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It’s All Davey

Five LiveCrimea lead singer Davey MacManus was interviewed on Radio Five Live last Wednesday by none other than the band’s biggest fan Colin Murray. He was standing in for Simon Mayo and had an in-studio debate with members of the press and music industry on the effects of giving away music for free. There’s an excellent writeup of the show on the New Music Strategies blog but if you just wanna get down to listening, you can still listen again to the whole show (starts at 2 hours in) or download the slightly edited discussion in MP3 format from this podcast page. It’ll all be gone by tomorrow though so I’ll try to upload the stuff here asap.

Davey was also interviewed by Pop Matters on the band’s history and free album. Billy Corgan fans stay well away.

Also known as Kernel Krok, Davey’s resurected his solo career and should be playing the Abbey pub in Kentish Town on September 15th as part of the Abbey Village Fete, further details will follow I’m sure. This follows an apperance by him a few days ago at the Trans 2007 festival in Belfast.The Fly

The August edition of The Fly magazine features a review of the band’s show at the Borderline last month. Pick one up for free at your local indie music store of Fly venue, or just check it out online.

And one more place mentioning the album is GoingWare who link to it on a page about free legal downloads.

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Most Informative Post Ever

Huh. Not content with stealing my thunder as official site, some fool has gone and made a post there so informative and obscure the likes of which are hitherto unseen outside of

Yes, the Victoria line is down! Tube fans lament, while attendees of the Crimea’s Brixton Windmill gig tomorrow can get the 133, 159, 59 & 333, and “virtually every bus [that] goes from near Oval to Brixton”. Apparently it’s only 10 mins away, unless it gets jacked by some no good type. But only I’m that unlucky.Bert Is Hot

PS. they play at 4pm, doors 2.30pm. Hot tip: Get pissed, fall asleep outside, then wake up tomorrow around the same time for a BBQ and Abersytwyth’s 2nd finest export The Hot Puppies.

Time For News

Sorry sorry sorry. It flooded. Not here like but any excuse’ll do… Just as you get used to the Crimea actually keeping the same line-up for longer than a year, Andy ups and leaves. Well good luck to you Mr, but who’s gonna join up next? Well watch this space, as I have a strangely psychic knack of predicting new Crimea members. Now, who else thinks that one from The Go Team! would fit well?

Ok, news. The Beijing Beat blog on has a long story on the band’s first trip to China. Apparently they’re going back for more in September when they play the Pop Festival.

Free album stories haven’t gone away; the News & Star site features an update on the release with comments from Andy Stafford. Prospect Magazine have a quick mention in a wider free music article, the Independent have an even quicker name drop and the Guardian give em two lines. Though none of them are as pesimistic as Sweeping The Nation’s take on events though.

I think this stuff from La Burroteca is written in Spanish. Theres a donkey. And a pic of LWOA. I know no more…

Gig reviews
now, and Dr Alex Hale III (yeah, sure…) was so impressed with the band’s Modest Mouse support that he popped along to see em headline at Birmingham’s Bar Academy too.

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Watch This Space

Crocketts fans. There are good things acoming. Very, very good things. Hopefully. If you value your crocketty fandom one bit, then keep checking this site throughout the coming months. You DO NOT want to miss this news. Can’t say owt more, I’ll get bollocksed for this much…

Mailing List

Mailing ListA windmill, a plane and a farewell…
The revolving door revolves once more. Norton fans, prepare yourselves…

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