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Small single non-update…

…from October 11th:

“We don’t know. It’s coming out sometime, but no one seems to know when – us, our management, our press officer, our agents, etc. The bloke outside Owen’s Tesco came up with the closest answer – Aaaarrrghhh, DIAMOND WHITE!!! Do it quickly!!! SPECIAL BREW!!!!! The Charlatans have unsuccessfully tried to steal your thunder!!!!! Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh’.”

It’s definitely Loop A Loop, though. In the meantime, go watch the Hot Puppies set at or listen to the original Out Of Africa…

Guess The Crimea Members

Name those shoes! The answer and more pics coming soon… ish…

Crimea Shoes

Chart Positions

Seems like a hot topic lately so here is where you, your friends and your musical colleagues can find all The Crimea’s UK chart positions: lists everything from the second (well… 3rd) LWOA release at 31 to the 2nd Tragedy Rocks release at 196. Just scroll down the page ’til you see the band’s entry.

Radiohead eh? They release a free album and you’d think it had never been done before. Strangely I’m not the only person to be interested in anyone noting otherwise; Davey himself wishes to point you all in the direction of Times Online’s industry critique titled The Day The Music Industry Died which, in a nutshell, says “Earlier this year another rock band, the Crimea, did the same”.

More impressive is Q4 Music’s piece on “5 moments that changed music”. Yes people, along with Led Zepplin being tight fisted, Levi removing a top, Mariah Carey following with the pants off EMI and Gnarls Barkley being, well, Gnarls Barkley… The Crimea’s Secrets Of The Witching Hour free download release is apparently the 5th most important event in music history. Go figure. And hit more for the full 2 paragraphs.

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Midi Festival Vids

The big boys have a fittingly large Crimea video on their site featuring the band’s 2007 Midi Festival performance in China. That’s the one without Julz. Who played with the at Chinese Pop Festival btw, have I been gone that long? Anyway, it’s 15 minutes long and has so many tunes crammed in I’ve already forgotten what they were. An alternative copy is at if you need it.

Two more Midi vids can be found at – Man and Loop A Loop, though they’re much lower quality mobile phone clips.

And if you still wanna check em out for real: gig details below. I’ve no idea who’ll be on guitar for them, but I heard a rumor a while back that made me wet myself. I have a good feeling it may just be Davey though. Don’t be too hard on him…