the only guy not to have been paid to review it one way or another. “At first you just think it’ll be … then the tall black aliens show up.” Yeah, I get that feeling all the time…
“Oh Oh I did..” was my response after reading Rock Feedback’s review of the single. Read it yourself to see why. They give it 4/5, which is better than Yahoo’s 6/10, but bloody hell they must be kicking themselves. “A schoolboy lack of knowledge about the drug in question” Well, I like to think that too… and as far as not entering the top 40? Awww. You have to feel sorry for the guy though, don’t ya? He must be going for a job on Blue Peter or something. “More likely to put you in hospital”. He’s half right.
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Lottery Winners Reviews

Lots more reviews today, but first a reccomendation from Channel 4 in their list of the top 25 things for 2006.
So, a rather strange 11 out of 13 from Room Thirteen, a just as strange 5 out of 6 from Phase 9, Rock City give it 4/5 and a 7/10 comes from The Communion.
Elsewhere, Scotland’s The Daily Record say it’s an “absolutely superb single”, Drowned In Sound compare it to the previous release, and All One Word make it single of the week.
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Virgin Radio Session

Possibly, maybe, if you’re real lucky, and ate your lucky charms this morning, and make a little wish, ok a big one…
UPDATE: Ohhh, unlucky… The Crimea will NOT be in session for Virgin Radio’s The Edge show on Friday night/Saturday morning at 1.00am. We can all sleep easy tonight then…

Today’s Bonus Ball: 31!

Radio TimesI hope you heard the charts yesterday. Or got the rather obvious hint in the image I posted. The Crimea major lable single debut Lottery Winners On Acid entered the charts at number 31, higher than both Mylo and a re-entry from Big Brother darlings the Oridinary Boys. Not that it’s enough to make Woolworths sell the damn thing.
It’s all good though, the UK’s best selling television guide (I guess…) the Radio Times feature a huge, almost full page review and recommendation of the band’s Tragedy Rocks album in this week’s issue (14th – 20th Jan, pictured). Pick up a copy ASAP though, I’m not sure how much longer they’re on sale for and I got the last one from WH Smith.
Now the band really are pop chart stars, BBC show Top Of The Pops’ website features the full video for the single along with seven other of this weeks top tunes. I could swear I’ve also mentioned their interview with the band before, but I can’t find it anywhere so I’ll mention it again. Who’s number 31? Not Blunty, eh.
And the inevitable single reviews, today going from bad (New Noise) through fair (Rock Midgets) to pretty darn good (Comfort Comes).
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Look Out

I bought a DVD the other day. Little did I know how relevant the title would become a week later. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s a couple that just scream at you. Bear in mind that Lottery Winners On Acid was released last week, and Tragedy Rocks gets re-issued in a couple more….

31!!! Tragedy Rocks

One More Review

Only one review for you today, from UKMIX who give it 4 out of 5 saying it “generally just makes you smile”.
Forgot about this yesterday: Channel 4 had some chart predictions up for this week up on teletext page 351 (no idea if it’s still there). Hit more to see the full image courtesy of Dave via the message board, but basically it says they think LWOA may make it into the top 40, though you’ve still got a few hours left to help out. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it… err… about twice… BBUUUYYYY!!!
BBC Radio 2But don’t be out long as The Crimea will be performing on Dermot O’ Leary’s BBC Radio 2 show in about thirty minutes.
To finish with, I bring the sad news that the Crimea Lottery competition is now over. Winning ticket numbers can be found here. Full matches win the stated prize, 4 or 5 number matches get a signed album, and no I didn’t win anything either :o (.
UPDATE: I think the Radio 2 session had the desired effect; Tragedy Rocks is now the 83rd 77th 61st 51st 40th (as of 18/01/06) best selling album on
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Reviews, Interviews, SXSWs…

