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Catching up…

If anyone missed it last week, The Crimea were on BBC6 radio talking about their Big Swap charity project.
Chris’ll probably rehost this, but here’s the interview portion of the segment up on Rapidshare.
Also running late, here’s my review of Baby Boom with lyrics.

Panda, Panda Panda?

The Crimea say: “random one this, and it’s a long story so we won’t bore anyone else, but if you’re from China (originally, or if you live there now) please get back in touch.” I say: wtf? E-mail if you are. Listen to Deerhoof if you’re not. Actually, they’ll be lucky if anyone from China can even access MySpace where the original message was posted. One just hopes it’ll be banned here too someday…

Skinny and Wired

Prior to their T-on-The-Fringe gig in Edinburgh, Davey and Owen gave this interview to The Skinny magazine. Written by a guy called Finbarr Birmingham…. cool….

Christopher – another single review, 4/5 from This Is Fake DIY. Say hi to Iain everyone :o )

…. and live reviews don’t get much better than this one for the Jabez Clegg gig in Manchester. Which should be accompanied by this equally fantastic photo of Davey Mac at the same gig.

…. and if you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about – get yourself along to Carmarthen this weekend for the Macs Festival and see for yourself!

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A ‘musing miscellany

Iain (who I think will be getting his own login shortly, and a good thing too, because I’ve been bloody useless) has found a range of Crimea gig and festival stuff: the Independent and MusicOMH liked the band at V, and the Beeb at Vital 06. There’s also a set list and some photos of a London gig from the 21st up on Flickr, and for another day or two you can listen to a BBC 6 session wherein the band talk about their War Child charity work. More on that at The Big Swap.


Well, now Grandpa YouTube has left us, something needs to fill in his most-subscribed-of-all-time void. Yep, Crimea vids incoming!

In order of appearance, LWOA at the Waterfront Studios, Davey in a crowd singing Jealous Guy, Davey in a crowd singing i-ain’t-got-a-fuck-answers-on-a-postcard-please Jealous Guy. Go figure. Cheers to whoever stuck em there.

More OT Randomness…

Ah what the heck, even the BBC’s getting in on the hype, and this is better than the indie pop shite they chose for the official song… We Got Snakes (no idea who it’s by, but it was on the official site…).

The Bigger… And Littler Swap

The Big Swap
Reading Festival
Panama City Beach

The Big Swap just got bigger. Apparently a guitar that’s been scribbled on by a bunch ‘o nutters is worth ?shit.lots. So much in fact, that War Child / The Crimea managed to swap it for a two week holiday in Panama City Beach, Florida. There’s more information on the official site, but here’s a quick roundup of what’s included with the trip:

4 day trips to Shell Island (ed: it’s pretty)
2 Dolphin Trips (ed: yaaayyyyy)
1 six hour deep sea fishing trip (ed: nooooooo)
Free food, family pass to Zoo World, golfy putt putt stuff, and a whole world of other fun.
(Check out this and this image for a neat arieal view of many attractions in the area.)

So that’s a bit out of your league, yes? Well never mind, as The Big Swap’s Little Swap has just started, and is looking for people to bid for a pair of tickets to the Reading Festival in two weeks. Not just your normal bidding though, you have to bid the lowest unique amount possible. Basically, 1p. Except, obviously everyone’s gonna pick 1p. So bid something no one else will. Like 13p. If every amount lower has more than one person bid it, you have the lowest unique bid, you pay them the 13p and get your tix. Details on where to text your bid to are on the official Little Swap site, though I should point out that each text will cost you ?5.

Like I say, check the sites for more info – The Big Swap, and The Big Swap’s Little Swap.

Podcast Ahoy

Podcast One Podcast Two Podcast Three Radio Crimea

HMS Tragedy

Not A Crimea Vid…

Very OT, but what the hell, if it keeps you interested… Love Is Thunder by one time Crimea support Weapons. Out sometime in September, and they’re playing Leeds tonight, as if I have the guts to go :o (

Radio 1 Cd Burner

Colin And EdithBaby Boom is this weeks CD Burner (“single of the week” to the rest of us) for Radio 1′s Colin & Edith show, meaning they play the thing every day for the whole week. Colin seems to be the biggest fan, he played a demo of Opposite Ends in 2002 before even John Peel played em. I shat myself when it came on the radio while I was lying in bed. Anyway, you can currently vote for the track as Brillian or Rubbish on their website. I vote rubbish, rejection seems to make Davey write better songs ;o) Currently 80% of you have no sense of duty.
There’s something else I’m meant to mention… errmm…. errr… hmm… ah whatever. Don’t pigeons make funny noises when they fly? Ahh yess… I was gonna brag about how I fixed my computer so I can upload more Crimea vids to YouTube now. Not like you’d wanna know anything about that…


Thankyou messageboard Iain for keeping all informed while I was away. Even so, Drowned In Sound’s Latitude fest. review makes sore reading, and so will Gigwise’s for some though if you like pop-Crimea then it’s all good.
A little newer, I Shot The Deputy’s Bloomsbury Bowling reviewer loved the gig, bowled over if you will, and Charlotte Davies kicks Gigwise back into check with her much more positive Bristol Academy 2 gig review.

