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Crimea Videos

The Crimea @ Bestival last year —>

More to come though unfortunately most of it’s old Crocketts vids, but there’s some old Crimea stuff too. Check out the user page for pepsimax2k on YouTube for the latest, I’m uploading them pretty much as soon as I’ve got them on my PC and encoded properly. There’s most of the Crocketts stuff there already, though I’ll be adding them to Vimeo when it lets me and you can download the proper quality versions from there. I’ll mention on when they’re done.

Getting even more off topic; heads up for Lecia and ex-Crimea guitarist Julz Parker who’ll both be playing live on on July 2nd and 9th respectively. I’m reliably informed the UK time will be 11am, but the sessions stay online for a week after just incase.


I think it might be you, but if not, can whoever *does* have the video of The Crimea’s Cable TV performance a few years ago please get in touch, I wanna do a proper recording of it :o )

UPDATE: Well, D1939 don’t have it, so if anyone else has a copy of The Crimea in their television debut on Cable TV a few years back, please pleeeasee get in touch –

His Hair Ain’t *That* Long

As long as I give him a bone every now and then he’s happy.

Find out whom the above was said by/about in this classic Crimea interview.

“What will you do immediately after completing this interview?
Hang myself.

Geez. Rope burn’s terrible. Howsabout listening to The Crimea’s gig in Cardiff a few days ago? For £6 it’s yours. They’ve stuck a video up on YouTube too. Actually…

If that works I’ll shit myself. (Edit: blimey. hit play, i guess… :o | ) I’m off back to google some more stuff up. While you’re waiting, get over to The Big Swap site and offer better than a holiday to Florida for thier signed Fender guitar thingy.

Fancy An Artic Monkeys CD?

The Big Swap website is still going strong, they’ve currently got a copy of the Artic Monkeys’ first EP up for swaps but if you want it then make sure to get the offer in ruddy quick cos it won’t be there much longer. That said, the next item should be even better, so if you’ve got an unused car, old speedboat or a spaceship you no longer need then keep hold of it, you just might wanna trade it in for something…