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Don’t Tell Davey

Rock Sound April 06The April issue of Rock Sound magazine, available now, features a full page article on The Crimea in the Exposure section, page 80. There’s a big pic too, but Davey ain’t gonna like that “Bullet For My Valentine” quote, right smack bang in the middle of the page, all blown up in huuge letters an’ everything. You might wanna read his appology here before checking out the mag in your local WH Smith.
While I’m here, I might as well remind you yet again of the Crimea’s upcoming radio appearances. Tomorrow, March 30th, on XFM between 7 and 10pm. Friday evening/Sat morning, 1am to 3am on Virgin Radio. Then Monday April 3rd on 6 Music from 10am to 1pm in the morning, and later that day on Radio 2 at 12 midnight (techincally the 4th).

Virgin REALdio

Virgin RadioAlright, alright. This Friday evening / Saturday morning at 1am, The Crimea really really finally months after first rumoured will deffinately be on Steve Harris’ The Edge show on Virgin Radio. Hopefully. Meh, I’ll not jinx it, again. Listen online at or just click this link to thier highest available quality stream. It don’t even cut out every half hour or ’nuffin! Rip-tastic.

Good News, Bad News…

Top Of The PopsErm… bad news: singles release has been put back to April 10th. Good news is the reason why: they’re kinda doing a bit of promotion on the 9th. As in, that logo on the left. I’ll believe it when I see it, but at least they told someone this time :o )
And if you’re awake later tonight, they should be on Virgin Radio’s The Edge show at 1am. I’m just off to set up my recording stuff now, and will no doubt find out at about 3am they’re not gonna be on. And I will break things.
EDIT: Just as well though, the thing cut out at about 2am. Stupid puter. They may be on tonight at 1am, but frankly I’m starting to thing this Edge show is cursed.

Links; Told You There’d Be Some

Wessex Scene Online -=- LWOA Review
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And some more. Maybe I’ll edit out the crap later… maybe I wont… But I will put all the links in the More section, you need some kinda password or something to access them, your Uni might give you access, mine does :o ) – SlashMusic – Out and About
The Crimea – The Soul Tree, Cambridge – turkeyphant's Journal –
The Crimea
BBC – Radio 2 – Dermot O'Leary – The Crimea

The Crimea play live for Dermot's show – see the pictures!
The Crimea, Leicester Charlotte, Live Review
The Crimea, Leicester Charlotte, Live Review,It is apparent just by looking at the charts that there is no justice in the music world. | Sunday 05/03/06 The Crimea, The Hot Puppies, Manic @ 53 Degrees, Preston
CLUAS Indie Album Reviews: The Crimea's album 'Tragedy Rocks'
Review of The Crimea's album 'Tragedy Rocks' on leading Irish music site
Live Review: The Customers, Clearlake & The Crimea @ Freebutt, Feb 06 :: Brighton News
The Crimea – The Cockpit, Leeds | Live | Reviews
BBC – Northamptonshire – Entertainment – Live review: The Crimea
The debut album's out now in stores, Peel's backing is getting more mentions than ever and the rumour of another Radio 1 DJ turing up has made the night even busier. But tragedy rocks tonight… | The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy
The Crimea, White Russian Galaxy, Video Stream
The Crimea, White Russian Galaxy, Video Stream, The Crimea are poised to release ?White Russian Galaxy? on March 20th as the second single to be taken from their widely praised Warners debut album ?Tragedy Rocks?.
URN Music / The Crimea @ The Social [22/02/06]
The Crimea, White Russian Galaxy, Single Review
The Crimea, White Russian Galaxy, Single Review, White Russian Galaxy is a prime example of what The Crimea do best, joyful psychedelic pop acting as a backdrop to deceptively bleak lyrics, (the song is about the drunken young girls singer Davey McManus would regularly see when he worked in the parks around London.)
The Crimea ? Live at Leeds Cockpit 16th Feb 06
The Crimea ? Live at Leeds Cockpit
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Mailing List

Hit ‘More’ for gig dates as the band head towards the close of a successful five years of extended touring. Don’t worry, though, they aren’t disappearing. Radio shows are to come, and you can check out previews of two single tracks now over at Myspace. Nifty horns and guitar work! You can also vote for the band in an MTV2 chart (hint hint)…
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Upcoming Crimea Stuffage

Music: ResponseWin tickets to The Crimea’s Tiscalli showcase gig at the Bar Academy in London on March 24th. Details on the official site, and be sure to make note of the correct e-mail address for entries.

On March 30th the band’ll be in the XFM studios for Ian Camfield’s Music: Response show. Just a little interview or something, but I’ll try and record/upload it if I’ve got time.

And they’re on the bill for Birmingham’s Sound Station Festival on May 28th.

BBC Single news / Myspace

Gemma writes to tell us Colin and Edith (Radio 1) have White Russian Galaxy as their CD Burner of the week — which you can vote for at their BBC site. In other news, Davey is pissed off about being misquoted in the press. Bullet for My Valentine, if you’re reading, he didn’t say it. And there’s a radio session coming up on Radio 2 on the 4th of April. There’ll probably be a bunch of other promotional stuff to do with the new single along in a bit. Until then, if you haven’t already, you can check out the WRG video and this snippet of news about the Crimea / Puppies tour — they also have a single due.

The Hot Puppies

Just thought I’d post this to show you all (read: me) what you’re missing if you’ve not been to a gig recently. The Hot Puppies – The Future Is Such A Beautiful Place. It’s kinda old now, but it’s what made me notice them to start with. And anyway, this is a Crimea site, there ain’t no such thing as an “old” song ;o)


Davey’s just turned in three blog entries in a row and, er, he doesn’t seem particularly happy… I suspect he’d be much cheered up by people going and buying White Russian Galaxy in the first week it’s released (which’ll be in about a month.)

Tiscali Showcase

Tiscali Showcase @ Islington Academy – Friday March 24th
The Crimea / Weapons of Mass Belief / Constantine
Tickets ?6.00. Here’s some more info and if you’re lucky, four live vids of the gig afterwards :o )
White Russian Galaxy video.If you’ve not caught it on MTV2 yet, you can watch the video for The Crimea’s next single White Russian Galaxy at the Alchemy Pictures website, home of director Ben Taylor. Cheers Mr Garcia from the Music Video Database for pointing it out to me; his site also has loads of info on the last Crimea video and a submision form for details on any more you may know about ;o) Ooohh.. also available on the NME site – link’s in the top right corner, but please don’t go encouraging them by clicking any ads :o ).

The Crimea on Wikipedia / Gigging News

If anyone has a bit of time and can type, The Crimea’s page on Wikipedia could use some love and attention, particularly explaining differences between the album releases and noting tracks / formats for the CDs.
As a reminder, The Hot Puppies are on tour with the band this month, and have new swag (CDs, shirts & badges) for sale at gigs. Highly recommended — think sultry Welsh pop that handily also knows when to rock the fuck out.
Taking a look at the message board, we also have a review by Kev Smyth of The Crimea playing at Cabaret Voltaire from Gig Reviews Scotland and the street team need your help at March gigs. Click ‘More’ for details!
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