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Mailing List

Hit ‘More’ for lots of gig dates, an update on the the Kings College ticket sellout, plus details of the next single. ‘White Russian Galaxy’ will be backed by b-sides ‘The Ballad of Seichi Taniguchi’, ‘Russian Roulette’ and a cover of ‘Alone Now’ (originally by Tiffany.) It’s due out April 3rd! Meanwhile, Davey turned in a couple of blog entries yesterday.
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Signed Crimea Album on eBay

Well something had to bring me back…. One of the nicest looking Crimea items I’ve seen in a while is currently up on eBay – a framed, fully signed version of the now unavailable blue covered Tragedy Rocks UK album. The way Crimea stuff on eBay has been shooting up in price over the last few weeks, it could be a real bargain. Donated by the band to raise money for an art project by a long time fan, bidding starts at only ?2.00 and ends next Friday March 3rd just past 8.00pm. Chances are I won’t be giving too many away on here in the future, so if you want a sure chance at owning a signed copy then get over there and bid. And with that I apparently leave you in the very capable and hopefully less busy hands of Denyer. At least until next week…

Live review

Didn’t spot this on the main page, so here’s Liam O Sullivan offering a glowing report of the band playing at the Liverpool Academy 3 on the 8th of Feb, over at Glasswerk. And if I’ve remembered how Greymatter mangles entry text, the More entry might even work. Meanwhile, Chris posted profiles of the band over at the Crimea Livejournal Community a short while back, and scholars of Davey’s music career may be interested in this collection of clippings being eBayed.
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Au Revoir

I’m a little busy at the moment so don’t have the time to continually update this site, and any I did have should probably be spent elsewhere. Unfortunately that means that there will be no more huge news posts at until at least the summer, if at all. Someday I will get everything I have so far online, including whatever weird unreleased Crimea songs people have kindly sent me, but only when they’ve stopped releasing them. Which at this rate will be quite a while. I may also post a list of links to any interesting Crimea related news articles I find online, though it’ll most likely be *just* the links.

Don’t worry though, the band constantly update their MySpace page aswell as their official website at, and also send out regular emails to their mailing list, so you won’t miss out on anything. There’s also the new Crimea LiveJournal community where you can gossip about the band among yourselves.

Thanks to everyone who’s provided content for the site, helped out with it, or just visited it at all over the last four years. Hopefully by the time any of you read this I’ll have changed my mind :o P

If anyone feels like taking over then feel free to contact me at, though from experience I’d say you shouldn’t expect anyone else posting much either.

Carlisle/Manchester Shows Cancelled

URGENT: The Crimea have had to cancel their gig at The Brickyard in Carlisle tonight due to Davey falling ill. The show should be resceduled at a later date. Appologies for the late notice, I only just found out via the message board :o (. No word yet on tomorrows show at Manchester Academy, I’ll try and find out later, but I recon he’ll be OK for the following show in Nottingham on the 22nd.
UPDATE: The Manchester show tonight has also been cancelled due to Davey still being ill. There’s further info about the cancellations on the official website where they mention another Carlisle gig has already been scheduled, and they should be back to Manchester as soon as possible. Appologies again for the short notice, if any of you have planned trips from afar then I know how you feel :o (.

Free Crimea Gig

The Crimea should be playing Fifty Three Degrees in Preston on Sunday March 5th, and it’s absolutely free! Tickets can be picked up from the Students Union in Preston or Action Records music store on Church Street, Preston from 1.00pm this afternoon. Speaking of which, Action Records are probably one of the best stores in the world for random Crimea goodies, you can check em out online at if you’re not popping along to the actual store later today. More details on this and plenty more new March gig dates can be found on the gigs page.


Both Davey and Owen/Andy have blogs running on their current UK tour. Check em out on MySpace and the official site respectively for info on the band’s shenanigans before gigs, and their own dissection of their performance afterwards.
The Crimea LJ CommunityThe Crimea Livejournal community is taking off, they’ve already got people posting photos from gigs and random other crap. Hell, even I joined in the fun, so if you’re finiding I’m taking a wee bit too long to post new gig photos then get over there and do it yourself.
A word of warning, if you happen accross any new Crimea t-shirts on eBay then please don’t buy them. The band sell their own t-shirts themselves at gigs and online, right here, and don’t recieve any money from people ripping off their designs. Of course, don’t let that put you off getting actual second hand official merchandise from eBay. I do it myself all the time :o ).