Davey @ Waterfront HallGuess I’m bored… Here’s some more articles: Lancashire Evening Post plug the band’s gig in a real proper library on August 17th. If I knew where lancashire was I’d go. Here’s what happened the last time Davey played a place full of books.
And to prove how lazy I really am, here’s a review from February by Repeat Fanzine on the Soul Tree gig in Cambridge. Probably the only time you’ll read “there is nothing obviously clever about them” being used as a complement.

A shorter review of the more recent Belfast Waterfront Hall festival gig can be found on the BBC Northern Ireland site. It’s not the best but judging by the four minute live vid of Baby Boom they have up, I can see why. It’s deffinately sounded better…
Staying with the Baby Boom theme, I’m gonna give yet another shoutout to The Vanden Plas, still the only artist ever to remix a Crimea tune. The remix of Baby Boom is available for download here if you’ve not yet heard it. The guy behind the music also has an online store at where you can stock up on some pretty fancy t-shirts incase your old ones have melted in the heat. No I haven’t been payed for the plug, I just like the t’s :o ).
Another update, just found out the single was Record Of The Day’s record of the day on July 26th. There’s a little review on their page, and press contacts for the stalker in you.


Oh. My. Fecking. Gawd.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately (really, I have a proper excuse and everything this time). Just spent two weeks sans interweb connection, seems my father couldn’t put 2 and 2 together when lightning hit the telegraph pole outside and electrical equipment connected to the telephone line stopped working. He also put off telling me this until I’d figured out and fixed the problem myself a month later. God help the poor tech support guys working the ISPs of the country.

So yeah, what the hell’s going on on the internet lately? Someone mention a Baby Boom release? Oh wait… I did… I’m not that far behind then… 21st of August I believe. And no, I know shit all other than the mailout I managed to take a 5 second peak at on my dad’s work puter. Also said something about a big swap and a holiday to a far off land. Fucking need it. I’ll swap a father, middle age, homer simpson like qualities, fucks up rather than missis out, Owen?

Shit, gotta check email now. Can you say spam 300 times?

Fresh From YouTube

Next single – Baby Boom – 21th August

I’m sure Chris’ll add more about this shortly, but the next single has just been confirmed as Baby Boom. Davey had some things to say about the history of the track, which you can read by heading over to the blog or clicking ‘more’.

Christopher: Yeah, didn’t see that one coming at all. If you see any Baby Boom mp3s or videos around the place, remind me to take em down quick sharp eh?

In other news, I have no idea. But I bet my life on it being CD1′s b-side.
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New Songs!!!

One one one.

New songs! It’s like, rare in crimea land eh? Loop-a-loops a bit dodgy like, but hopefully the other two are better, lord knows they’ve got a few decent new ones around, finally you get to here some :o ). ‘Course, you could just go to a gig already (it’s the 14th already?!?) Otherwise, hit America’s favourite website for the loop-a-tunes.

And some guy said he might posibly send me live recordings thanks to some other guy who asked him and some guy who told me about the guy asking the guy sending… I’ve gotta figure out who all you new guys are… Rest asured, if I get anything, I’ll make available what I can.

Other new things: intereviews. (That’s like, interview *and* reviews. I’m sad.) This one has what looks suspiciously like Davey artwork though. I say that cos it’s a bit crap. Davey style. Oh, warning for Denyer though, don’t read it. Girl Just Died dissage. Not pretty.

Oh bloody hell. Just listening to “Who’s Laughing Now”. They’ve stopped quoting the cro..err.. mmm… And they’re quoting everyone else now. Julz: monkey see monkey do. GAF: Who’s the daddy now? That one was to cheer you up after the GJD insults, mr denyer.

Um, yeah, anyway… reviews… Newcastle Uni one from Flotation Suite. Oh, look, my favourite guitarist…

And some guy on the board, Iain (i hope that’s celtic otherwise I’m pissed again), points you and the rest of me towards a official forum and photo blog have more activity for once.