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New Blog Goes Live

Likey? Dare I say it, that dark green border does look a bit weird with the curved corners of the header one down…, and the sidebar deffinately feels all kinda wrong on the right hand side (what are we, american?) but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

If you didn’t check out the test blog earlier, you can find all the posts from there further down this page. Obviously the past 5 1/2 years worth of posts are also there. Don’t think I’m done yet, though, there’s still plenty of improvements to add. And keep your eye on those sidebar feeds for more photos / vids. But go ahead and click em already.

If you find anything out of place / messed up, feel free to email me at the usual address ( Or just leave a comment, cos they’re finally back!

PS. Guest authors you should be able to login too. If you don’t see the login link on the right, go to And I say this knowing full well you’ve all bloody forgotten your login details / that you were ever allowed to add posts in the first place.

How’s that sidebar look? I’m just gonna leave it like that for the night. It’s 2am ffs. Maybe I’ll add something later… or just lose it altogether.

A Sneak Peak

New website 1I know I said two months, but for once I actually bothered to put some effort in to something. Here’s a sneak peak at the upgraded news page, I’ve still got a few tweaks to do but expect it sometime in the next week or two. And you better love the little auto-updating sidebar image feeds as much as I do. Oops, did I say “image” feeds? Heh…

New website 2

Testing, Testing

1, 2, 3, etc… Sorry about this, just deleting various things and wanna make sure I deleted the right stuff. If you’re reading this, I didn’t mess anything up :o )

Crimea @ Facebook

Well I ain’t got a clue how to use the place, it looks like a damn mess, god forbid there’s no RSS feeds and even after using wholey FAKE details everyone and their grandmother can STILL bloody find me on the thing. But that ain’t stopped some wise guy setting up a new Crimea group on the worlds worst social networking site Facebook. Really though, I’m just mad that by the end of the day you’ll probably have managed to add me as a freind, even if you don’t have an account and don’t even visit the damn website. Seriously, it’s that hard to stay annonymous on there :o (

And have you seen the Crimea video feed to the right? God damn this place will be in to Web 3.0 by the end of the week.

New Crimea News Page

I’ve just set up an account at to test out their software and see if it’s suitable for replacing the current blogging software on this site (basically what makes the news posts you’re reading now). I’ve added a few entries to see what it’s like, and so far so good. There’s a number of restrictions on the wordpress hosted version that I just can’t live with (no editable CSS / layout styles, and it’s doing something weird to my pics) so it’s deffinately not there to stay. What I probably will be doing in the future is installing the software on this site so I can change get the layout and look inline with the rest of the site, then hopefully transferring all the old posts to it so you don’t lose the past four years (bloody hell…) of Crimea news.

For now though, take a look at the new Crimea blog and see if there’s anything that you like, don’t like, stuff that works, stuff that don’t, and let me know about it (comment’s are back!). The latest entries on the blog are linked to on the right of this current news page (thanks to whoever invented RSS and the guys over at but it’ll be mostly off-topic type posts there and proper Crimea news here unless I get real lazy. All being well I expect to replace the software on this site sometime over the next few months. And thanks to Denyer for making me see sense :o )

The Big Swap

Yeah, that old thing, it’s still going!

Annie Mac

You can currently swap for a DJ set from the first lady of Radio 1 dance, Annie Mac. I’m thinking it’s a great idea for an end of term school / college / uni / work event, just get people to donate a little something each and you got a winner!


HalflightOwen lent his percussion skills to Halflight a couple years ago for their first EP release. I hadn’t listened to them for ages until a couple days ago when I heard ‘Worship’ on Fucking hell, I feel my first album purchase in years coming on… Check out more on their MySpace page. Gotta go, I’m burning my tea and my free fon router just turned up :o )

Feeds are up.

So they need more posts to test. What the hell is it with all these question marks on the titles?

Edit: Fickr RSS feed of Crimea photos is now up on the right too. Ooo get me, this place is becoming very “Web 2.0″. We just need a CrimeaWiki now and we’re all set for the web’s community age. I’m just thankful I don’t gotta learn D XHT XML anymore.

1, 2, 1, 2. This is just a test.

“Hello World!” etc etc.’s blog need replacing. WordPress is the only thing that appears to come close to Greymatter’s customisation. I’m just hoping it does RSS.

Requiem Aeternam

It’s been far too long since I last posted some of these, so excuse me if I just shove it right in your face. Before you ask, yes, that is the correct spelling ;o) But if you get a little confused with the rest, that’ll be cos these are from a slightly older demo version, not least because I consider the final line one of the finest Davey’s ever sung. And it ain’t like it’s in the bugger album version, is it? Humph….

