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Little Blue Crunchy Things

Well this is way OT but you need it… The single GREATEST band EVER to exist on the history of this planet (and we’re talking musically here – have you heard davey play solo?), Little Blue Crunchy Things, are performing two reunion shows on January 19th and 20th 2007. Seriously, these lot are the best thing I’ve ever heard. Want proof? Check this list of awards. See 96? ELEVEN Wisconsin WAMI nominations, in every category you can name. Five albums, two live, and not a damn single song on them is anything other than great. I listened to a single one of those albums for six months straight. Every night. No kidding.

Noah TabakinHere are three examples of their greatness, should you need any more persuading:

LBCT – Angels
LBCT – Florence
LBCT – Licorice

Just one small thing. They only play the USA. Friday Jan 19th in The High Noon Saloon, Madison and Jan 20th in Shank Hall, Milwaukee to be exact. Trust me though, they’re worth the strip search. Check out their MySpace blog for more.

Now, anyone got a spare plane ticket?

Done Something Real Bad This Time

The two of us, heckles raised,
Eyes locked dead to the greasy world.
Neither of us overjoyed to be out of love,

Filmed at T In The Park and Cardiff Festival Big Weekend, 2006.

Where’d They Go?

Can we have some Oliver Twisted?I presume, much like myself, you’re all sat at home wondering “where the hell are the crimea?”. Well, they’re locked up in their own self-made studio working hard on what they hope will be songs for their second album. I on the other hand am locked up inside myself trying to keep sane with my new favourite song, Oliver Twisted. If it ain’t on the next album I ain’t buying it.
Ok, ok, you want your Crimea fix too. Well Contact Music are at hand to provide a video interview with frontman Davey just after they played the V Festival.
If you still want more, you can re-read this old interview with the lads on the Suicide Girls website. Oldie but a goodie. I do hope he’s taking the piss. Anyways, you can then pleasure yourself with the rest of the site, so to speak…