What’s New?

An interview with The Crimea on their current single has been doing the rounds on MTV2 lately. I’m not sure if they’ll show it anymore, but if you were lucky enough to catch it then tell us all about it on the message board. Another thing you’ll have missed is the band’s live performance on the Totally Wired online radio show last Sunday. The live version of Baby Boom can be heard if you buy a subscription from them. I’m not that mad.
A review of the single Lottery Winners On Acid has been added to Nottingham’s online Impact Magazine. 4/5 ain’t bad.
But how’s 8th best album of 2005? That’s the result from the Caps And Spelling blog who give it a new review to accompany their chart.
Another review of the album from Screaming Tarts comes accompanied by a lot of back history. I think I’m banned from mentioning the old band name or something, so you can let them tell you why Davey used to have Crockett as his surname.
A totally unrelated man going by the name MacManus was so pleased with the review of the band’s 100 Club gig in the Evening Standard he scanned it in and e-mailed it to me. Nothing to do with the male figure bearing a distinct likeness of him in the middle, and general praise layed upon a lead singer of the same name I’m sure. Check it out here.
At the same time I received a couple of things from Mr MacManus that were either a request for greater exposure or just an e-mail to the wrong address. Either way, here’s some more band pimpage for you: Beastie Boys – Just A Test and Sebastien Leger – Take Your Pills. Sorry about the versions, it’s the best I could do :o ).

Project Winterhaven, Julz & Co.

Things have calmed down a little after the single lauch so I recon it’s a decent time for this.

Back history: Early 2003, The Crimea have finially resigned to the fact that Davey isn’t the best lead guitarist in the world. Que the search for a replacement culminating in the presence of one New Zealander Julz Parker accompaning the band for the next eight months. In The ValleyIf you saw her play, with/without The Crimea, just heard her from the bar, or generally believe the crap I was writing about her before she even had anything to do with The Crimea you’ll know why I’m still writing it.
Anyway, she moved back to Austrailia to continue work with her own band Project Winterhaven ages ago, and they’ve just released yet another album. I got a copy of In The Valley in the post a few days ago and it’s a nice collection of re-recorded stuff from earlier albums and some new things as well. If you’ve not heard anything by the band before then you could do worse than starting with this album. Previews of songs can be heard at With The Flow

Julz also provides lead guitar on the new album Going With The Flow from The Love Bus. I can’t get over how great the lead singer’s voice is. The music’s a bit more up tempo than the Project Winterhaven album, and a decent buy purely for track three “To Be” and the following “Life Is What You Make It”. If you wanna hear Julz playing a little more electric stuff then it’s perfect. Listen over at

Although she e-mailed me but 30 minutes ago personally thanking me Heaven Or Hellfor buying the EP, I swear I was planning on writing this anyway. I plugged Fly by Lecia on here a while ago, but I can now safely say the whole of her “Heaven Or Hell” EP is the greatest thing I’ve heard since I downloaded the live version of “Evil” by The Crimea about a year ago. It starts off great, and by the time Fly ends at track three you’re left wondering how the hell you’ve never heard of her before. Have a listen over at And apparently she’s touring the United Arab Emirates at the moment, in a band with – you guessed it – Julz Parker. They get around these Ozzies.

