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Thou Shalt Not Read The NME

NMESilly me, thinking I’d get some sleep after that last post…
I think I’ve found the reason for that just slightly abnormal hit count for today. Everyone’s favourite band breaker, the NME just posted this artice on their front page news ticker. Titled “The Crimea give new album away free” it’s about as factually correct as Natalie Dee but don’t let that stop you reading. Instead of tarnishing yourself for life, just hit more to artificially inflate my own page count even more.
Indie nearly-men? Fuck off.

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Gonna Be One Of Them Weeks

Guardian UnlimitedThere I was, happily emersed in some Crimea based machinima (don’t fret, all will become clear soon…) when one email changed my plans for the week. “Since the Guardian picked up on the free album, it’s all gone a bit mental.” There’s just a liittlee more to it that that. I’ll mention that when it’s done though, well… Anyway, that Guardian thing… I’ve not even had time to read it yet but the article is online here, though if anyone has a hard copy you I’ll love you long time for it. Like I say, I’ve not read it yet so I can’t say what it’s about, but it looks big, clever, and a bit bandwidth stressing. BTW, more pics from the same series at Getty Image (search for “crimea band”).
Site Stats

I’ve also been told to point all you newbs towards the band’s official website at

Update: Holy crap – site stats. See right. :o

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China Calling: Gig Dates Ahoy

ChinaMailing list members will have the UK dates, MySpace member’s the Chinese ones, but if you’re getting confused then click more for a full list of upcoming gig dates. They play China tonight, which technically is either tomorrow or yesterday, but regardless they’re all over Bejing this wekk so you can’t miss em whatever time zone you’re in. Oh how I wish I could frequent the “Get Lucky Bar”.

When they get back to the UK they’re gonna be hanging out with the Angel Of The North, destroying the airwaves with XFM, livening up my two home towns and leaving very few places in the UK untouched. I’ll let you know more closer to the dates; to start with here’s a scarily well researched gig preview from TCT Music. Hit more for gigs galore.

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Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea: from London to Tiananmen Square…and back!
Leeds? York?!? XFM!!! Read the latest mail out for news on potentially my most attended Crimea tour since 2002.

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8 Down, 3 To Go

Colin MurrayYou know the deal. Colin Murray, another Crimea album tune, tracklisting after the jump.

French website and Crimea fans Sound Of Violence post news of the new album. It may say it’s great, then again it may say it’s shite. I ain’t got a clue cos it’s all in French and I defy anyone to understand the language. À cette même! Believe.

English Crimea fans Comfort Comes had album news a few days ago, but it’s dissapeared now. Google’s cache, while it’s available, or just hit more.

Everyone’s using Vox right now. Confuses the hell out of me; bring back Audiogalaxy groups I say. Anyway, at least someone’s posted about the Crimea on there. Yup, you guessed it, more album news.

Here’s details on one of the tour gigs from Norwich Arts Centre. More tour news coming very soon; if you’d signed up to the mailing list you’d already know :)

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Other Bands? What Other Bands?

We Heart MusicNot known to keep my dirty affairs with non-Crimea bands secret, I’ve been surprisingly quite about other musical groups lately. That’s because I’ve been invited to advertise them over on Vox blog We?Music. So far I’ve managed to get out posts on Halflight, Sia, and Aberystwyth minions Da Grubby Adipose Flange, but there’s plenty of other great band recommendations by others too. Eventually there’ll be some Crimea stuff, but not until the new album release. Speaking of which, tune in to Radio 1 tonight if you just can’t wait.

Street Team Top-up

Crimea Street TeamIt’s that time of year again. The Crimea play a UK tour and spend more time advertising themselves behind a merch stall than on stage. But now you have a chance to put things right. Stop the humiliation! Owen’s barely visible behind that stack o CDs anyways… Join the Crimea Street Team! You’ll very likely get free entry to gigs in return for handing out flyers and other odd jobs. If you’re interested, e-mail or check out the forum post for more info.

A rare thing happened yesterday. A stranger appeared, baring gifts of knowledge, knowledge of a strange sound known as Phantom. Phantom FM that is, the Dublin radio station where DJ Jim Carroll has been playing Crimea tunes for over three weeks now. Tune in on Saturday between 10pm and 12pm for more. Take that, Colin, your Crimea secret is out. Serves you right for not letting Barry win.

Mailing List

Mailing ListProud that a grand album do come for free.
And if you lose it, you’ll find it in your tele. Channel 700 on freeview, Tuesdays at 11pm. Hit more for tour news!

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Damn Girl Gone…

Loop A Loop was Colin’s track of the week yesterday. Apparantly it’s his favourite song on the album. He also mentioned his clearly all-time favourite Crimea track Opposite Ends, saying that lyrics from it featured in the new album. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of what they are, so clue me in people. Anyway, listen again or hit more for the tracklisting.

Camden. Don’t you just love the place? I had a pet Camden once. I shot it. Erm… Camden New Journal have a preview of the last Proud Gallery gig. Don’t worry, there’s one more onthe 24th April so you too can get down there and nab your very own Camden. What you do after that is your own business.

Today’s album preview comes from The Irish Times. It’s only short but hit more to read it.

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Worship & Adore

My new old new favourite band Halflight say:

We’re supporting The Crimea @ The Queen’s Hall in Narberth on 26th May. Yay! x

Yay indeed. Have a listen to their gorgeous song Worship on their page.

PS. Another Colin Murray Crimea track in just over 3 hours.

Tripwire Podcast

The Crimea’s All Conquering features as the first song in the latest podcast from music website The Tripwire. Check out the tracklisting / download it here and while you’re there do a search for “crimea” for all of The Tripwire’s previous Crimea articles, they’re clearly big fans.

Don’t Close Your Ears On Murray

Sorry for not updating you on the latest from Colin “6th Member” Murray. He played Don’t Close Your Eyes On Me last night, and Bombay Sapphire Coma last week to much public praise. As always you can listen again on his website or view the tracklistings. If all goes well, he’ll be playing Loop A Loop next Tuesday around 11pm. FWIW, Bombay Sapphire was on the last album, but only the self released version.

Secrets Of The Witching HourSpeaking of self-released albums, the band’s 2nd album Secrets Of The Witching Hour is released on May 13th as a free download, but if you like hard-copies (or just love the band) you can pre-order the CD album right here on the Crimea’s official web store. The site also includes a tracklisting if you’ve not been keeping track of Murray’s playlists.

And mentioning
much the same thing are Culture Deluxe who posted a news item on the album and download / purchasing details. Hit more to read it.

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Mailing List

Mailing ListSecrets Of The Witching Hour is unleashed! The Residency Continues…
To free or not to free. Read the latest Crimea mail out and figure out how to do both with the new album.

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