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Site Updates

Please excuse the look and on rare ocasions functionality of the site over the next month. I’m updating the graphics as you may have noticed and trying to reposition everything correctly. Then I’ll be changing the menu bar from a frame layout to single page layout, and finally moving the site’s hosting provider. So err… if anything breaks, I’m probably fixing it while you browse, but if anything is majorly messed up for more than a couple days then do let me know at the usual address.
Update: Yes, this means ignore the temporary dual menu bar going on at the moment ;)

Competition Winners

I drew the winner of the huge Crimea competition this morning. Results in a sec but first, the answer… “What is the title of the second track from The Crimea’s first official CD release?” actually caught a few of you out. The first official release, and note I said it could be either album or single, was the band’s first single in 2002. John Peel played it enough so you should’ve known it… Lottery Winners On Acid. The second track? Title of the band’s first album, and a great song in it’s own right…

The correct answer was: Tragedy Rocks.

So without further ado, the winner of the competition was a one Mr Iain Russel. Multiple Crimea goodies on their way to you just in time for the next Royal Mail strike.

But that’s not all. As I was feeling in a good mood I also drew four runners up to whom I shall send a DVD of Crimea demos, rarities and live recordings. The four lucky extras are Darren Ellis, Daniel Runciman, Steve Smith and Phil Riley. E-mail your postal addresses to or the original competition address and I’ll post the DVDs asap.

The Crimea In Q

Yes yes you can stop emailing me about it now, I know you’re ruddy Q…. apparently “this month’s” which could mean anything in the world of print, but the last copy I saw had a title of “The Loud Issue”. I”ll try pick one up at the weekend and add it to the rest of the scans, Joe says there’s got a review and a couple recommendations in there so it’s not to be missed.
Update: Large whole-page article on freeness, 4/5 recommended album review and 31st recommended download, all available in the August 2007 “Loud Issue”.

Comp Ends Midnight Tonight!

Competition PrizeUpdate: It’s over. Winner (and answer) announced within a couple days.

As the title says, you have until to midnight tonight (Thursday 5th July) to win all you see to the left. Hopefully by then my main PC will be rid of the eleventybillion trojans it just managed to infect itself with. Damn you Windows…

If you wanna make yourself much happier than I am right now, find all the entry details in the original competition post.

So while I come to terms with Windows’ faults, spare your own time by checking out a Linux distro. I recommend Ubuntu, it’s a lot easier to get in to than many other Linux versions.

Mailing List

Mailing List‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ CD Launch
Get these things quicker and faster by signing up to the official mailing list on

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Album Release Day… Again

So, today’s the day the album gets a full proper record store ‘n everything release. While forum member and Virgin employee phreaxboy spends the morning scouring the latest deliveries for any sign of Secrets Of The Witching Hour, here’s where you can get the thing much quicker and easier online:

Townsend RecordsLong time Crimea supporters (they were the only place you could buy the first album release outside of Crimea gigs) Townsend Records have the album up for £9.99 (+ £1.50 shipping). Pick up some older releases while you’re there too.

The official Crimea store at Corporation Records still has it in for £10.00 inc p&p along with a few t-shirts left. If you can’t get to a gig to buy stuff, check em out.

Chepeast but not necessarily fairest are HMV. If you support their attacks on free music (way to go, Prince) then get it from their online store for £6.99 inc p&p. I say leave em to their 75% drop in profits, they’re clearly happy enough with it.

Not known
to say particually nice things about the band (though that “crock of shite” line is possibly one of the most poetic I’ve read), Norman Records seem a little more relaxed with the new album. £8.59 + £1.00 p&p gets you more lines like “unspectacular yet foot tappingly catchy” (re. WRG).

Best of the rest: Chartacular Amazon have it for £8.99 + £too.much p&p, teletastic will ship it free once you hand over £9.99, and the world’s best supermarket Asda will do the same thing for only £7.97 and a months wait.

More Mag ‘views

Browsing the contents of WHSmith last week I missed the very small review of Secrets Of The Witching Hour in Rock Sound (issue 8, June 07), tucked away in the corner of page 90. Good job those on the forum have better eyes as RS give the album the best rating I’ve seen in a mag so far; 8 / 10 describing the band as “eccentric, charming, poetic and imaginative”.

Notion MagazineBiggest print article so far goes to Notion mag. I picked up the last copy of issue 28 / July 07 in York’s Smiths and it doesn’t dissapoint, no rating but a good writeup saying Davey & Co “have a consistency of intent that could defeat other equally ambitious outfits”. Thanks, once again, to Lee at Velocity PR for spotting that one.

Not sure where it comes from (looks like the Metro), but this Brighton Barfly gig review was clearly written by a very old skool fan of the group, still using Owen’s old band-name. Not surprising since it was posted and quite likely written by a member of one of Davey’s favourite bands The Fish Brothers.

Update: All recent mag articles now available to view in this Webshots album.

Hype? What Hype?

