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New Crimea Online Store

Soviet T-ShirtThe Crimea now have a fully functioning, right proper e-tailor website store thingamajig for you all to buy your Crimea goodies from. Check it out at, and no more emailing Owen with problems cos it’s nowt to do with him, or myself for that matter, though it is gonna replace the shop page on this site cos, well, it always did look a bit crap didn’t it? They also have all the remaining Crocketts merchandise for sale too, though the new skool will most likely be wording “whaaattt?!?” at their screens right now… Any problems or inquiries then please contact the lovely folk at Corporation Records who are running the store.

New Crock Shop

AN UPDATE!!! Yes, a rare occurance of the updating kind to bring you some very special news – A New Crocketts Online Shop!! The lovely people at have added muchos Crocketts goodies (and Crimea ones too) to their online store, and their special Crocketts only merch page has now replaced the previous shop page on this site. Check it out at, and if you have any problems then, as much as I won’t mind you letting me know, the store has nothing to do with myself (or Owen anymore) so please correspond directly with Corporation Records if you need to, not that you’re likely to have anything to complain about :o ). PS. Davey’s book Unamazing Disgraces is available from the Crimea merch page, going live very soon at


Sleeper – What Do I Do Now?

And here’s a mirror of something on The Vanden Plas’s website:

Monday, January 30, 2006
As The Crimea grow gradually in stature (they had their first Top 40 hit a couple of weeks ago) and their album TRAGEDY ROCKS comes out today, so does hope that The Vanden Plas remix of Baby Boom might one day get a proper release. It’s the only remix they’ve ever had done, and for now it sits in the deep freezer. Raise the subject in their forum here

If you’ve not heard it, you can download the remix on the downloads page of this site, or just hit this. And when you do, be kind enough to mail me and tell me what id3v2 compatible music genre The Vaden Plas are. Damn mp3 players… been tagging for the past 4 days… 1000s of mp3s… stupid no pop-punk, glam-rock, garage, anti-folk… mmm…

Dear all

We know that you probably already have the song, probably in a million different formats. We know this is all getting very tedious, but we are currently outside the Top 40 in the midweek charts. Without radio or TV coverage, the power to get us into the charts on Sunday – judgement day – lies with you guys. If you haven’t already bought a copy this week, we’d appreciate you shelling out some hard earned cash to get us up there.

Loads and loads of love, as always (but even more on a ‘chart week’),

The Crimea

All these formats count towards the chart: Album version | Single version | Double Dragon version

[ The best online source for a hard copy is probably since they do free postage. CD1 is two quid. ]

Mailing list recap

Including explanations of the White Russian Galaxy b-sides! Remember, you can sign up for the mailing list here — recommended because they generally don’t all get archived here, they contain up-to-date gig information, etc. The other good place to check for gig info is here. Or indeed anywhere other than the Gigs page here, because Chris is busy and I’m only wired into the blog portion of the site… not that I’d have a great deal more clue what was going on if I were. Anyway, as far as gig dates go — use the official list/myspace. This has been a public service announcement. Oh, and if you’re really bored, you can read my single review… it has lyrics. Some of them may even be correct.
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Aber Show

To anyone still left in Aberystwyth (and I know most of you aren’t, damn easter holidays), The Crimea will be playing an acoustic downstairs at Y Cwps in the evening of April 12th. That is, just after they’ve played an acoustic downstairs (heh) in Andy’s Records. Just remember not to wear your portable music player head phones as they’ve now also gone the way of Davey and got themselves banned from the shop (?). Do whatever the hell you like in the coops though, i’m still high from last time (damn 15 yr olds :o P ).

In other news – Buy, buy, BUUUYYY the damn single… You want a second album don’t you? Free crimea stickers and things to whoever proves they got the most. Jon and elodie you’re excluded, I know you got about 50.

Weird link of the day – some crimea playlist downloadable thingy on Yahoo. Looks like Owen or someone compiled a list of favourites, may even be better than their podcasts.

More linksCulture Deluxe single review (9.25/10 with talk about munchkins and dribbling milk :o | ), and… err… that’s it, cos the Whisperin & Hollerin site’s down… eh well. Happy Easter.