Owen = ETWhen your eylids flicker, and liquor is your oldest friend.
When you dream of silence, silence on which life depends.
When the full moon wont leave you alone, watches you stagger all the way home,
stares in through your bedroom window. Love, love, love.

Love, it comes in strange disguises.
All through the night
I was seventeen again.
Love, ’til requiem aeternam.

When you form opinions just by walking in.
Well trashcan sinatra might as well be painted black.
When the full moon’s there all afternoon, watches you when your lips turn blue.
All smiles when they try to revive you. Love, love, love.

Love, it keeps the goldfish swimming.
Saw basic instinct
when i was seventeen years old.
Love. Still got the scars to show.

I need you like a siamese twin, I feel you like a broken wing.
Like floating down from outer space, like falling on to helicopter blades.

Happiness is possible
just keep rolling the snowball up the hill.
Love. Keep buying those pesky scratch cards.
Your time will come, as long as you ain’t gone.

Love, ’til requiem aeternam
Love, ’til requiem aeternam

Free? As If.

Turns out the Daily Mail featured the following review of The Crimea’s new album by Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody at the end of last year:

‘I think 2007 could well be the breakthrough year for the Crimea. The Londonbased band are releasing their second album, Secrets Of The Witching Hour, in February and it’s a wonderful collection of skewed pop songs. Lead singer Davey MacManus’s voice is ragged and sumptuous, and his lyrics morph the mundane into something wildly surreal. At its heart, it’s classic British pop music lush, elegant and gorgeous but it has a dark, disturbing undercurrent, like a wall-rattling party in the basement of a luxurious Georgian townhouse. The Crimea’s music is devilishly brilliant, like all great pop.’ Look out for the new album Secrets Of The Witching Hour will be available in its entirety as a free download from the band’s website from February 14. A three-week UK tour kicks off later that month.

I don’t know about the whole album (hell, as far as I know it’s not even finished yet) but there’s deffinately one song available for free. Sorry to dissapoint anyone. See the previous post, then punish yourself for believing any tabloid lies.

More Witching Hour Details

The Crimea have updated their MySpace page with extra details on their new album Secrets Of The Witching Hour. They would also like to remind you that they’re playing a gig at The Metro in London tomorrow. Yes, Valentines Day. Owen and Joe have even offered free snogs to the shortest and tallest people to turn up. Possibly not the most well-thought out of ideas; this webmaster assumes they’ll end the night making out with each other.
If you can’t make it, not all’s lost. There’s a new Crimea track up for download on the same site, so you can at least close your eyes and pretend you’re there. Or frankly anywhere but your own front room reading your own bloody website for entertainment. And it didn’t even snow :o (
For something a little more visual, check out Google Video. I’m slowly re-uploading everything YouTube destroyed, just do a search for my user name – pepsi_max2k – and it should bring up most Crimea related clips.

Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle Of Rum

Lemme know if this works, will ya?


YouTube account’s suspended! Finally, I have some street cred! And clearly not quite as much copyright permission over Crimea and Crocketts vids than one would hope an unofficial come official come unofficial come possibly-soon-to-be-official-again website could have. Ah well, back to the regular downloads it is, until I find another solution. This would never have happened if my Media Player For The Web? aka. “Distributed YouTube” idea had taken off / been invented in the first place. Oh well…

More Radio Play

First time I’ve seen this in a while… The Crimea were played on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show (albeit ages ago, Jan 10th) thanks to Gary from Snow Patrol who hosted the thing while Zane was away. The tracklisting says he played Man, which you can hear over on The Crimea’s MySpace page.
Keen readers who happen to both live next door to The Windmill in Brixton, and read this within the next 30 minutes – Joe should be playing with Morton Valance during their gig tonight. Hopefully anyone near heard it on myspace ages ago. I heard I died on myspace ages ago. Just waiting for it to come true, like. Meanwhile YouTube unfortunately says very little on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Just need to find me some pixelated LED light art and both my wishes come true at once. Kabooom :o )
And while they’re up, get vids of Louise Wener (ex-Sleeper front lady) on Celebrity Poker Club while she’s they’re hot. That has nothing to do with The Crimea by the way. But lord knows I don’t write anything about them any more. Maybe I’ll get a Crimea tatoo. It’ll remind me. Get infected. Writhe on the floor in agony. Listen to Eels. Why do I keep missing Mock The Week? Fucking stupid TV schedules…