You can pick up all three albums online at for just over ?20 shipped to the UK (and don’t worry about the tax man, they handle him just nicely). And that concludes your monthly band pimpage on Well, there is that stuff Davey sent…

Reviews & Pics

Andy @ LiverpoolAnother review of the 100 Club gig comes in from Gig Wise, who rate it pretty favourably.
I just got sent a printed copy of this in last Friday’s “The Guide”, but the text version of The Guardian’s tour preview article is already up on their website.
A big review of the US album version from Stylus Magazine, I think the “B”‘s meant to be a rating. And another two LWOA reviews from Quasimodo Bell and Music OMH who both like it.
Some guy called Iggy has obviously noticed my abismal slowness at getting pics online and done it himself. Check out his snaps of the Liverpool gig right here.
Weird news of the day involves this website referencing a website referencing itself. Indie Surfer Blog have a post on having posts on The Crimea. At least somewhere inbetween they manage to get a full bio and photo in, and also give the wondeful Sleeper a decent mention too.
It’s been confirmed most places now – White Russian Galaxy will be the next single. The video involves some strange psycadilic car ride of sorts, includes *all* the band this time, and the single should be out on March 13th acording to New UK Single Releases. I’ve been around too long to believe any release dates this early.
Finally - following the slightly recursive theme of this post – a shout out to a guy who gave a shout out to myself but a few minutes ago. Long time Crimea fan Jon Birch has got his own radio show on Bristol Uni’s BURST radio, he’s on right now so have a listen online via their website.
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Re-issued Album Appears

Tragedy Rocks New CoverSo my normal computer was making weird noises today, and after taking out virtually every single part individually to check what was doing it, it obviously ended up being the very last thing I checked – a tiny fan on the motherboard. So anyways, I just ordered a new one on eBay but don’t expect me to be around too much for the next day or so, these public workstation PCs suck.
That said, here’s some good news: the re-issued version of Tragedy Rocks with the new pirate flag cover is finally in circulation. I just picked up one myself from Andy’s in Aberystwyth (for the extortionate price of ?13.99 too, I though only HMV were allowed to charge that much). Anyway, it’s pretty much the same as the old one bar the cover and a new text font.
And if you hadn’t noticed, the latest Crimea tour is well underway. Davey’s blogging it up on the band’s MySpace page, and the rest of you are already offering up yourselves your photos to me via the message board. If you do have any photos / videos / reviews / random stuff that you want me to stick up here then no need to ask, just send them to either, or respectively.

Reviews & Previews

CD reviews today from Comfort Comes who give the album 8.8 / 10, We Like Clubbing who give the single 4 / 5, and the NME who give the single a… reccomendation? Read it with your own eyes, people (it’s actually just an online version of their magazine’s Inside Track article, see it here).
Random Crimea articles come from Andy Stafford’s local the Times & Star who mention a wedding’s on the cards… not for him though. And icWales who put a Welsh slant on their interview with Davey.
Another interview can be found over at Culture Deluxe which is actually a precursor to this old interview I’ve mentioned before. They also have a review of the 100 Club gig in January, heaping high praise upon the band.
On the other hand, Planet Rhythm seem rather biased. But they do have pics of the Soul Tree gig. Don’t be put off by them though, BBC Northamptonshire highly recommend you going along to the Soundhaus gig in Northampton on Saturday as part of their weekly gig guide.
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The Crimea’s Street Team REALLY Needs You


Stop the silly monkeys operating The Crimea’s street team!

Join up now and stop the band being signed up to their own mailing list. Get some real people interested, hand out flyers and you’ll get free Crimea stuff, even free tickets to the show.

Wild UK, the company behind the team, are looking specifically for people to help at the upcoming Dundee and Inverness gigs, but I’m sure they won’t mind enquiries about other gigs too.

E-mail Sam at and let em know you’re interested.

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea and the Long And Whingeing Road
Another mailout from the band for those of you who still haven’t signed up yet.
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Huge Site Update

Over the past few days I’ve been busy scanning in all the random Crimea stuff I’ve had lying around, writing out new lyrics, updating gig details and loads more. There’s so much new stuff on the site I dunno where to start, so… Tragedy Rocks album lyrics (kinda…), Lottery Winners On Acid lyrics page, LWOA video screencaps, a fully up to date discography page, new scans of promo releases, more gig info and even more bandography info, an updated Andy Norton biography, more press clippings and merchandise scans, and loads more stuff to download. And I’ve still got a bzillion gig photos left to add. But I’m sure that lot’ll keep you entertained for a while.