Top Of The Pops

Top Of The PopsWelcome Top Of The Pops viewers (wow i’ve waited a while to say that ;o), yes, these lot are *that* Crimea, though you can get to their official site at or their myspace page at But if you wanna hang around this humble fansite then feel free, a downloadable recording of the TOTP performance will follow shortly. Oh, and it’s probably best I mention that the new single, White Russian Galaxy (as seen on TOTP) will be out tomorrow April 10th on double CD and 7″ format, you can get it online at HMV if you so wish (it’s the one with the beige cover, not the older colour photo one). On the other hand, if you thought they were crap and are ‘ere to slag em off, message board here, and Streets site here. Now I’m off to watch the hit counter rack it up. ‘Evenin.
UPDATE: Video now available, click here to download it. It’s 32 megs in size and in XviD format so you may need to download/install the XviD codec (get it here). For the technically inclined among you, it’s from a dvb-t mpeg 2 stream, encoded with Transcode (on linux) at 1000 kbps vbr multipass with noise reduction and deinterlacing, audio bitrate @ 128 kbps and it’s in 624 * 352 resolution. Obviously I’ve been doing waayyy too much encoding lately.
For those who want the original MPEG-2 recording of the whole show then I’ll gladly post you a copy burnt to disc, but unfortunately it’s a wee bit bigger than I expected (1.3 gigs) so I’ll have to go buy a load of DVDs to burn tomorrow before I go back to Uni with no DVD burner. Luckily I was planning a wee trip into town tomorrow anyway. Guess why?

White Russian Galaxy single reviews

Building up to that Top of the Pops appearance (Sunday 9th April at 7pm on BBC 2, folks!) here are some reviews of White Russian Galaxy I didn’t see links to further down the page… from Drowned In Sound, Comfort Comes, Manchester Online, Entertainment Manchester, Music-Dash, Rock Midgets, GigWise, Student Direct, This Is Fake DIY, and I Rock Cleveland. And of course the TOTP review!

Click ‘More’ if you don’t feel like trawling.

If you haven’t been to Myspace in the last few days, there are also April blog entries.
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White Russian Galaxy Available NOW!

I don’t quite think it’ll match the might of Gnarls Barkley by getting anywhere near number 1 on downloads alone, but if you wanna give it a try for The Crimea then their newest single White Russian Galaxy (out April 10th on CD) is AVAILABLE NOW at all good download stores, and I’ve not even got round to uploading the cover image yet :o \. The contents of all three hard releases are up, including the 7″ track.. Seichu…err… that one I can’t spell… Anyway, iTunes seems the cheapest so far at 79p a track. Here’s a link to the main release, I’m sure you can find the rest. Personally I’m waiting for the CDs. First time ever I’ll actually not have heard any of the studio b-sides on a release. Yay. Well, bar 10 seconds of the sei… err… yeah… alex’s fault :o P

Session Update

Two sessions down, two to go. For the first two they played exactly the same set – White Russian Galaxy then I Think We’re Alone Now. The less said about the XFM one the better, but the Virgin Radio one was pretty good. I’ve got both recorded but for the sake of commercial harmony I’m hanging on to the for a while. Anyway, you should be able to hear the Virgin one for yourself on their website in a couple of days.
Tiscali.MusicWhat with all this session stuff I almost forgot about this: Live Crimea Videos! Yeeaahhh… the Tiscali showcase gig videos (from a week ago Friday) are now up online. I’ll not spoil the surprise by telling you what’s there, just go check out for yourself.
If you’ve been visiting Inaudible for a while you’ll have noticed I like sticking up random music I hear around the place every now and then. Today is no different, but these lot aren’t totally random. Weapons Of Mass Belief were supporting The Crimea at the above mentioned Tiscali gig, and they’ve also had a few live videos of the night stuck online. And good god, I’m surprised there was even a stage left for The Crimea, the amount of tearing up of it they did. I’d say go and watch all the vids, and I sure as hell will, but they’re just too good to leave at that. Here’s the full download of the Black Line Ninja video (23 megs), now do yourself a favour and go listen to Thunder if it’s the last thing you do today.