Back on track today, Manchester Music’s resident Crimea fan Stephen Gilliver gives Lottery Winners On Acid 4 out of 5.
While over on the Losing It blog they just generally rave about it, along with the album.
The single is one of this weeks six reviewed singles on MSN Entertainment though it’s less of a review more a copy and paste from a press release or the like.
The album gets a proper review over at who are extremely positive about it so I guess the 3 out of 5 is no bad thing.
Bringing you a little break from all the reviews are Subba-Cultcha who’s interview with Davey gives a little insight into the band’s future; “live we want to bring in a celloist and another guitarist and eventually a female singer”. Future Miss Springfields apply ASAP.
I forget who mentioned it but XFM are running a competition where you could maybe possibly win Crimea tickets to the 100 Club gig later this month. Which is just as well cos they’ve sold out now.
SXSW 2006It might not have sold out, but frankly you don’t wanna go buying tickets for SXSW 2006, even if The Crimea are playing. Why? Cheapest start at around ?200, and that’s without the flight over to Texas, USA.
And a quick reminder for the possible Virgin Radio session on from 1am this evening/tomorrow morning. You may think “fuck it, I’m gonna sleep” but this crazed lunatic will be up for hours recording internet streams for little to no reason. So you sleep, it’s all the same to me. Update: I’ve been greatfuly informed the Virgin Radio session won’t take place until next week. I’ll get some sleep afterall :o )
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Buy, Buy, Buy!

Well aparently the boys are doing OK in this weeks chart, but they’re not top 40 yet so get out there and buy up every damn copy of the single you can find and hopefully The Crimea might get some chart recognition on Sunday.
Not that the review in this week’s Rocksound magazine (Issue 81, Feb 06) is gonna help much. Their reviewer Hardeep Phull only gave it 5 out of 10 but then, it is a rock mag, and LWOA is hardly the band’s hardest tune. They’ll love the album.
I can see it’s gonna be one of those days, Tasty Fanzine aren’t too impressed either. And yes, they probably will turn up on telly gone midnight, not that anyone’ll know anything about it…
Keeping the count of poor reviews to three Captain Birds Eye fish fingers, give it what could otherwise be seen as a pretty rare good review. 4.5 out of 5, but don’t expect to understand what 被寄予众望,这是他们走红的单曲之一。 means.
Band members dissapointed after the previous reviews should check out their own Crimea Lottery competition where another set of lucky numbers have been drawn, this time for a ?200 HMV voucher. Owen, you won anything yet?
Almost forgot, someone on the message board mentioned an LWOA review on ITV teletext page 147. Check it out if you like, but it’s identical to the one on Channel 4′s teletext posted on Monday.
And finally the album Tragedy Rocks is one of the five recommended “New Discoveries” albums at Borders.
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Photos & Randomness

The Crimea @ ExodusPhotos from The Crimea’s live session for WOXY radio last year are up on the station’s Flickr account.
Another photo from their Exodus gig at SXSW last year taken by K-DJ is also up on Flickr.
Info on the band can be found on Dakine’s website. Not content with just prviding the band with all manner of clothing and back-packs, they’re also gonna provide you with a free Crimea tune to listen to (though you’ll have to hit the OK Music link (bottom right) then the band’s name to find it).
Rumours are wonderful things. Here’s one on that lists the band as playing the Coachella music festival this year. As Davey would say: “Who knows”.
And I couldn’t leave without mentioning Lottery Winners On Acid yet again, the digital version of which is now available without having to sign up to anything via 7 Digital or War Child Music, the later of whom will no doubt donate some of the profit to the War Child charity.
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Old News Articles

Lottery Winners competition news from Crud News. Remember, you’ve still got time to enter the comp.
A shorter version of the same release is up at Mega Star, but it also has video links so what the hell.
Another press release is up at Contact Music and features no end of favourable quotes from popular publications to bigup the release of LWOA.
The wonderfully named Holy Toilet also have what looks like a press release though it’s put together in such a nice way, masqurading as a gig review, I’ll give you the link anyways.
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Lottery Winners Video News

LWOA video.If you’ve not caught the Lottery Winners On Acid music video yet then you can watch it online at numerous places, including Room Thirteen, This Is Fake DIY, Video-C and even, as well as the usual place on the official site.
Very soon you’ll also be able to watch it on LWFX’s website who produced the
CG visual effects for the video.
While you’re at it, make sure to vote for the video on MTV 2′s NME Chart Vote page.
The video even has a listing on the Music Video Database. I’ve just sent them all the info I know on it but if you know any more (eg. directors, editors, commisioner) then feel free to email them.