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Fresh From YouTube

Next single – Baby Boom – 21th August

I’m sure Chris’ll add more about this shortly, but the next single has just been confirmed as Baby Boom. Davey had some things to say about the history of the track, which you can read by heading over to the blog or clicking ‘more’.

Christopher: Yeah, didn’t see that one coming at all. If you see any Baby Boom mp3s or videos around the place, remind me to take em down quick sharp eh?

In other news, I have no idea. But I bet my life on it being CD1′s b-side.
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New Songs!!!

One one one.

New songs! It’s like, rare in crimea land eh? Loop-a-loops a bit dodgy like, but hopefully the other two are better, lord knows they’ve got a few decent new ones around, finally you get to here some :o ). ‘Course, you could just go to a gig already (it’s the 14th already?!?) Otherwise, hit America’s favourite website for the loop-a-tunes.

And some guy said he might posibly send me live recordings thanks to some other guy who asked him and some guy who told me about the guy asking the guy sending… I’ve gotta figure out who all you new guys are… Rest asured, if I get anything, I’ll make available what I can.

Other new things: intereviews. (That’s like, interview *and* reviews. I’m sad.) This one has what looks suspiciously like Davey artwork though. I say that cos it’s a bit crap. Davey style. Oh, warning for Denyer though, don’t read it. Girl Just Died dissage. Not pretty.

Oh bloody hell. Just listening to “Who’s Laughing Now”. They’ve stopped quoting the cro..err.. mmm… And they’re quoting everyone else now. Julz: monkey see monkey do. GAF: Who’s the daddy now? That one was to cheer you up after the GJD insults, mr denyer.

Um, yeah, anyway… reviews… Newcastle Uni one from Flotation Suite. Oh, look, my favourite guitarist…

And some guy on the board, Iain (i hope that’s celtic otherwise I’m pissed again), points you and the rest of me towards a official forum and photo blog have more activity for once.

If you read this in the next 30 minutes…

Julz ParkerClick here:, wait for the player to load, click the magnifying glass, enter a chat name and come watch Julz play from a new york rooftop…

Aww… look what you missed… lottery winner? Three hours of fun. I think the full recording will be up somewhere soon. Update: Below. Thanks to Julz and for the music. I’m off to record some T now, wish for some crimea for me…

Skip to 7 mins in on the 2nd vid to hear a wee Crimea cover, though I deny all involvement in any other childish requests…

Owen Hopkin on S4C’s Bandit

You’ve probably seen it already but I’m posting this interview with Owen Hopkin on S4C’s Bandit show as some kind fella on YouTube has actually translated the thing over from Welsh into English. It basically goes along the lines of: “I was on my way home from London today, there was a review [of the album] in Q [magazine] in the service station, it was like 4 out of 5. Most people like the stuff off the album – people from the internet, people from the magazines – so yeah, the attention is nice, but odd really because we were in a band, The Crocketts, where basically everybody hated us, so it’s just… it just feels nice”. Cheers James.

In other news, it’s that time of year again where I spend six hours infront of the telebox, recording BBC Three in the minute hope that the camera settles on one of The Crimea members for a few seconds. You may do better if you actually have tickets to T In The Park this weekend.

Give it a month…

…and this place could’ve turned back into a personal blog again. God help you all. ‘Ave a listen to this, then – Murry The Hump – Vodka & Wine. I think I’m meant to get arrested for that or something. If I post nothing for a few weeks… err.. you’ll never notice I ‘spose…

Julz Parker, second favourite only to ice cream in the musical stakes, appears on slightly more credits than I previously assumed humanly possible. Here’s another one of her bands. I believe she played with these lot a while ago. Anyway… ahem*obsessed*… hey my link’s on the hussy hicks site :o )… I didn’t even ask… Check Julz out when she plays on Sunday around 11am GMT. Just visit the site between 11 and 12 and you should see it; if you join the chat you can abuse myself and say hi to everyone else (personally I nearly died when my three current favourite artists all tuned up in the chat at the same time last week. almost as good as the old crocketts chats :o ) as if i was ever at one…).

There’s more rubbish up on YouTube. If you hate the crimea stuff you’ll love the charlie & lola clips :o )

Crimea are gigging somewhere soon. Scotland I think. Ohh, this place is going downhill fast…