Andy? Hyped?I’m informed by those wiser than myself, that the current hoard of 20bzillion blog stories on The Crimea over the past two months is not enough. In what’s clearly an attempt to destroy my favorite keyboard by an endless hammering of keys, those in the know want more more more Crimea stories in your favorite blog. If you’re not content with my constant Crimea plugs on WeHeartMusic (new one with more Julz vids just posted) then get on the e-pops to any one of the blogs listed on The Hype Machine. Here’s a select few, and when I say select, I mean whatever my right click hits first. If they’re shit, I’m innocent.

ANALOG Blog, Dreams Of Horses, Sad Music, What Comets, Stars and Moons are All About, Sounds Like Funday, Coffee & Cigarettes, Lost In Your Inbox

Mailing List

Mailing ListThe Crimea say: Take off your coat, it’s gonna be a long night!
While I watch another britpop night on BBC3, Owen Joe chokes on Ween and you lot get 2 more Crimea gigs to frequent. Now I must go, Sleeper are on.

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And Now, A Short Intermission…

She looks so young too 8) Must be getting slow in her old age though cos I’m sure I ain’t heard her play that fast since :lol: It’s from 2002 and yes, yes, I know. Who?

Competition – 1 Week Left

Competition PrizeCrimea fans, you have just one week left to win all you see to the right. The method is quite easy: send the answer to the following question to, the web monkeys will do the rest.

What is the title of the second track from The Crimea’s first official CD release?

Further details and a little clue can be found in the original competition post or by hitting the banner above. Good luck.

Joe Interview & More Reviews

Super JoeThe Crimea’s super-sized bass player Joe Udwin has sat down for a chat with Subba-Cultcha and told them all about his place in the band, the new album and his love for, among other things, Crimea b-side Sideways. I swear if another person mentions that track I’m gonna rip my head off, it’s been stuck in there for weeks and i hate it hate haaatteee iiittttt. Hospital rocks though.

There’s more Crimea love from High Voltage, this time they rate the album with four lightning bolts out of five. Which is three more than nearly hit my house last night, which really would have been one of “summer’s most jubilant and most poignant moments”. Alas, only the album gets that sort of praise.

If by chance a fan of these lot were hit by lightning, I may be seen to dance around exclaiming Burn Baby Burn. In commemoration, of course, as Ash’s songwriting skills now seem to be destined soley for hit singles such as the aforementioned 2001 hit after giving up the album game for good. Noting the similarity with management mates The Crimea, Music Towers gives the free album a very short mention.

If you missed it, here’s the online version of the NME’s album review. Now if only I could burn a few of those baby’s I have stocked in my closet :(

Today’s gig review comes from the Sunday Mail who gave the King Tuts show 3 / 5 in last weekend’s edition, while Timeout London look forward to Monday’s Borderline show while giving it a recommended rating.

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Magazine Album Reviews

The Crimea’s Secrets Of The Witching Hour makes its way in to three magazines for a review this week, so head down your local WH Smith and check these lot out:

Play MusicThe June 2007, issue 8 of Play Music mag features the longest and best album review on page 122. The 4 / 5 rating does seem to take the opinion that this may be the band’s last goodbye though.

I daren’t mention the name of the next mag. Yet strangely it rhymes with “the Enemy“. How fitting. Anyway, their 23rd June issue, while also suprisingly passing on another chance to feature Pete Doherty or the Artic Monkeys on the cover for a Glasto 2007 title instead, have another surprise instore on page 36 with a not-one-bad-thing-to-say 6 / 10 score for the album. I guess they’ve eaten more than mud this week.

Not quite so expensive is the June 2007 issue of The Fly magazine, free from all good music venues and stores and still featuring our very own Owen Hopkin as a regular contributor. That pulls them no favours for the review though, a 3.5 / 5 on page 49 yet they’re still full of nothing but praise for the release. And if you can’t find a copy, just pop over to their website to have a read of the magazine online, for free. It’s the new way, people. Free forever.

YouTube Clips

YouTubeThere’s plenty of new clips of the band on YouTube taken while on their current Secrets Of The Witching Hour tour. Here’s a roundup:

One of the band’s biggest fans, user roadmutha has vids of songs taken from over four seperate gigs.

Having almost the whole of the Southhampton gig recorded, stereop999 shows himself to be even more obsessive over recorded material than myself.

And finally yertlepower has a couple vids from Sheffield Leadmill, a full recording of which you can still download in MP3 format from the downloads page of this site.

O2 Festival Reviews & Vids

Lucky attendees of the O2 Wireless festival in Leeds and London last weekend will have got to see The Crimea play their first festival dates of the year. If you missed it, or just want to reminisce, here’s some O2 Wireless leftovers…

The London performance gets a tiny mention in Virtual Festivals non-Firefox friendly review of the proceedings.

The official O2 Wireless website contains a better-late-than-never biography of the band and also three short video clips of Lottery Winners, Baby Boom and Talking Nonsense. If you just wanna grab the .flv files, they’re here, here and here.

To end with, here’s two longer but poorer quality clips from YouTube user MadeWithCheese, possibly taken in Leeds.

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