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It’s Raining Raining Planets

Mr Monkeyfish posted this one on the boards, have to say that Proud Gallery place looks like a prison cell.


Colin MurraySo there was no new Witching Hour track on Colin Murray last night. It was a “best of” show so instead he played Raining Planets, previously aired while he was in the BBC1′s Fame Academy (has Barry got an album out yet?). Which is good, cos I missed the original airing. Not this time. Listen again by skipping to 1hr 20, read more for the playlist.

Again, it’s not exactly new news, but Davey’s two latest diary entries (from late last year) have just been added to the band’s MySpace page. If you wanna hear about the struggle for the new album, or an update on the Warner Bros situation (as if you didn’t know already), check em out. “Slugs can do anything”. Believe.

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Witching Hour Secrets

According to, a man called Greg Haver was involved in the mixing of The Crimea’s upcoming album, Secrets Of The Witching Hour. His other credits include a number of big names, namely both the Manic Street Preachers and The Hot Puppies.

There’s more details on the album at, who report the release date as May 13th. Read more for the rest of their news.

And don’t forget to tune in to Radio 1′s Colin Murray show tonight from 10pm for a preview of another song from the album.

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Crimea Street Team

Silly Monkeys

The official Crimea Street Team needs some more help. They require fans to lend a hand during upcoming shows, starting with the Proud Gallery residency, and in return you’ll get two free tickets to each gig. If you’re interested, e-mail or check out the forum post for more info.

New-Look Official Crimea Site

TheCrimea.NetThe official Crimea website has had a makeover. Gone is the music playing Flash based fancyness and in it’s place is a much darker but easier to use HTML based one. So far there’s some up to date gig news and YouTube vids, links to the most important Crimea places on the web and a form to sign up to the official mailing list (see below for an example).

The band also seem to now be endorsing 7 Digital’s as thier official online retailer. So far there’s only a couple of tracks but I’m sure that’ll increase in time.

Mailing List

Mailing ListMexico City, Paris, Carlisle, Guernsey… can you hear us!!!
Official mail outs are back; get yer gig news ‘ere!

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Colin Murray: 4 Down

Sorry for the mistake last week. Although Mr Murray was busying himself in the Fame Academy (why oh why did Barry not win?!?) it didn’t stop another Crimea tune, Raining Planets, being played in his Radio 1 slot. I figured this out literally 20 minutes before the recording was taken down. And now you can’t even listen to the thing. Oh well, just gotta wait for the album release in May don’t ya?

Anyway, last night he played Man and you can listen again here for the next week. Skip to 1hr 20m in if you want babble, or just 1:25 for the tune. And read more for both show’s tracklistings. Annnd tune in next week, same time same place for the next Crimea track, I have this weird feeling it’ll be Bombay Sapphire Coma.

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Andy Norton w/ Charlotte Hatherley

Charlotte HatherleyLast Thursday The Crimea’s lead guitarist Andy Norton performed live with ex-Ash member Charlotte Hatherley during her Radio 2 session with Janice Long. You can check out the show’s tracklisting and listen again (up until this Thursday, when I’ll stick some MP3s up) at Janice’s web page (skip to 30 mins in). Andy only really speaks once, mentioning The Crimea recording their album in Latvia and Janice says they could come in a play a session once it’s released. Thanks for the info, Phil.

Just… Lol.

David Crockett

YouTube Vid Feed

Checkout the YouTube vids added to the Google video bar feed to the left / below :d Now they just need to add a sort by date option and it’s perfect :) . Oh yeah, anyone at the gig tonight? You missed Paris Motel if not. Their singer’s on Requiem Aeternam if you didn’t know already ;) .

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Vote Murray Out!

I know my loyalties may seem a little screwed, but seriously, if the guy stays in Fame Academy past today you’re gonna miss tomorrow’s installement of the Colin Murray Crimea show aka. his Radio 1 slot. So vote the man out already, you all know Barry’s gonna win anyway.

Last month featured a post on The Crimea. There’s a couple videos and some Wikipedia text there, regular Inaudible readers will have seen it all before.

And I dare say you’ve seen this interview at Penny Black Music before, but I can’t find it in the archives so either my search tool or my brain are buggered. I’m know which I’m going with.

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More Murray

Colin Murray continued his Crimea support last night, playing The 48A Waiting Steps during the Black Hole section of his show. I think it’s safe to say that tuning in every Tuesday around 10.45pm will get you a new Crimea track. Anyway, the good stuff: Colin said he loved em so much he got them to play at his engagement party. More news on the suposed “free” album, he said it’ll be made available via MySpace. And he mentioned the song is about a bus Davey gets in Dublin. The bad stuff? By the time the albums out you’ll have heard the whole thing already :P The inquisitive can click here and skip to 45 minutes in, the not quite so can read more for the evening’s tracklisting.

Owen HopkinHere’s a review, albeit a very short one from Rock Beast who were at the Beautiful Days festival last year. At least they have a nice pic of our very own rockbeast-in-my-pocket, Owen Hopkin. They’ve also posted a few more pics of the band up here on pages 4 and 5.

Big Swap news – Contact Music posted an article on the Crimea’s charity job, probably sometime last century, like I care. If it feels like deja vu reading it, welcome to my life.

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Mailing List

Mailing ListResident Evil, Come into our world folks…
MySpace is where most mailouts are now being shot; here’s the latest one to grace the land of unexpected errors, and includes word on the new album release date, four special gigs and a little competition. If you want my advice, go to the first one. The lead singer of Paris Motel supplies vocals for Requiem Aeternum so who knows if there’ll be a duet.

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Manchester Review from 2006

I think I need more practice writing XHTML. So here’s another review. Visit or read more for a review of The Crimea’s gig at Manchester Academy 3 on 4th September 2006. I know it’s late, but it’s not like they’ve played much since, is it?

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Single Reviews

White Russian GalaxySometime Inaudible writer Denyer has posted two Crimea single reviews on his site. Both White Russian Galaxy and Baby Boom are covered, with CD1, 2 and vinyl getting a mention. Also included are lyrics to all songs on each release, which is good because lord knows I haven’t added any lyrics here for ages. I think I’m gonna copy them to the extended part of this post, just for the practice, I’ve not added any of those for ages either.

Some girl from the Crimea (the actual place, not the band) has posted something about the band on Roughly translated it says “There’s a band in England called The Crimea (i.e. my NATIVE LAND :) ) Besides the name the group has good music! I recommend! And they have a good website too…” I’ll leave it at that because said website mentioned is not mine. How dare they :P . Head’s up, there’s another Crimea native on the official board… blimey. Crimea, big in Crimea.

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